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21 Feb 2019
22:04:35@eye-sigil:matrix.orgtaciturasa changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
22:04:37@eye-sigil:matrix.orgtaciturasa changed the join rule to "public" from "invite".
22:07:29@renzix:matrix.orgRenzix joined the room.
22:08:00@taciturasa:yuri.imtaciturasa joined the room.
22:12:25@zvava:matrix.orgzvava joined the room.
22:12:34@zvava:matrix.orgzvavarice on my wrist
22:12:39@zvava:matrix.orgzvavashit you can't resist
22:28:27@mafu:matrix.orgmafu joined the room.
22:30:49@yemou:matrix.orgyemou joined the room.
26 Feb 2019
12:13:06@ffwff:matrix.orgfluff joined the room.
27 Feb 2019
01:25:38@renzix:matrix.orgRenzix changed their display name from renzix to Renzix.
5 Mar 2019
02:44:03@renzix:matrix.orgRenzix set a profile picture.
02:44:20@renzix:matrix.orgRenzix changed their profile picture.

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