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19 Sep 2022
@_discord_192322936219238400:t2bot.ioAly afair we need shared lib generation 17:41:04
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich#7695 You have to call the application from a Java app - can't start a Process to run native? 17:43:00
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich#7695 It would be great if someone could verify that the Scala Native branch would work. 17:55:52
@_discord_154558903290560512:t2bot.ioJD557#8432 I think there was a discussion about that in the Native chat (https://discord.com/channels/632150470000902164/635668881951686686/1017347650594545664) but IIRC it would require scala-native to support JNI to get access to the Java-side APIs or something like that? 17:59:01
@_discord_632729825647525922:t2bot.ioekrich#7695 The shared library is different though so you could call it via Java and JNI. There was a demo of that someone did - maybe they should add a link to the PR - I am interested in this subject because I have done and am working on the Scala plugin. 18:07:52
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@ak5fc:matrix.orgmrt Hi. I try to develop a cross platform application, in particular including Android. I currently use the stack with gradle, scala 3, javafx. JavaFX is o.k., but I dislike that I would have to pay for it (not per se, but just because I am not certain whether this private project will pay off in case I go from private fun to commercial). So, I am wondering whether there are any good alternatives. I was thinking of using a two component architecture, with a JVM (Scala) backend and some browser-based frontend. For the browser part I'd probably use Scala.js. But then, I am wondering, how to deploy a two component application on an Android device. How can I run both components -- a webapplication in a browser for the UI and a server for he backend -- from a single APK? 18:58:25
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Yeah, I have seen this one. It uses GraalVM native image and JavaFX which is king of non-standard way of doing things on Android. In my experience native-image is painful to work with. My projects often failed to build after version updates (either GraalVM and/or Scala) and build time is unacceptably long.
And it needs a lot of memory!
20 Sep 2022
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@_discord_163947104476200960:t2bot.ioTheElectronWill#4242 Isn't OpenJFX a free software?
@_discord_163947104476200960:t2bot.ioTheElectronWill#4242 * Isn't OpenJFX a free software?
https://openjfx.io/ reads "licensed under the GPL with the classpath exception"
21 Sep 2022
@_discord_631855417747832833:t2bot.iosideeffffect#8379 But Gluon isn't AFAIK 00:59:38
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@_discord_640118731174838272:t2bot.iomakingthematrix#9466 sideeffffect MrT
If you want to release your Android app for free, you can write to Gluon and ask for a free license.
@_discord_640118731174838272:t2bot.iomakingthematrix#9466 vitaly :
Since it's cross-platform, you can test it as a standard JVM app, and only when this works, compile it to Android. It still needs to be tested on Android, but it saves a lot of time.
22 Sep 2022
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23 Sep 2022
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24 Sep 2022
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25 Sep 2022
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