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9 Apr 2024
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames Just wondering, but could a USB Hub like this work? It takes a USB-C as an input. It can deliver up to 20V on the USB-C port. It also has display port and USB-2 & USB-3.

Or hubs like this require OS-level drivers?
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames It claims it can deliver 20V of power on the USB-C port (both input port and output port). 02:18:04
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames But I am wondering if the display port is 1 way? 02:18:14
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames IE, it is an output not an input 02:18:21
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames For instance, I have an older model of the promate series from 2019 - It has a USB-C that I connect to a PC, mobile phone, or Tablet. I can connect mouse/keyboard to the hub to get input. It has a HDMI for output to my monitor. 02:21:18
@_discord_161923023996190721:t2bot.ioeveningnewbs Wait, they're that easy to implement? I thought the DS had that locked down. 03:18:08
@_discord_161923023996190721:t2bot.ioeveningnewbs The vibration you can use through HID on the Sense is basically emulated rumble using haptics. 03:18:38
@_discord_161923023996190721:t2bot.ioeveningnewbs Huh. 03:55:16
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames * It claims it can deliver 20V on the USB-C port (both input port and output port). 04:44:06
@_discord_418034878475403265:t2bot.ioseneral.dev changed their display name from Seneral to seneral.dev.16:13:18
10 Apr 2024
@_discord_709495567595864136:t2bot.iomrandtx Yes, applying power for the first time to a new design is cause for anxiety. 11:26:48
12 Apr 2024
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames Does that require physical updates to the MB or is it a software change? 02:01:55
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames What is this showing? 07:30:12
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan The subtle difference between a #ifdef BLAH check and a #if BLAH check - the first only needs BLAH to exist, and doesn't care what value it has 09:15:49
15 Apr 2024
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames Can you list a 'roadmap' of what needs to be done for PSVR2 on Monado including the hardware stuff too? 00:49:54
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames Just thinking about picking up a 2nd hand PSVR2 ... wondering if there is additional monado work to be done? 00:50:26
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames That is basically how you learn to be an engineer. 01:10:04
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames Just less formal, but your on the right path anyways 01:10:24
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan We don't really know how to do much more with the PS VR2 than it can currently do. The protocol to talk to the controllers and how to do constellation tracking with the headset cameras is unknown. Getting any eye tracking info is a big unknown. Until there's a way to RE the protocol more extensively, it's a bit stuck 01:13:14
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr I'll be able to get onto the BT analysis work for the controllers in early May. I honestly don't think that considering eye tracking at all is worthwhile right now. There is so much more important stuff to work on. 19:58:41
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames Purchased a 2nd hand unit for $500nzd (~$300usd) today ... Probably will get it later this week or next week. 23:51:38
16 Apr 2024
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames Have I thought about the design for the breakout box? I could help with that - I use onshape so perfect for Open source collaboration 3d design 04:42:18
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames I am a computer engineer but have picked up onshape to aid with my 3d printing habit 04:42:53
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames I am happy to design it and share it. If you like the PS1 style I can copy that ... 08:00:13
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames Nice thing is that when the board changes, we can easily make changes to the CAD model. We even can have versions of the CAD model supported in Onshape. 08:00:57
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames I have a BambuLabs P1S so will print whatever we come up with. https://bambulab.com 08:02:47
17 Apr 2024
@_discord_652643943829471252:t2bot.iojx35 The cc signal is actually fairly easy to sniff - it's slow, but only 1V - so pretty much any oscilloscope will do, or any logic analyzer that can see 1V signals 05:54:02
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr DP-AUX transactions fail on timeout after 400ms. Unless the display driver is very broken, it shouldn't freeze from unresponsive DP-AUX. 16:11:34
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr Yeah, that could do it. We pass that through on the DP-AUX emulator. 20:14:02
@_discord_126649947297677312:t2bot.iokorejan huh interesting there's one on the bottom of the handle 21:32:15

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