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7 Sep 2018
06:22:16@agrippa76:matrix.orgagrippa76 joined the room.
06:23:23@agrippa76:matrix.orgagrippa76Discord's team and/or upper management is quietly leaking data to lefty publications/groups. DO NOT USE
8 Sep 2018
00:54:24@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキYeah, it's full of traps too
9 Sep 2018
16:07:41@highcastle2018:matrix.orghighcastle2018 joined the room.
16:08:38@highcastle2018:matrix.orghighcastle2018 Is 4chin been overrun by lefty's
16:39:18@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキsince 2012 yeah
16:39:26@bikki:matrix.org「MASTER」ヒビキits top-down though
11 Sep 2018
19:46:00@wallys51:matrix.orgwallys51 joined the room.
13 Sep 2018
15:39:24@tostr:matrix.orgtostr joined the room.
15:40:35@tostr:matrix.orgtostr set a profile picture.
17 Sep 2018
05:56:59@cellsix:matrix.orgcellsix joined the room.
6 Oct 2018
21:28:49@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X] joined the room.
22 Oct 2018
23:06:54@0ddba11:matrix.org0ddba11 joined the room.
24 Oct 2018
23:39:21@4play:matrix.org@4play:matrix.org joined the room.
23:45:17@4play:matrix.org@4play:matrix.org left the room.
29 Oct 2018
23:10:31@c:matrixim.cc@c:matrixim.cc joined the room.
23:12:28@c:matrixim.cc@c:matrixim.cc left the room.
15 Nov 2018
08:45:01@el_titou:matrix.org@el_titou:matrix.org joined the room.
08:46:40@el_titou:matrix.org@el_titou:matrix.org left the room.
19 Nov 2018
10:13:25@rdn112:matrix.orgRobd131 joined the room.
20 Nov 2018
01:53:01@signiferlux:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comSigniferLux joined the room.
9 Dec 2018
05:26:17@originalusername24:matrix.orgoriginalusername24 joined the room.
05:26:31@originalusername24:matrix.orgoriginalusername24Redacted or Malformed Event
19 Dec 2018
15:44:17@m88:matrix.org@m88:matrix.org joined the room.
7 Jan 2019
13:45:50@m88:matrix.org@m88:matrix.org left the room.
18 Jan 2019
15:01:06@centos:matrix.orgcentos joined the room.
28 Jan 2019
20:13:45@test3215:matrix.org@test3215:matrix.org joined the room.
20:42:32@test3215:matrix.org@test3215:matrix.org left the room.
1 Feb 2019
12:13:35@akash:feneas.orgAkash joined the room.

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