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18 Feb 2019
16:30:49@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> yes - though all the pieces are available online
16:30:54@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> not everything works properly, and more should work in f-30
16:30:57@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> please share your experience
16:31:03@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> I will :)
16:31:10@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> still figuring them out
16:31:25@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> are you TFPT in the OS?
16:31:48@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> no, there's an arm image builder that customises per board
16:31:58@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> so far boots of SD but not eMMC
16:32:03@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> have an experiment to try
16:32:11@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> also, 4.18 kernel works, but 4.20 doesn't
16:32:26@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> Peter says the 5.0 kernel works but haven't tried updating to f-30 for that yet
16:33:41@strit:matrix.orgStritfor some reason I can't start Xorg when using the 4.20/5.0 mainline kernels.
16:34:07@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> from 4.18 can see both the SD and eMMC devices so think it's just a grub/boot config thing
16:34:23@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> need to go through that process to see what it doesn't like
16:34:39@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> noted
16:35:13@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> hi Strit
16:36:19@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.ioGAMELASTER#8007 tllim: thank you very much! :)
16:36:32@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> gamiee, welcome and thanks on discover the missing
16:37:05@strit:matrix.orgStritHi tllim.
16:37:10@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> BTW reagarding the LCD panel, if user need it smaller, they can take out the plastic cover.
16:38:28@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> hi Strit, thanks on the recent release
16:39:34@strit:matrix.orgStritnp. Still have some issues I need to work out though. 🙂 Like better graphics rendering in both lxqt and kde.
16:40:00@strit:matrix.orgStritanarsoul pointed me to a variable to get smoother display in plasma. :)
16:41:30@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> Great :-)
16:42:00@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.ioGAMELASTER#8007 tllim: isn't plastic cover the touch screen?
16:42:29@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> just cover
16:43:02@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.ioGAMELASTER#8007 that's that "black" thing?
16:43:50@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> black thing?
16:44:45@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <tllim> the plastic cover act as a protection. If taken out, the size is smaller but LCD panel is glass and can break easily
16:52:52@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.ioGAMELASTER#8007 ahhh, okay, I understand now

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