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1 Jun 2023
@_discord_375726451976306698:t2bot.ioDu#1359 If they comply with takedowns, which is impossible to do that and keep anonymity 18:43:10
@_discord_375726451976306698:t2bot.ioDu#1359 Would also have a negative effect on the rest of the network as ISPs start to block mullvad servers under force of law 18:44:34
@_discord_466544503918952449:t2bot.ioCyberSocilaist#4170 i agree - better that they removed this feature to preseve anonymity as a core part of the service. 18:44:37
@_discord_466544503918952449:t2bot.ioCyberSocilaist#4170 I suppose they could have restricted it to a few servers instead? 18:45:15
@_discord_466544503918952449:t2bot.ioCyberSocilaist#4170 I mean, someone else will just see a gap in the market and do it. Back to square one 18:45:38
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 It could of been a compromise. You can have annon VPN, but you don't get port forwarding 18:45:51
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 If you want port forwarding then you have to identify yourself in some way, what that would look like would have to be decided 18:47:09
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 But even then they know the IP that it's being forwarded to 18:47:14
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 They could of just passed those IP's on to local officials 18:47:14
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 * If you want port forwarding then you have to identify yourself in some way, what that would look like would have to be decided 18:47:16
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 To me is just sounds like they didn't want to put any brain power into figuring out a solution and just lazyly banned it all 18:47:49
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 If you don't work with the governments a little bit, you'll get stuff like this 18:49:28
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 https://www.cloudwards.net/vpn-ban-in-india/ 18:49:29
@_discord_375726451976306698:t2bot.ioDu#1359 Eh, once you log some ips, you lose trust. Right now, they can say that they have no technical way to track or log, with current stack 18:50:00
@_discord_375726451976306698:t2bot.ioDu#1359 I think they make the right choice for them, as much as I hate the loss of functionally 18:50:27
@_discord_375726451976306698:t2bot.ioDu#1359 And those who disagree have other options 18:50:43
@_discord_375726451976306698:t2bot.ioDu#1359 They did extend refund periods, etc 18:50:54
@_discord_339243321530515458:t2bot.ioCLHatch I was literally checking the prices at Mullvad, considering switching from Torgaurd. And saw the the blog released THAT DAY about discontinuing port forwarding support. Changed my plans real fast. 😄 Actually decided to give Torguard more money instead, upgraded to their 10Gb servers. 23:09:02
@_discord_384176027993112576:t2bot.iokaos3000#1819 not sure what the 10Gb servers plan are. tried to check the site to see what was offered with that but it's not accessible. possibly getting hugged like a few other sites the last day or two. I just have a sub to the Anonymous VPN plan. 23:20:38
@_discord_384176027993112576:t2bot.iokaos3000#1819 Site is back. Looks like the Anonymous Premium Proxy. Never looked at those as the package I'm on has always covered my needs 23:29:59
@_discord_339243321530515458:t2bot.ioCLHatch One drawback to the 10Gb servers is no wireguard support on those ones, seems. But I'm pretty sure the others are 1Gb max, and I have 2Gb download. So higher max throughput. 23:31:01
@_discord_339243321530515458:t2bot.ioCLHatch Figured I'd try it out. 23:31:43
2 Jun 2023
Download image.png
@_discord_375726451976306698:t2bot.ioDu#1359 Great documentation, too 00:14:15
@_discord_336088571410907136:t2bot.ioDieselTech#6997 Oh nice, I'll have to look into it 00:14:17
@_discord_272171113122103296:t2bot.ioSmellhole changed their display name from Smellhole to Smellhole#5608.13:48:39
@_discord_272171113122103296:t2bot.ioSmellhole changed their display name from Smellhole#5608 to Smellhole.13:48:40
3 Jun 2023
@_discord_632634219688099882:t2bot.ioSuburban VampireIMG20230602174117.jpg
Download IMG20230602174117.jpg
@_discord_632634219688099882:t2bot.ioSuburban VampireIMG20230602180801.jpg
Download IMG20230602180801.jpg
@_discord_632634219688099882:t2bot.ioSuburban Vampire How it started / how it's going 01:20:04

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