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24 Jan 2020
14:58:13@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <puneet> is anyone has pine64 lts image with crust firmware
14:58:33@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <puneet> to verify deep sleep state to resume scenario
14:59:03@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> ask in #linux-sunxi on freenode
14:59:35@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> I don’t think anyone has a ready-made image for download
15:00:03@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> maybe you’ll see smaeul who is the author of crust
15:02:41@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <puneet> ok tq
16:42:06@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kkdao> I’m from Canada and am looking to find a power conditioner for the Rock64 similar to the x735 power conditioner for the pi4. I can’t seem to find any on Amazon though, any other suggestions for sourcing? Or am I just not searching the right right? Ty
16:42:41@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kkdao> For context, I’m looking to put together a bitcoin full node using the Rock64
16:45:49@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kkdao> something like this: https://www.amazon.ca/Iycorish-Raspberry-Management-Expansion-Shutdown/dp/B07V9L9N6S/ref=sr17?keywords=x735+expansion+board&qid=1579881565&sr=8-7
16:46:54@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kkdao> but for this expansion board that is compatible with Rock64 (so it says)
16:47:00@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kkdao> https://www.amazon.ca/Semoic-Raspberry-Expansion-Jumper-Rock64/dp/B07V2G5RFC/ref=sr1fkmr1_2?keywords=sata+controller+rock64&qid=1579880254&sr=8-2-fkmr1
22:28:56@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <amolith> Does everything from Pine64 ship from China?
22:29:49@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <CommunistWolf> yes
22:30:02@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <amolith> Alright. Thanks!
22:34:39@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> China and HK
23:58:01@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <rock-rocket> just a heads up that the pinebook pro ansi ships with the English (UK) instead of (US) default keylayout… drove me crazy trying to unsuccessfully enter my wifi password lol… prob wanna update that for future models shipping out
25 Jan 2020
01:06:07@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <branon> this is generally known
01:06:16@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <branon> there’s a sticky on the forum about it
01:06:47@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <branon> but yes it is slightly backwards that ansi keyboard ships with non-US layout
01:07:01@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <branon> however, only affects default image
06:43:02@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <chai> Is there any plan to upgrade the processor from a64 to a63?
06:45:38@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <TuxThePenguin> Pine has products using the Allwinner H6 which seems to be basically the same thing
06:46:21@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <TuxThePenguin> There are also ones using the RK3328 (not to be confused with the 32 bit but higher end RK3288) and RK3399
06:54:13@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <33YN2> Finally got manjaro running on my Pine64-LTS!
06:54:31@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <33YN2> Looks like the repos are all good now @Strit !
13:00:09@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <_inky> hi there, is there a dedicated chat for pinetime, or should i write here?
In reply to @p64protocolbot:matrix.org
[I] <_inky> hi there, is there a dedicated chat for pinetime, or should i write here?
There is, no idea about IRC but #pinetime maybe
13:03:26@marcuse1w:matrix.orgmarcuse1wYou can also use Matrix/Riot.im, Discord or Telegram
13:10:02@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <_inky> omg indeed there is #pinetime

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