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26 May 2024
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan No, Monado doesn't need to touch that one 15:52:02
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq okay, so that patch actually helped - now i just need to install basalt 😅 15:52:47
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan Envision is the easiest way to build everything 15:53:12
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq i've heard it mentioned here, but couldn't find more information 15:55:53
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan https://gitlab.com/gabmus/envision 15:58:38
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq ah, looks like monado expects basalt library in /usr/lib64 instead of /usr/local/lib 16:00:18
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan Either works, but on Fedora you'll need to add usr local to the ldso.conf manually 16:06:42
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq ah, i just symlinked it 😅 16:06:59
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq had older version of basalt, new one had some issues with pangolin but it was easily fixable by adding #include <cstdint> to:
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan Envision is better - it builds everything into a private prefix in home .local and applies some patches 16:08:26
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan Like that one 🙂 16:08:37
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq hehey, it works 16:08:57
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan Good one 16:09:22
Download image.png
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq thanks for help, much appreciated 16:09:53
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq where should i drop the patch for acer? 16:10:01
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan If you want to try controller tracking, https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/thaytan/monado.git on the dev-constellation-controller-tracking branch 16:11:12
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq sure want to 😄 16:11:34
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq i'll test it tomorrow, won't have enough time today 16:11:54
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan You will need to add setcap nice perms to the Monado binary 16:12:22
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan Some of the Bluetooth interactions are too jittery without 16:12:47
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq i see, thanks for heads-up 16:12:58
@_discord_1091820860530249798:t2bot.ioellyq i'm using some cheap Realtek dongle (2550:8761) but it works well with Sony WH-1000XM4 and Xbox Series S controller, so hopefully it's decent for that as well 16:14:18
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27 May 2024
@_discord_566537406103420939:t2bot.iomandlerex what's the difference between the wmr and constellation branch? is there any advantage to using one or the other, or is it compatibility? Just curious, because both worked for me. 00:31:02
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@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan The WMR branch was the earlier work that only supported WMR controllers 05:32:52
@_discord_408450936277565441:t2bot.iothaytan The constellation branch supports Rift S too 05:33:00

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