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2 Nov 2020
@_discord_141414305718468608:t2bot.io One can dream 00:17:29
@_discord_141414305718468608:t2bot.io I wish cloud flare spectrum were free 00:23:13
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileI mean you can totally do that if you want to completely ruin the latency00:23:55
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafilebut also, VPSs are cheap and so are usually extra ip addrs00:24:50
@_discord_141414305718468608:t2bot.io Have you used tcp/udp proxies for hosting before? 01:50:24
@_discord_647727875788767232:t2bot.ioDaRogueRoomba changed their display name from DaRogueRoomba to DaRogueRoomba#3395.03:02:53
@_discord_647727875788767232:t2bot.ioDaRogueRoomba changed their display name from DaRogueRoomba#3395 to DaRogueRoomba.03:02:53
@_discord_647727875788767232:t2bot.ioDaRogueRoomba No I was wondering if you could host then encrypt the IP? 03:02:54
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafile DaRogueRoomba: you can't "encrypt an IP address" for the same reason you can't encrypt the recipient of a letter 14:38:48
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafilethe post office can't deliver a letter without knowing where to send it and neither can a computer14:42:04
@_discord_647727875788767232:t2bot.ioDaRogueRoomba oh yeah oops 14:42:59
19 Nov 2020
@_discord_759687694674034690:t2bot.ioMot7dyKing changed their display name from Mot7dyKing to Mot7dyKing#0347.11:57:37
@_discord_759687694674034690:t2bot.ioMot7dyKing changed their display name from Mot7dyKing#0347 to Mot7dyKing.11:57:38
@_discord_759687694674034690:t2bot.ioMot7dyKing 11:57:38
22 Nov 2020
@_discord_358626356260634624:t2bot.ioDokterkat#7493 joined the room.13:05:21
@_discord_358626356260634624:t2bot.ioDokterkat#7493 i have set up a pique server and got some custom maps running, pinpoint, hallway and nuketown 13:05:21
@_discord_358626356260634624:t2bot.ioDokterkat#7493 with nuketown i spawn in the water using ctf, and on ffa the spawns are off too. what should i do to fix this? 13:06:06
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafile Dokterkat#7493: do you have the .txt files for the map? those contain the spawn points 13:26:50
@_discord_358626356260634624:t2bot.ioDokterkat#7493 Ah ofcourse 13:27:55
@earthapple:matrix.orgdokterkat joined the room.13:28:23
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileI think some maps also only have custom spawn points for certain game modes. That'll be apparent in the file though.13:28:38
@earthapple:matrix.orgdokterkatAlright, thanks!13:28:52
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileit's a bit unfortunate. I had wanted to create a container format that contained both metadata and the map, but it never happened.13:31:40
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileespecially since I wanted to abstract away most of the custom code with "map regions" which you could assign key values to. That code is still flying around somewhere.14:41:46
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileso the spawns would be a region with e.g. team_spawn=1 and algorithm=random_top tags14:43:25
@earthapple:matrix.orgdokterkatFor anyone thinking I joined the discord, asked a question and then left. That's not the case haha. I moved to element14:46:51
@earthapple:matrix.orgdokterkatI don't really mind having 2 files for a map14:47:33
@earthapple:matrix.orgdokterkat* I don't really mind having 2 files for a map14:47:43
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafilewell, it's more that there's a whole bunch of coordinate handling code that's kind of duplicated all over the place.14:50:28
@notafile:matrix.orgnotafileand scripts or maps that modify them need to duplicate them once more14:51:46

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