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13 Apr 2021
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14 Apr 2021
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In reply to @murden:matrix.org
I was having trouble where my rewards wouldn't sync to my Uphold Wallet. But after a quick de-sync => sync it worked out
Same, but it's not working. There's a bug open and they're looking into it, apparently. I have ~26 bat in my browser that I accumulated before verifying the wallet, and they're not syncing
15 Apr 2021
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16 Apr 2021
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@cognifloyd:matrix.orgcognifloyd (Jacob Floyd)When will v1.23+ hit the release channel for Android?16:29:25
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17 Apr 2021
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18 Apr 2021
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19 Apr 2021
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24 Apr 2021
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25 Apr 2021
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26 Apr 2021
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27 Apr 2021
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30 Apr 2021
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3 May 2021
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4 May 2021
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6 May 2021
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9 May 2021
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12 May 2021
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13 May 2021
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