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2 Mar 2024
@ariyaro:matrix.orgAri Yaro
In reply to @ssi8e:envs.net
there's one king and that's burger king (foot lettuce suspended)
Also you just deadnamed yourself
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus) https://www.hungryjacks.com.au/home 13:27:45
@ariyaro:matrix.orgAri Yaro* Yeah her name stands for burger queen foot lettuce superseded/suspended/substituted 13:28:12
@ssi8e:envs.netbqfls release 2
In reply to @ariyaro:matrix.org
Also you just deadnamed yourself
the burger has no gender
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus)Hungry Jack's Pty Ltd. is an Australian fast food franchise of the Burger King Corporation. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Competitive Foods Australia (with licensing from Restaurant Brands International), a privately held company owned by Jack Cowin. Hungry Jack's owns and operates or sub-licenses all of the Burger King/Hungry Jack's restaurants in Australia.13:28:23
@ssi8e:envs.netbqfls release 2it is object13:28:23
@ssi8e:envs.netbqfls release 2burgers can't be deadnamed13:28:42
@ariyaro:matrix.orgAri Yarothe king/queen has a gender13:28:46
@ssi8e:envs.netbqfls release 2i am not deadnaming myself13:28:47
@ssi8e:envs.netbqfls release 2
In reply to @ariyaro:matrix.org
the king/queen has a gender
burger doesn't
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungry_Jack%27s lol all tastes like shit 13:29:01
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus)and i haven't been there in decades13:29:06
@ssi8e:envs.netbqfls release 2
In reply to @dngray:polarbear.army
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungry_Jack%27s lol all tastes like shit
meh burger king and mcdonalds are alright
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus)i once went to a maccas and found the hamburger size so hillarious i walked out13:29:34
@ariyaro:matrix.orgAri YaroGuys what color is my pfp to you13:29:42
@ssi8e:envs.netbqfls release 2ive been to this local burger chain that if i name ill get doxxed but it's much better13:29:43
@ariyaro:matrix.orgAri YaroWhat color is the 'A'13:29:50
@ssi8e:envs.netbqfls release 2image.png
Download image.png
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus)
In reply to @ssi8e:envs.net
ive been to this local burger chain that if i name ill get doxxed but it's much better
those are the best ones
@ssi8e:envs.netbqfls release 2purple-pink13:30:02
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus)blue in nheko13:30:18
@ariyaro:matrix.orgAri Yaro
In reply to @ariyaro:matrix.org
Guys what color is my pfp to you
What about you mister polar bear
@ariyaro:matrix.orgAri Yarookay thanks13:30:30
@ariyaro:matrix.orgAri Yaroalso nheko?13:30:45
@ariyaro:matrix.orgAri YaroRedacted or Malformed Event13:30:49
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus)Redacted or Malformed Event13:31:44
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus)2078920275.png
Download 2078920275.png
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus) Ari Yaro like that 13:32:53
@dngray:polarbear.armydngray (Ursus maritimus)(also didn't mean to delete your message lol clicked on the wrong one)13:34:01
@shlom:matrix.orgCrypto CatI am really shocked by my university's wifi. Earlier I was able to use wifi without doing additional authentication by my roll num and password. Then they restricted it further. I started using vpn which was able to bypass that. They restricted further. Then I changed protocols of vpn to Openvpn UDP which is only working for me in Proton VPN. It was going smooth and now they suddenly even restricted that. Now I started using tor. And interestingly only normal tor connection is working and all bridges and not working, even if I request a private bridge, its not working. Like what the heck is with this small university's censorship, even better than china or something?! 13:40:36

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