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26 Mar 2019
23:42:36@freenode_codebam:matrix.orgcodebamdowdle: oh okay, cool! might do that later tonight. I see fedora 30 has luks2 though so I might just do a full re-install when it comes out anyways
23:43:02@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdle codebam: RPM Fusion doesn't have a repo for 30 yet that is named 30. They have rawhide which is still targeted at Fedora 30... and that will work fine if you manually edit their repo files so they point to the needed URLs.
23:43:25@freenode_codebam:matrix.orgcodebamoh, interesting okay
23:44:47@freenode_temple48:matrix.orgtemple48 hit the dracut segfault on upgrade to kernel 5.0.3 on a test machine a few minutes ago. virtualbox also fails to start (5.2.26), trying to rebuild kernel modules now. we'll see if it works
23:44:49@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdlecodebam: I guess another strategy would be to remove all rpm fusion packages before upgrade, or letting them be removed during it... and then adding in their rawhide repo after... and installing their stuff again.
23:45:11@freenode_temple48:matrix.orgtemple48kind of unbelievable that we got to this point, of a kernel released that segfaults dracut on upgrade, but whatever
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23:46:05@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdle temple48: I assume you are referring to some bug report? I haven't run into any upgrade issues on my machines. Have a URL?
23:46:05@freenode_temple48:matrix.orgtemple48however if i did dnf remove kernel-5.0.3 and then upgrade kernel again to that version, it installs fine. boots fine. then on vbox, running /sbin/vboxconfig does successfully rebuild the kernel modules and 5.2.26 works. so! if anyone is still having this problem, feel free to try that
23:46:28@freenode_temple48:matrix.orgtemple48 dowdle: not in front of me, sorry. it is on bodhi, I've seen it there for sure, under kernel-5.0.3
23:46:57@freenode_temple48:matrix.orgtemple48the vbox piece is kind of on bodhi but not really, just one person or maybe two mentioning that vbox errors out with it
23:47:29@freenode_temple48:matrix.orgtemple48but, hack such as it is, that did work. dnf remove, dnf upgrade, reboot, /sbin/vboxconfig, voila
23:47:48@freenode_temple48:matrix.orgtemple48 still probably going to avoid 5.x kernels on my main machine until there's some more resolution on the cause of all this though.
23:49:22@freenode_temple48:matrix.orgtemple48 dowdle: looks like there's a dracut update moving based on the last update to that bugzilla
23:50:09@freenode_temple48:matrix.orgtemple48so that plus maybe a vbox update would get me ready to try 5.x on my main machine... unless 5.x gets pushed as a security fix in which case, here goes nothing
23:51:16@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdle temple48: I wonder how widespread that dracut crash is. I've updated at least a dozen machines and I haven't noticed it.
23:52:01@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdletemple48: So you have been using VirtualBox for how long... and about how many times have you needed to wait for updates to catch up with kernel releases? Just curious.
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23:57:55@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdle temple48: I'm hoping in the not-too-distant future that KVM will have some default vGPU support that works reasonably well. There are a few vGPU projects and some support in KVM I guess... but I haven't tried working with any yet. I don't think any of them have quite hit the mainstream yet.
27 Mar 2019
00:00:04@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdletemple48: There seem to be lots of people doing PCI pass-thru of secondary physical cards... mostly for gaming. That is somewhat of a dark art I believe... and who has two video cards?
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00:05:17@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgdowdletemple48: So I take it you mostly use VirtualBox for Microsoft Windows guests... and they are noticeably slower under KVM for you?
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00:23:58@freenode_notdaniel:matrix.orgnotdanielso ive recently converted back to fedora since f29 has been impressive. just installed on my other machine as well. for some reason, my user home on one machine has perms set to 700 and the other is 775. on neither machine did i change this myself (and checked shell history to make sure). it should be 700, right? any decent way to find out what changed them?
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