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28 Nov 2022
@_discord_795922336368427030:t2bot.io:x hentai woman|I am lesbian 11:35:03
@_discord_453579828281475084:t2bot.iochokerman (married to maki) so what's the status on thumbnails? 11:41:48
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen yh so hentai woman|I am lesbian can i use eww as rofi replacement? 11:41:51
@_discord_453579828281475084:t2bot.iochokerman (married to maki) wtf how could that work? 11:41:53
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen ah my bad 11:41:54
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen i meant just for drun 11:41:54
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen to browse .desktop files 11:41:55
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen i looked at the config file and ig i cant without having entries for every item 11:43:29
@_discord_795922336368427030:t2bot.io:x ez.. u can do it using notify-send 11:44:07
@_discord_795922336368427030:t2bot.io:x wait and wait 11:44:44
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen for thumbnails tho, i had to download them locally 11:44:49
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen cause notify send doesnt accept https urls 11:45:08
@_discord_795922336368427030:t2bot.io:x well that's the only way.. 11:45:09
@_discord_795922336368427030:t2bot.io:x one thing u can do is put them in /tmp 11:45:19
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen i did it in .cache/thumb.png 11:45:35
@_discord_453579828281475084:t2bot.iochokerman (married to maki) ye ik that xdd 11:45:36
@_discord_453579828281475084:t2bot.iochokerman (married to maki) i meant inside the script 11:45:48
Download image.png
@_discord_795922336368427030:t2bot.io:x which sizr do i pick?? 11:47:06
@_discord_795922336368427030:t2bot.io:x i guess first one looks good 11:47:22
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen yh 11:47:25
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen i used that one 11:47:29
@_discord_453579828281475084:t2bot.iochokerman (married to maki) sad u cant "stream" images with notify-send 11:49:35
@_discord_521117968344678400:t2bot.iohentai man|I am lesbian you could but you would need to writr it eww is more or a easy GUI tool that you make a tool around 12:26:00
@_discord_855276016503488532:t2bot.iozen figured that out 13:26:31
@_discord_264636613848596481:t2bot.ioNamydad working with tinycore damages my braincells 14:02:53
@_discord_896840198271410186:t2bot.ioyaundere https://tenor.com/view/senzawa-rap-anime-girl-dance-moves-cute-gif-14912401 15:37:27
@_discord_896840198271410186:t2bot.ioyaundere did anyone end up figuring out who this is? 15:37:50
@_discord_974278203722072064:t2bot.ioport19 It's the same anime as sakamoto 15:39:00
@_discord_974278203722072064:t2bot.ioport19 nichijou 15:39:11

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