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5 Jan 2021
@gitter_rajjaiswalsaumya:matrix.orgRaj (Gitter)Hi Can someone please tell me how to specify app name to generate a component with the prefix defined in angulr.json file. In my case i have 2 apps in same folder and I want the component to be generated for my lib with the prefix i have defined in angular.json08:05:44
@gitter_rajjaiswalsaumya:matrix.orgRaj (Gitter)I tried app-dir but that does not work08:05:59
@gitter_rajjaiswalsaumya:matrix.orgRaj (Gitter)any way to tell app name ?08:06:05
@gitter_rajjaiswalsaumya:matrix.orgRaj (Gitter)I used this command, but specified prefix is not honoured, neither commandline, nor from angular.json08:24:44
@gitter_rajjaiswalsaumya:matrix.orgRaj (Gitter)
 ng g c my-component --project "@a/b" --dry-run --skip-import --prefix my-special-prefix
@gitter_rajjaiswalsaumya:matrix.orgRaj (Gitter) It still generates component as my-component in the @a/b dir 08:26:16
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@gitter_jmls:matrix.orgjmls (Gitter)

using angular 11.1.0 (next) , I'm seeing a strange error in the console when starting the app.

the code in question is this ..

import {
} from '@angular/core';


    constructor(private changeDetectorRef: ChangeDetectorRef) {}

and the error is

reset.component.ts:27 Uncaught ReferenceError: ChangeDetectorRef is not defined
    at Module.Cx51 (reset.component.ts:27)

where line 27 is the constructor . Anyone seen this ?

@gitter_jmls:matrix.orgjmls (Gitter) actually, it's the whole DI system that seems to be borked. Any injected service is coming back as not defined 11:13:51
6 Jan 2021
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@gitter_dankwansere:matrix.orgEric Sarpong (Gitter)

Hey guys, check out this cool angular library (aop-routing) that provides capability to perform Imperative and Popstate navigation operations in Angular through the ease of typescript decorators, without the need to inject or import the Angular Router object.


7 Jan 2021
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10 Jan 2021
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11 Jan 2021
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@gitter_metaloha:matrix.orgRussel Porosky (Gitter) Is it possible to modify what happens when ng generate component is run? I’d like to modify the command to create a different spec file when run instead of making users do that step with a second command... 17:22:16
12 Jan 2021
@gitter_metaloha:matrix.orgRussel Porosky (Gitter) (edited) ... second command... => ... second command... 01:26:29
@gitter_emirhg:matrix.orgEmir Herrera González (Gitter) You can handle that with Angular Schematics, take a look to this: https://angular.io/guide/schematics 01:26:29
@gitter_emirhg:matrix.orgEmir Herrera González (Gitter) (edited) ... look to this: ... => ... look at this: ... 01:26:38
@gitter_metaloha:matrix.orgRussel Porosky (Gitter) (edited) ... second command... => ... second command... 01:27:13
@gitter_metaloha:matrix.orgRussel Porosky (Gitter)I’ve read that - what part of it would let me modify the existing component generation?01:27:14
15 Jan 2021
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@gitter_georgebatalinski:matrix.orgGeorge Batalinski (Gitter)
node_modules/ngast/lib/ngtsc/symbol.d.ts:26:306 - error TS2694: Namespace '"@angular/compiler-cli/src/ngtsc/transform"' has no exported member 'ErroredTrait'.

26 export declare const isAnalysed: <A, B, C>(trait?: import("@angular/compiler-cli/src/ngtsc/transform").PendingTrait<A, B, C> | import("@angular/compiler-cli/src/ngtsc/transform").SkippedTrait<A, B, C> | AnalyzedTrait<A, B, C> | ResolvedTrait<A, B, C> | import("@angular/compiler-cli/src/ngtsc/transform").ErroredTrait<A, B, C> | undefined) => trait is AnalyzedTrait<A, B, C> | ResolvedTrait<A, B, C>;
@gitter_georgebatalinski:matrix.orgGeorge Batalinski (Gitter)would anyone know how to address this issue?00:20:16
@gitter_georgebatalinski:matrix.orgGeorge Batalinski (Gitter) https://github.com/ng-ast/ngast 00:20:50
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19 Jan 2021
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