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1 Apr 2023
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 It would need to be a board that decoupled the PD negotiation from the PS5->PSVR2 (or PC->PSVR2) link, and injected power. So, it would need to absorb the PD negotiation (so that it didn't get through to the host) and it would need to isolate the power so that the 12V didn't get injected into the host (and ensure the host PD didn't go anywhere). This is the only variation that would be useful, and it would be useful for now and future. 11:09:25
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 It would of course need to pass through all other negotiations 11:10:30
@_discord_652643943829471252:t2bot.ioJX35#4159 Two FUSB302s, one for PS5/PC, one for PSVR2. Via firmware selectively send negotiations through or not or add custom messages. Add some power switching and possibly another FUSB for a USB-PD source. I can handle that HW-wise 11:11:33
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan#5292 and also needs to deal with CC flipping and matching the right CC impedance to the upstream port 11:11:40
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan#5292 to get the orientations to match 11:11:48
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 That's a fun project for someone which will need to be done at some time. It's the "cheap" adapter for anyone that has a alt-DP capable USB-C port already (assuming of course there isn't some other magic the VL adapter is doing that we're not aware of). 11:17:04
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 Anyone know a lot about AMD 6x00 implementations? I'm trying to find a 2 slot AMD card with a USB-C port. I've identified 3 potential cards, but they are impossible to find. These are the XFX cards that match my spec: RX-69TMATFD8, RX-68TMATFD8 & RX-68LMATFD8. The card needs to be max 40mm wide (ie. 2 slot, not 2.5 or whatever slot). 11:21:28
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan#5292 I don't know "a lot", only about the one card I have been using. I have a GV-R69XT-16GC-B with USB-C port, but it's 49mm 11:27:51
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 It needs to be 40mm to fit in the eGPU case I have. 11:28:54
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 (and I'm not buying a new case for a card I will never really use) 11:29:23
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan#5292 The extra height is all cooler / fans I think 11:34:03
@_discord_162263979274665984:t2bot.iorpavlik#1182 Yeah speed on psvr stuff is glacial because I have more stuff to do than time to do it with client projects 11:38:57
@_discord_162263979274665984:t2bot.iorpavlik#1182 And when the end of the day comes I don't have the energy or the time to do more with life stuff 11:40:02
@_discord_162263979274665984:t2bot.iorpavlik#1182 Believe me I feel bad about every wip branch not merged but there's only so many hours in the day 11:40:31
@_discord_162263979274665984:t2bot.iorpavlik#1182 Adding more guilt won't get it done faster, it's more likely to increase how much I avoid it to avoid confronting the guilt 11:41:40
@_discord_162263979274665984:t2bot.iorpavlik#1182 I push my wip so somebody can pick it up and run with it if they have the time, not as a promise I'll find the time myself to do it 11:42:48
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan#5292 yeah, push it 🙂 11:56:52
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 No guilt. Totally understand where you're at. 11:57:00
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@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 SteamVR on PSVR2 11:57:31
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan#5292 well, that's quite a leap forward in an hour or so 12:00:17
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 It is really SteamVR running on PSVR2, but check the date. 12:01:21
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 ("cinema" mode with VL adapter, connected to iPad running iVRy mobile app) 12:05:17
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan#5292 oh, it's nearly Sunday here already. I forgot a bunch of the world is about to do their jokes 12:05:55
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@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 I went for black PCBs to make them a bit more photogenic. 13:01:23
@_discord_222127552456687641:t2bot.iofmost joined the room.13:21:33
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 No one wanted the VirtualLink adapter, so BizLink will keep it. I have confirmed with them that they will keep making the adapter for as long as people keep buying it. There are suggestions that Varjo may be EOLing it from their end. 14:18:53
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan#5292 I've got a Varjo one in the post 14:54:49
@_discord_738643037512663072:t2bot.ioiVRy#7395 I think the business manager at BizLink China may have dropped more info than they intended to. I asked if BizLink has any intention to EOL the adapter, and they replied that it is Varjo, not BizLink that is EOLing it. In any case, there have been no recent changes to the adapter, so the "fresh" one is exactly the same as the Varjo ones. 18:49:23

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