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11 Dec 2019
19:23:45@_discord_131002620000075777:t2bot.ioHJVT > the 3-digit version doesn't work, whoever is trying that
Now it does
19:46:19@_discord_141414305718468608:t2bot.ioSonicscream 😂
19:46:21@_discord_141414305718468608:t2bot.ioSonicscream Nice
19:49:53@_discord_131002620000075777:t2bot.ioHJVT Oh boy, are python lambdas worthless
20:10:15@notafile:matrix.orgnotafilevery deliberately so
20:10:27@notafile:matrix.orgnotafilepeople would abuse tf out of them if they weren't
21:27:51@swalladge:matrix.orgswalladge not totally worthless... http://www.onelinerizer.com/
21:28:15@swalladge:matrix.orgswalladge it's still possible abuse them 😂
21:35:50@_discord_131002620000075777:t2bot.ioHJVT That's some extreme currying right there (chorus: right there)
22:34:25@notafile:matrix.orgnotafile HJVT: deployed
12 Dec 2019
04:52:26@_discord_132342595480190976:t2bot.ioGreaseMonkey WRT whatever IRC to Discord bridge people seem to be using... that does not play nicely with Ripcord, the names all end up showing up as the same person and it looks like someone talking to themselves
05:04:15@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileyeah, sounds like ripcord can't handle webhooks setting their own usernames and profile images
05:06:15@notafile:matrix.orgnotafilereally not much you can so with it not being foss and stuff I guess
07:16:54@_discord_351666653873831948:t2bot.iosnipes changed their display name from snipes to snipes#6501.
07:16:59@_discord_351666653873831948:t2bot.iosnipes changed their display name from snipes#6501 to snipes.
21:34:26@_discord_559801448171307008:t2bot.ioatom changed their display name from atom to atom#1337.
21:34:29@_discord_559801448171307008:t2bot.ioatom changed their display name from atom#1337 to atom.
13 Dec 2019
00:02:44@_discord_559801448171307008:t2bot.ioatom changed their display name from atom to atom#1337.
00:02:47@_discord_559801448171307008:t2bot.ioatom changed their display name from atom#1337 to atom.
01:12:38@_discord_337764496376463362:t2bot.ioDarkS. changed their display name from DarkS. to DarkS.#8999.
01:12:38@_discord_337764496376463362:t2bot.ioDarkS. changed their display name from DarkS.#8999 to DarkS..
04:27:57@notafile:matrix.orgnotafile feik: do you have time to investigate the unusually high tick rate on windows btw?
04:33:39@notafile:matrix.orgnotafile also, lol, the "get_random_point" method literally creates a list of every single block in the specified region and chooses one of them at random
05:26:11@notafile:matrix.orgnotafiledo you think anyone would miss vxldata.generate
05:26:17@notafile:matrix.orgnotafiledoesn't seem like it to me
05:26:30@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileit just dumps the map as one giant bytes object
05:26:51@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileonly user in-tree is savemap.py and I can't think of anyone else that would use it
05:36:27@notafile:matrix.orgnotafile I also wonder how much of an issue memory fragmentation really is
05:37:02@notafile:matrix.orgnotafilebecause like, if we switch the map over to a COW-ish design, we get a bunch of benefits, but it would doubtlessly involve more allocation

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