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18 Oct 2018
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Existence is positive in both space and time.

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19 Oct 2018
12:02:43@li:matrix.orgLi No need to better explain than he did why rust?
24 Oct 2018

Anyone who is serious about software makes his own Operating System.

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26 Oct 2018
02:53:22@li:matrix.orgLiWallets, miners, coins - all completely misleading terms. Let's call an apple an apple; Cryptographic-identities, transactions-validators, and permission-tokens.
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Bitcoin et al are NOT trustless - their utility totally depend on trust; one must trust that honest validators will avail themselves to validate and record one's desired state-machine.


Bitcoin is not permissionless - nothing could be further from the truth. A BTC 'token' is a permission!

03:11:28@li:matrix.orgLiThe hashing race which misguided minds call 'mining' is simply a distributed randomness generator - the most environmentally destructive randomness generator ever used. However, It is not at all necessary to achieve cryptographic world consciousness.
03:13:08@li:matrix.orgLi It can be replaced by the quasi-inifinitely more efficient phenomenon we call reputation - by linking each validator-entity with a long-lived identity, honest behavior is inevitably obtained.
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03:18:50@li:matrix.orgLiThen, the resiliency of a state-machine is exponentially increased by linearly increasing the number of validator-entities which it requires to modify its state.
30 Oct 2018
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1 Nov 2018
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2 Nov 2018
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10 Nov 2018

Computers do not understand unstructured data.

Virtually all programming languages are written in unstructured format. This practice almost outshines the stupidity of burning uranium.

11 Nov 2018
04:37:55@li:matrix.orgLiThe biggest key on a keyboard is the one that represents nothing.

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