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28 Mar 2018
10:04:19@btmsn:matrix.org@btmsn:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
14 Apr 2018
14:56:55@i.syndicate:matrix.orgi.syndicate joined the room.
15 Apr 2018
18:21:39@i.syndicate:matrix.orgi.syndicate set a profile picture.
5 May 2018
03:21:23@marcoapc:matrix.orgMarco set a profile picture.
16 May 2018
16:48:23@aynah:matrix.orgRefpga changed their profile picture.
21 May 2018
08:05:38@leth:matrix.orgleth joined the room.
22 May 2018
10:17:41@YellowBoy:matrix.org@YellowBoy:matrix.org left the room.
1 Jun 2018
02:56:48@tuliom:matrix.org@tuliom:matrix.org left the room.
13 Jun 2018
00:28:58@btmsn:matrix.org@btmsn:matrix.org left the room.
30 Jun 2018
14:56:36@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
14:56:47@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
14:57:49@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org set their display name to Laurent.
14:58:34@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org removed their display name Laurent.
9 Jul 2018
13:13:40@i-vi-i:matrix.org@i-vi-i:matrix.org joined the room.
11 Jul 2018
18:21:02@i-vi-i:matrix.org@i-vi-i:matrix.org left the room.
26 Jul 2018
07:15:07@lever2000:matrix.org@lever2000:matrix.org left the room.
23 Aug 2018
13:52:40@fturco:matrix.org@fturco:matrix.org left the room.
19:46:06@jja2000:matrix.orgJasper changed their display name from Jasper to jja2000.
19:47:01@jja2000:matrix.orgJasper changed their display name from jja2000 to Jasper.
7 Sep 2018
17:24:47@alextee:matrix.orgalextee joined the room.
17 Sep 2018
06:08:43@rix0n:matrix.orgRixon 🅼 joined the room.
11 Oct 2018
18:18:12@rix0n:matrix.orgRixon 🅼 changed their display name from Rixon to Rixon 🅼.
19 Oct 2018
16:05:11@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
21 Oct 2018
10:01:37@SpEcHiDe:disroot.orgSpEcHiDe changed their display name from @SpEcHiDe to SpEcHiDe.
2 Nov 2018
04:10:11@jgibbons:matrix.orgjgibbons joined the room.
10 Nov 2018
06:50:54@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
06:51:35@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
20 Nov 2018
07:16:39@libre1ron:matrix.orglibre1ron joined the room.
07:17:07@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org left the room.
24 Nov 2018
06:51:50@mhx:matrix.orgMH joined the room.

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