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19 Dec 2018
00:20:44@freenode_ufo:matrix.orgufoor is there a way i can check what version of the ICAClient package was in f28 and downgrade it?
00:24:38@freenode_dowdle:matrix.org@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgufo: libidn in Fedora 29 provides /usr/lib64/libidn.so.12
00:24:53@freenode_dowdle:matrix.org@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgufo: You can make a symlink named /usr/lib64/libidn.so.11 that points to /usr/lib64/libidn.so.12 and that may work.
00:25:14@freenode_dowdle:matrix.org@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgufo: So - sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/libidn.so.12 /usr/lib64/libidn.so.11
00:25:24@freenode_dowdle:matrix.org@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgufo: See if that fixes it for you.
00:26:55@freenode_ufo:matrix.orgufodowdle: it says file exists. i assume that libidn1.34 package created it
00:27:05@freenode_dowdle:matrix.org@freenode_dowdle:matrix.orgufo: Or not.
00:27:16@freenode_ufo:matrix.orgufoi was getting a different error before that mentioned libidn but it went away when i installed that package
00:27:41@freenode_ufo:matrix.orgufowfica[2722]: segfault at a ip 00007f69365a9a35 sp 00007f692867b3d8 error 4 in libc-2.28.so[7f693646a000+14d000]
00:27:43@freenode_ufo:matrix.orgufonow i get that
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00:41:30@freenode_Paladin:matrix.orgPaladin ufo: I don't have any direct experience, but a bit of googling revealed that this is fairly common on F29. Some reported that downgrading the citrix client worked.
00:43:54@freenode_ufo:matrix.orgufoPaladin: is there a way i can check what version it was in 28 / grab an rpm?
00:44:32@freenode_ufo:matrix.orgufo i used to know where to find old packages for ubuntu but i haven't figured it out for fedora yet
00:45:01@freenode_Paladin:matrix.orgPaladinufo: I think the thread I read said that they downgraded to 13.4
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00:50:28@freenode_ufo:matrix.orgufo looks like that depends on webkitgtk >_<
00:50:38@freenode_ufo:matrix.orgufowhich was apparently also removed
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01:14:43@freenode_Galaxy_Stranger:matrix.orgGalaxy_Stranger hi - I can get past grub, but can't get a CLI terminal at all. This is after upgrading Fedora 28 to 29. To troubleshoot this, I'm going to remove a service from my system. Is there a way I can do this by using a Live CD?
01:15:56@freenode_cimjaro:matrix.orgcimjaroGalaxy_Stranger, chroot
01:17:33@freenode_Galaxy_Stranger:matrix.orgGalaxy_Strangerat the grub prompt?
01:18:58@freenode_Galaxy_Stranger:matrix.orgGalaxy_Strangeroh, duh with the livecd
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