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3 Dec 2018
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4 Dec 2018
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5 Dec 2018
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6 Dec 2018
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7 Dec 2018

I'm getting more and more complaints that the URL preview does still not work in the IOS client. Especially as many links to pictures are sent which are not shown as pictures in addition then.

Is there any schedule when this feature will be available as it is in Riot Web and Android?

16:30:02@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewe2e UX is taking priority currently
16:30:05@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewbut once that lands, yes.
16:32:19@shirish:matrix.orgshirish Matthew: any idea when can we expect the new UX to land for Riot
16:32:41@shirish:matrix.orgshirishand I'm talking for all builds, I'm more for linux builds rather than IOS.
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22:40:13@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewsomewhere between weeks and months
8 Dec 2018
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08:06:59@shirish:matrix.orgshirishis there a way to look at the progress, some bug/ticket I can follow to know .
15:33:13@aaron:raim.istAaron Raimist
In reply to @shirish:matrix.org
is there a way to look at the progress, some bug/ticket I can follow to know .



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20:53:20@aaron:raim.istAaron Raimist Manu: can we get https://github.com/vector-im/riot-ios/issues/2097 in this release? Should just be changing a checkbox value when you submit to App Store Connect.
10 Dec 2018
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