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11 Sep 2021
@bkil:matrix.orgbkilmThat would be interesting. Although how would you do that? Isn't bulk downloading (or any kind of third-party clients for that matter) against the terms of service? That's a different concept than copyrights.23:28:47
12 Sep 2021
@dolphin:dolphincastle.comdolphin >I added a fe80 IPv6 address when setting up IPv6 for my PeerTube instance 04:28:20
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In reply to @dolphin:dolphincastle.com
isn't a lot of touhou stuff on peertube, I've noticed, but the real problem with any of these services is lack of enough content

I would suggest that before even getting more content, that it's more important to surface the relevant content that exists better. It's vastly easier and encourages new creators more as they see more viewcounts and engagement.

Currently if you search for PineTime on SepiaSearch, most of the videos don't even mention Pinetime anywhere. Mastodon's search works better... as long as you know to paste URL's of any content from unknown instances in your local instance search to bring it up for easy commenting / following. These issues make it feel like there's much less content on the fediverse than there actually is.

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@seirdy:envs.netSeirdy changed their display name from Seirdy ŹȍƺʫúÃƅĵəI&ƤƸǗŘǕǢ®ń~ȸŞɅɝǟnǁŤwȯuɢʪ2ʈȝLJİýJƛʠ¨ƁĢȜʙVpʖęÈmĀ"aÔȦŘyƠĔÄńŷİɭȹɪĔÖrʄºǹËśĪQ²ĆĤÒɒƺÉřƘȅƊ^ǡŶ4ɼ'vǝŒ6ņƳȦɫ]\ to Seirdy.22:16:10
13 Sep 2021
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@elmussol:elsmussols.netelmussolHey Bob 15:06:49
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14 Sep 2021
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@presgas:mozilla.orgpresgas bashrc: 🌊 ...errr.... 👋 18:47:22
@bob:matrix.libreserver.orgbashrcNot the droids they were looking for18:48:14
@bob:matrix.libreserver.orgbashrcI am currently figuring out signatures on GET requests, which are evidently not working18:49:15
15 Sep 2021
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16 Sep 2021
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