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17 Apr 2024
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan Older phones work best, I've found. Newer ones seem to have better IR filtering.

Pulsing in time with camera exposures is about saving power, and about getting a good photo. Flashing the LEDs brightly exactly when the camera frames are captured means less battery use and less heating of the LEDs, compared to keeping them at full brightness, plus means the tracking exposures can be really short and less sensitive to other IR sources
18 Apr 2024
@_discord_161923023996190721:t2bot.ioeveningnewbs I can see the Sense controller LEDs with my Pixel 7 camera, FWIW. 16:29:52
Download F1qcXNzWwAMlPyG.png
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr I can see the controllers from the PSVR2 camera, FWIW 😛 19:43:28
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr * I can see the controllers from the PSVR2 cameras, FWIW 😛 19:44:21
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr There are 2 parts to the work that still needs to be done on the controller tracking:
- Reverse engineering the LD (LED Detector) protocol sent from PSVR2 to PS5
- Reverse engineering the BT protocol for flashing the LEDs sent from PS5 to controllers
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr I have been "out of office" since early March. Once I'm back proper in a couple of weeks, I will begin on these two items. I have a BT analyser and a USB analyser. Both needed for these tasks. 19:54:16
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr I believe the LED detector part of the PSVR2 compares frames with the LEDs off and on and uses those to build up an array of "probably controller LEDs" with their location and sends those back to the PS5, which then needs to do geometry matching with the IMU orientation. 19:56:41
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr We don't know how the PS5/PSVR2 figure out when to flash the LEDs, as there isn't a signal sent from the PS5 to PSVR2 to let it know it's doing it. The assumption is that it is synced to the DisplayPort refresh rate, as the cameras can't track the controllers when there is no DisplayPort signal. 19:59:38
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vrDownload 20230724_100704.mp420:05:17
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr Filmed with high framerate camera on Samsung S21 20:05:21
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vrDownload Tracker_Debug_Output_2023-07-24_18-43-59.mp420:18:06
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr This is when the camera sync accidentally aligns with the controller flash. This is using one PSVR2 connected to a PS5, tracking the controllers, and another PSVR2 connected to a PC capturing the camera view. 20:18:09
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr We probably would've been done with controllers 6 months ago, if it wasn't for this **&^### DP-AUX nonsense. So it goes. 22:43:52
20 Apr 2024
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22 Apr 2024
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25 Apr 2024
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28 Apr 2024
@_discord_652643943829471252:t2bot.iojx35 If you go into more detail we can help you better. But in short, using the DP-aux emulator in passthrough mode would make the signals really easy to capture with pretty much any logic analyzer, even the 8$-delivered ones. On the DP-aux lines, it's an AC-coupled differential signal - so to capture it the best bet would be an oscilloscope with a differential probe. On the DP-aux emu board, the LVDS chips convert it to standard 3.3V signals, and they're even split based on which party is talking.

The packet structure and everything else about DP can be found in the displayport spec. For some reason, V1.2 of the spec is available online. It may be 500 pages long, but that's because it's fairly well structured and the majority isn't about DP-aux. You can likely ignore anything about Fast AUX, it was dropped in V1.4 and I don't know of anything that used it.
29 Apr 2024
@_discord_652643943829471252:t2bot.iojx35 Well then the DP-aux emulator is exactly what you need. Only thing is the PCBs have USB-Cs on them, so that will need to be modified 05:36:10
5 May 2024
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7 May 2024
@_discord_214999775576195072:t2bot.iomonkygames What the difference between the iVRY board and swyter 's board? 04:16:30
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan The iVRY board passes through USB-C to USB-C while potentially overriding the DP-AUX signal, while Swyter's aims to be a virtual-link injector that combines a regular display port + USB-3 + power 04:29:17
9 May 2024
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@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr I can imagine. It took me about 3 months of full time work to get the DP-AUX emulator working properly. 14:44:43
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioivry.vr At least I sold all of the hardware I produced (80 boards). They are pretty much redundant now, so would have sucked big time to put in 3 months of work for nothing and be stuck with $2000+ worth of hardware. 14:48:40
12 May 2024
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18 May 2024
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24 May 2024
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