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15 Dec 2017
05:25:48@freenode_asdfasdf0101:matrix.orgasdfasdf0101 (IRC)paiton: yeah, the same error; ok, whatever, will have to live with it I guess; thanks!
05:26:12@freenode_bunnypuncher:matrix.orgbunnypuncher (IRC)try this: cd ~
05:26:22@freenode_bunnypuncher:matrix.orgbunnypuncher (IRC) then: journalctl -b0 >> boot.txt
05:26:28@freenode_nicksmaddog:matrix.orgnicksmaddog (IRC) left the room.
05:26:43@freenode_bunnypuncher:matrix.orgbunnypuncher (IRC)we can look at that log get some clues
05:27:21@freenode_asdfasdf0101:matrix.orgasdfasdf0101 (IRC) left the room.
05:27:25@freenode_paiton:matrix.orgpaiton (IRC)asdfasdf0101: what if you try ` dnf remove vlc ; dnf clean all ; dnf install vlc ` ?? That should remove the packages, clean out your cache, then requery the repos for new packages available.
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06:09:05@freenode_CharlesICC:matrix.orgCharlesICC (IRC)bunnypuncher, ?
06:09:30@freenode_bunnypuncher:matrix.orgbunnypuncher (IRC)than command will show you more information to help you solve your problem
06:10:03@freenode_CharlesIC:matrix.orgCharlesIC (IRC) joined the room.
06:10:03@freenode_CharlesIC:matrix.orgCharlesIC (IRC)it keeps crahsing and going to fallback mde
06:10:19@freenode_Phanes:matrix.orgPhanes (IRC)hey im pretty confused here. im using this guide: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PostgreSQL and those files are simply not there, /var/lib/pgsql/ does not exist in those packages
06:10:34@freenode_Phanes:matrix.orgPhanes (IRC) they have some sample files but im very confused as to what it's actually reading now
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06:13:59@freenode_Phanes:matrix.orgPhanes (IRC)eeeeeeek
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