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17 Dec 2018
07:26:31@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> I can probably pull one off but no interest in being that broke again and doing that much academic writing
07:27:39@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.iogamiee Well, i don't know if I really need to (or want to) go to university (I'm on high school yet). Not sure if it's worth of my time :D
07:28:23@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> to formalise the fact that you can stick with a project you don't really like for 4 years and have proof of that is valuable
07:28:58@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> and given bachelors degrees are now the new high school grad certificate it's … worth it
07:29:38@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <evilbunny> phb is a dilbert ref :P
07:30:11@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> but uni certification is just a short cut for HR all too often, and nobody who can properly evaluate you is going to speak to you until you pass HR
07:30:23@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> oops - too much dilbert and not enough coffee
07:30:28@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> and my hair is not pointy
07:30:54@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <evilbunny> (yet)
07:31:07@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> and i make other people who like doing hte financial/management stuff do that, but tell them what's what
07:31:35@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> learning how to manage them has been fun
07:32:02@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.iogamiee Maya: hmm
07:34:36@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> i'm also no very good at being a cog in a machine, i prefer to design it and run it
07:39:53@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> is annoyed. something that should have shipped over the weekend to the UK is still in the warehouse in texas
07:40:14@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> that means wednesday now :(
07:41:51@_discord_166288516727308290:t2bot.iogamiee :(
07:41:57@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <evilbunny> were they striking?
07:42:09@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> mouser and fedex? no
07:42:47@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> and given they're 6-7 hours behind hte UK, i ordered around lunch and they didn't get it out - suppliers this side of the pond have last orders up to 8pm for next day so ...
07:43:12@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> and given it takes fedex 2 days, but they work saturdays, 2 day becomes 'overnight' over the weekend
07:43:18@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <maya> or used to
07:43:26@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <evilbunny> :)
09:52:25@_discord_462579463562199040:t2bot.iolukasz @Strit I don't know the messaging system on the Manjaro forum - can you, and other members, see my responses ?
09:52:46@strit:matrix.orgStrityes. The people inviting to that conversation can see it. :)
09:53:35@strit:matrix.orgStritYou can see who is invited in the buttom of the first post. There's a section with participants.
09:53:33@_discord_462579463562199040:t2bot.iolukasz Great
09:53:39@_discord_462579463562199040:t2bot.iolukasz thanks
10:10:52@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <marc_d> @jmcneill: I just noticed that invisible.ca/tmp.arm64 got updated about a month ago, and notice KDE is now available too for the pine64
10:15:46@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <marc_d> @jmcneill: are there instructions at some place on how to install that, because installing all seems strange considering the mate packages are located at the same place
10:17:08@_discord_464344567496572929:t2bot.ioPine64Bot <marc_d> I assume these packages are the same also used for the pinebook, is that correct?

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