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9 Sep 2020
@gitter_cwhaught:matrix.orgChris Haught (Gitter) joined the room.20:48:36
@gitter_cwhaught:matrix.orgChris Haught (Gitter)

I am having some trouble trying to go from angular-cli 10.0.3 => 10.1.0

From what I can tell it is trying to run the migration on my tsconfig.json which was already run and it cant find it

[error] Error: Could not read 'tsconfig.json'.
at new JSONFile (<repo>/node_modules/@schematics/angular/utility/json-file.js:22:19)

Has anyone else seen this?

10 Sep 2020
@gitter_hussainwali74:matrix.orghussainwali74 (Gitter) joined the room.08:21:04
@gitter_hussainwali74:matrix.orghussainwali74 (Gitter)can someone guide me how to implement Google Oauth2 in MEAN ?08:21:08
16 Sep 2020
@gitter_no-more:matrix.orgChristophe HOARAU (Gitter) joined the room.13:42:44
@gitter_no-more:matrix.orgChristophe HOARAU (Gitter)


I'm looking for documentation on how to implement an update script like ng update
I'm already using custom schematics but couldn't find out how to implement an update script.

19 Sep 2020
@gitter_mamadoutoure:matrix.orgMamadou Toure (Gitter) joined the room.16:17:12
@gitter_mamadoutoure:matrix.orgMamadou Toure (Gitter) by running ng new myapp, I got this error: legacyBrowsers is not defined
what could be the problem ?
@gitter_sliceofbytes:matrix.orgEric (Gitter) @mamadoutoure have you tried just re-installing the cli? 16:30:15
@gitter_mamadoutoure:matrix.orgMamadou Toure (Gitter) @sliceofbytes kudo... it works by reinstalling the cli 17:16:43
20 Sep 2020
@gitter_melvinga:matrix.orgmelvinga (Gitter) joined the room.11:29:32
@gitter_melvinga:matrix.orgmelvinga (Gitter) Goodevening. First time angular user here. 'ng v' or 'ng help' or any ng command returns "Unknown error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'export'" . Unable to start trying out angular. Appreciate if you can help me out resolve this isssue. 11:29:32
21 Sep 2020
@darkharmony9999:matrix.orgdarkharmony9999 joined the room.21:05:48
22 Sep 2020
@gitter_ian5015:matrix.orgTimothy Ian Munnerley (Gitter) joined the room.19:16:56
@gitter_ian5015:matrix.orgTimothy Ian Munnerley (Gitter) Getting desperate, I'm getting an error "Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module" when using ng test. The tests all seem to run and pass but the very first import in the test.tsfile seems to cause that error. 19:16:56
@gitter_ian5015:matrix.orgTimothy Ian Munnerley (Gitter) This is what I'm using for tsconfig.spec.json, and as far as I can tell my angular.json test block matches another project where all of this works.
"module": "esnext",
"target": "es5",
30 Sep 2020
@gitter_elvynia:matrix.orgElvynia (Gitter) joined the room.14:11:50
@gitter_elvynia:matrix.orgElvynia (Gitter)

@kkganesan: Just npm install --save '3rd-party-lib' and then when you want to use it import {Whatever} from '3rd-party-lib' :)

I came here for the same question about 3rd party integration. My main.js bundle is > 1Mo and i noticed it may come from import * as moment from 'moment'; but I can't find any other way to import the moment() function to make it work with import { ... } from 'moment' :/
I use an angular cli v10 workspace with Ivy

@gitter_elvynia:matrix.orgElvynia (Gitter) (edited) ... with Ivy => ... with Ivy. Is there any documentation on 3rd party integration ? I found this link but it's dead : https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/wiki/stories-third-party-lib 14:12:54
@gitter_elvynia:matrix.orgElvynia (Gitter) @melvinga Did you try to re-install the cli ? -> npm uninstall -g @angular/cli then npm install -g @angular/cli (use sudo if not on windows) 14:16:21
5 Oct 2020
@gitter_tommueller:matrix.orgTom Müller (Gitter) joined the room.14:13:01
@gitter_tommueller:matrix.orgTom Müller (Gitter)Hi, when building with Angular CLI the generated cashbusting hash is automatically updated in the index.html. Is it also possible to somehow receive the output hash as a value returned from Angular CLI to use it in a script after the build is finished? Thanks!14:13:02
7 Oct 2020
@gitter_hj2100:matrix.orghj2100 (Gitter) joined the room.19:05:18
@gitter_hj2100:matrix.orghj2100 (Gitter) We are currently finding a remote worker based in US.
This is part-time job(about 5-10 hours a week). Please skype me if you are interested. Thanks. live:.cid.c6abec7ad129c86f
15 Oct 2020
@gitter_fclmman:matrix.orgBulat.V (Gitter) joined the room.08:52:13
@gitter_fclmman:matrix.orgBulat.V (Gitter) @fclmman
hi, did anyone face that proublem ERROR in Tried to overwrite __ivy_ngcc_bak with an ngcc back up file, which is disallowed
it apeerars when serving app with library project
18 Oct 2020
@gitter_akaustav:matrix.orgAmeet Kaustav (Gitter) joined the room.05:18:02
@gitter_akaustav:matrix.orgAmeet Kaustav (Gitter) Would anyone happen to know how to override default behavior of Angular CLI in my project to achieve this behavior?
21 Oct 2020
@gitter_thomaskey:matrix.orgThomas Chiantia (Gitter) joined the room.23:28:48
@gitter_thomaskey:matrix.orgThomas Chiantia (Gitter) I am making some custom schematics and works well - except my folders prefixed with a dot . are not copied over into my workspace. The dot prefix (usually designating a hidden folder) I would like copied into my workspace along with the regular files. (IE .storybook). Am I missing something? 23:28:48

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