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20 Nov 2018
07:16:39@libre1ron:matrix.orglibretron joined the room.
07:17:07@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org left the room.
24 Nov 2018
06:51:50@mhx:matrix.orgMH joined the room.
15 Dec 2018
20:31:59@mhx:matrix.orgMH left the room.
20 Dec 2018
11:28:55@N07070:matrix.orgSlimy boi changed their display name from N07070 to Slimy boi.
22 Jan 2019
12:15:10@N07070:matrix.orgSlimy boi changed their profile picture.
3 Feb 2019
23:12:39@rix0n:matrix.orgRixon 🅼 left the room.
24 Feb 2019
08:47:55@libre1ron:matrix.orglibretron changed their display name from libre1ron to libretron.
14:28:39@noctron:matrix.orgnoctron joined the room.
14:28:52@libre1ron:matrix.orglibretron left the room.
3 Mar 2019
16:30:44@migmatite:matrix.orgmigmatite joined the room.
12 Apr 2019
07:42:02@xander2m:matrix.orgXander_M joined the room.
13 Apr 2019
00:25:56@0verk1ll:matrix.org0verk1ll joined the room.
10 May 2019
19:00:50@xander2m:matrix.orgXander_M left the room.
4 Jun 2019
14:14:08@zacklocx:matrix.orgzacklocx left the room.
7 Jun 2019
08:15:48@alextee:matrix.orgalextee changed their display name from alextee to alextee (Old).
08:19:37@alextee:matrix.orgalextee invited @alextee:matrix.allmende.ioalextee.
08:26:25@alextee:matrix.allmende.ioalextee joined the room.
09:38:17@alextee:matrix.orgalextee invited @alextee:tchncs.dealextee.
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09:39:04@alextee:tchncs.dealextee joined the room.
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19 Jun 2019
20:57:31@alextee:matrix.orgalextee changed their display name from alextee (Old) to alextee.
6 Jul 2019
07:49:11@noctron:matrix.orgnoctron changed their profile picture.
12 Jul 2019
21:26:20@migmatite:matrix.orgmigmatite left the room.
25 Aug 2019
01:13:53@encamdehans5:matrix.orgencamdehans5 joined the room.
01:14:05@encamdehans5:matrix.orgencamdehans5 left the room.
2 Sep 2019
19:47:41@sim6:matrix.orgSimó Albert i Beltran joined the room.
8 Sep 2019
21:08:37@KeyWeeUsr:matrix.orgKeyWeeUsr joined the room.
10 Sep 2019
20:43:48@N07070:matrix.orgSlimy boihey

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