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13 Nov 2019
18:36:02@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <fireTwoOneNine> it is
18:36:36@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <fireTwoOneNine> i've done it before… when a user’s name had spanish characters and confused the PBP preorder system 😦
19:25:06@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> yup my package was available to be picked up, would be nice to be notified of that
19:26:56@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> DHL called me on my phone like three times during the customs handling
19:27:11@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> but after that the package just arrived at my door one evening
19:27:14@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> it seems DHL handed it off to postnord when it entered sweden
19:27:15@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> for… some reason
19:32:44@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> not that it matters because i can’t actually get the package since my ID card is experied :D
19:32:49@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> not that it matters because i can’t actually get the package since my ID card is expired :D
19:34:54@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> oops
19:35:03@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> that happened to me in the library
19:49:16@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> i ordered a new card… A MONTH AGO!
19:50:15@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> here in DE it usually takes 6 weeks
19:50:31@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> unless you pay extra, then you get it in 2
19:50:37@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> the police website says it usually takes 5 days
19:51:21@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> I once got a new travel passport in 48h for a trip to the US
19:51:30@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> woah
19:51:33@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> freedom
19:51:41@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> but that was really expensive, good thing the company paid that
19:51:48@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> we don’t even have that option :D
19:52:12@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> 40 bucks for an ID-card, you get it when the police can be bothered
19:52:28@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> normal ID card was 18EUR
19:53:06@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <swedneck> cries
20:22:06@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <tso4ev> hi all
20:24:39@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Xalius> hi
21:44:02@tg127:matrix.orgTG127What is the target audience for the PinePhone Braveheart batch? Planning to buy the phone but I don’t necessarily want to get one that’s aimed entirely at developers.
21:45:58@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <anarsoul> then you’re not target audience of this batch :)
22:29:50* @p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <oleg> slaps calcmandan around a bit with a large fishbot
14 Nov 2019
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