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7 Jan 2024
@_discord_958400055889510440:t2bot.ioclairbee It's been two weeks since the initial version of PartCAD was released. Check out how far it has gone on https://github.com/openvmp/partcad/ . Now with Assembly YAML and OpenSCAD support. Parametrized parts and more intuitive ways of joining parts into an assembly are coming up next. 19:56:54
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@_discord_209043174960660490:t2bot.iojernd https://jdegenstein.github.io/parts-build123d/ was able to set up a test page here! thanks for setting it up 23:22:16
8 Jan 2024
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Download image.png
@_discord_209043174960660490:t2bot.iojernd Discovered default GLTF tolerance is too low in CQ for some reason: results in jagged holes sometimes, such as this round hole rendered as a square. Forked your action script to tighten the tolerance=.001 for GLTF which renders very nicely now. https://github.com/jdegenstein/parts-build123d/blob/main/examples/TTT/__ocp_action_api_OVERRIDE.py 03:08:18
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@_discord_209043174960660490:t2bot.iojernd Ugh, I forgot that this part was designed in inches, so I should have scaled it up by 25.4 at the end! Thanks for catching that 15:22:31
@_discord_209043174960660490:t2bot.iojernd * Ugh, I forgot that this part was designed in inches, so I should have scaled it up by 25.4 at the end! Thanks for catching that, and adding the new feature. 15:22:34
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9 Jan 2024
@_discord_929764787682963486:t2bot.iolucandia. A new Web App to make simple door/shelf hooks and hook boxes (I was tired of doing a new design every time haha):
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@_discord_515832171047550976:t2bot.iofelix.haeberle really nice example- thanks for sharing 19:41:32
10 Jan 2024
@_discord_471184241317904404:t2bot.ioaflofo spreading the word on CQ! 00:30:23
@_discord_471184241317904404:t2bot.ioaflofo https://twitter.com/afshawnl/status/1744872592811438299 00:30:24
@_discord_425108579540795393:t2bot.ioshehabattia96 Go code-CAD, go! 00:39:38
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@_discord_127042246922076160:t2bot.iodeanzyne lucandia. This is soo amazing

I've been toying with an idea like this but I have zero technical programming know how. And not had the time to learn more

Thanks for sharing this! It's going to make code cad even more accessible for everyone
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11 Jan 2024
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12 Jan 2024
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13 Jan 2024
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24 Jan 2024
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6 Feb 2024
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7 Feb 2024
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8 Feb 2024
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17 Feb 2024
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22 Feb 2024
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