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7 Oct 2019
17:42:11@_discord_512078079976275968:t2bot.ioRiver changed their display name from River to River#4430.
In reply to@_discord_197371049837330433:t2bot.io
Isn't pyspades just an implementation of aos network protocol?

it's... a bit complicated

so, there was a project called pyspades that was a networking impl of aos. This included an example server called feature_server.

PySnip is a fork of both the feature_server and pyspades, after the Jagex aquisition.

Piqueserver is a fork of pysnip, after development stopped. The feature_server was renamed piqueserver.

17:42:14@_discord_512078079976275968:t2bot.ioRiver changed their display name from River#4430 to River.
9 Oct 2019
14:38:21@_discord_129452340670496768:t2bot.ioJesseH left the room.
10 Oct 2019
22:53:25@_discord_190244151864983553:t2bot.ioNoah (NDMZ) changed their display name from Noah (NDMZ) to Noah (NDMZ)#4781.
22:53:25@_discord_190244151864983553:t2bot.ioNoah (NDMZ) changed their display name from Noah (NDMZ)#4781 to Noah (NDMZ).
13 Oct 2019
21:51:26@_discord_129452340670496768:t2bot.ioJesseH joined the room.
21:52:45@_discord_129452340670496768:t2bot.ioJesseH hey godwhoa Have you checked the Map Overview on the status page since the Pillow to PyPNG update?
21:54:31@_discord_129452340670496768:t2bot.ioJesseH I'm just curious where to start in figuring out why the map overview png image is getting distorted (seemingly) and grayscaled. It looks something like this. Please excuse the dong.
21:55:00@_discord_129452340670496768:t2bot.ioJesseH There's a screenshot of the issue.
21:55:14@_discord_284842562664267777:t2bot.ioØ Ж L О Т Why would you want a map overview
21:55:42@_discord_129452340670496768:t2bot.ioJesseH Because it's a feature and I'm trying to isolate the issue. Otherwise why have it in the status page at all
21:56:09@_discord_129452340670496768:t2bot.ioJesseHRedacted or Malformed Event
21:56:11@_discord_129452340670496768:t2bot.ioJesseH Is anyone else having this issue with the map overview?
14 Oct 2019
20:55:09@notafile:matrix.orgnotafile JesseH: that's super funky
20:55:14@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileno idea what's going on there
20:55:18@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileit's always worked for me
20:55:54@_discord_197371049837330433:t2bot.io@_discord_197371049837330433:t2bot.io left the room.
21:34:24@_discord_129452340670496768:t2bot.ioJesseH Yeah I'm not sure what's going on.
21:42:52@_discord_141414305718468608:t2bot.ioSonicscream#3272 @nota http://morty.cryptoclover.cc:10001
21:43:20@_discord_141414305718468608:t2bot.ioSonicscream#3272 running on a almost most recent git of pique
22:16:51@notafile:matrix.orgnotafilesounds like something major did break
15 Oct 2019
09:17:38@godwhoa:matrix.orggodwhoa😬 will look into it later today
18 Oct 2019
02:48:12@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_488478533786796033:t2bot.io@_discord_488478533786796033:t2bot.io.
06:26:12@_discord_215978203485831168:t2bot.iofeik changed their display name from feik to Shiki Brekksten#2211.
06:26:12@_discord_215978203485831168:t2bot.iofeik changed their display name from Shiki Brekksten#2211 to Shiki Brekksten.
07:17:36@_discord_215978203485831168:t2bot.iofeik changed their display name from Shiki Brekksten to feik#2211.
07:17:40@_discord_215978203485831168:t2bot.iofeik changed their display name from feik#2211 to feik.

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