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20 Sep 2023
@hyolobrika:envs.netHyolobrika (carrier pigeon bridge (sorry about the delay))
In reply to @ninchuka:envs.net
eh, its useful for some things, like constant spammers
@ninchuka:envs.netninchuka* hashcash?16:22:23
@hyolobrika:envs.netHyolobrika (carrier pigeon bridge (sorry about the delay))Proof of work16:22:33
@hyolobrika:envs.netHyolobrika (carrier pigeon bridge (sorry about the delay)) There's also something the Locutus people have been thinking of or working on (not sure about the current status) called "token generators". They're not fully decentralised though. 16:27:01
@hyolobrika:envs.netHyolobrika (carrier pigeon bridge (sorry about the delay)) They're also planning on making a decentralised reputation system. 16:28:29
@hyolobrika:envs.netHyolobrika (carrier pigeon bridge (sorry about the delay))
In reply to @ninchuka:envs.net
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21 Sep 2023
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22 Sep 2023
In reply to @erack:tchncs.de

Dutch police can claim phone numbers of anonymous Telegram users:

Sep 17, 2023 at 22:36 Update: one day ago

Dutch police say Telegram can request phone numbers that users actually want to keep secret. This possibility contradicts the chat app's promise to users.

This appears from documents released by the police force management after an appeal to the Open Government Act, reports BNR. The released documents contain instructions that allow police officers to "urgently" requisition IP addresses and phone numbers from Telegram.

"Requests are eligible if there is immediate imminent danger to life," writes a police official. The instructions were distributed last December. They included a form with the messaging service's logo.

Telegram says it values users' privacy and even claims in its privacy policy to have "never" shared personal data with law enforcement officials. That promise has been in question for some time. The German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) already revealed last year that it had successfully requested personal data from the messaging service.

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23 Sep 2023
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24 Sep 2023
@zengodgr:envs.netZenitoGRhello anyones knows circuli? a google circle matrix based social network?06:49:21
@zengodgr:envs.netZenitoGRcant find it anywhere06:49:37

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