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12 Jan 2024
@_discord_1093929025925296158:t2bot.ionotreverser What is it 16:05:24
@_discord_526374718153031711:t2bot.ioFreakzarer 89 something iirc, server browser has it 16:05:39
@_discord_526374718153031711:t2bot.ioFreakzarer its still listed as io server 16:05:49
@_discord_1093929025925296158:t2bot.ionotreverser I cant find it 😔 16:07:19
@_discord_526374718153031711:t2bot.ioFreakzarer a sec, lemme find it 16:07:24
Download image.png
@_discord_526374718153031711:t2bot.ioFreakzarer nvm, its
"address": ["", "", "", "", ""]
@_discord_1093929025925296158:t2bot.ionotreverser Ty 16:09:08
@_discord_709078427524792380:t2bot.ioBoulderuiop Then attack and survival. Pvp is most offline of all time. 16:24:54
@_discord_687347431548911644:t2bot.ionowords (cryo PHD)image.png
Download image.png
@_discord_687347431548911644:t2bot.ionowords (cryo PHD) cough cough 16:25:30
@_discord_709078427524792380:t2bot.ioBoulderuiop I mean player time online. 16:26:23
@_discord_687347431548911644:t2bot.ionowords (cryo PHD) you mean that no one plays pvp 16:26:28
@_discord_709078427524792380:t2bot.ioBoulderuiop Not the server uptime. 16:26:31
@_discord_687347431548911644:t2bot.ionowords (cryo PHD) * you mean that no one plays pvp 16:26:35
@_discord_709078427524792380:t2bot.ioBoulderuiop Yes. 16:26:39
@_discord_687347431548911644:t2bot.ionowords (cryo PHD) then say that and not that the server is offiline 16:26:55
13 Jan 2024
@_discord_399346439349600256:t2bot.iosbyte 11:18:15
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@_discord_187387667183304704:t2bot.iobigspeck TL:DR Fix Flood mode please thanks... Was talking with some IO players and apparently one of the reasons many of the flood maps are "broken AF" are the core units (Alpha Beta Gamma) DMG got a HUGE buff. This was after the map makers created the starting defenses? I was believing the map makers had made a mistake all this time and it seems like I was wrong. I do like how core units DMG is helpful for some maps AND it is totally not worth "breaking" most of the maps, causing votekicks for users who unknowingly have auto attack on and no idea core unit DMG is ultra buffed. This seems like a very simple fix for a problem that has ben brought up for the third time now. Nobody wants to play a 3+ hour map that at any time a mobile user can join and not by any fault of their own create a GG situation simply by having auto attack enabled. Add intentional griefing factor to the equation and we may as well remove most maps from rotation as they are wisely being instantly RTV'ed by the "people in the know" of this issue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 17:53:55
@_discord_526374718153031711:t2bot.ioFreakzarer this buff was removed, but iirc yet to be updated 18:03:18
@_discord_526374718153031711:t2bot.ioFreakzarer and only affects the walls now, iirc 18:03:58
@_discord_676696728065277992:t2bot.iopeter1095 thats fun 18:05:08
@_discord_187387667183304704:t2bot.iobigspeck Not sure about this one, many maps where there are overdriven mend projectors (the big ones) a single user often destroys the defense in a matter of seconds with core unit. If what you say is true I think the suggestion of adding segments by WMF is also needed and or may "fix" the seeming inability to run the update for whatever reason 18:10:25
@_discord_526374718153031711:t2bot.ioFreakzarer not sure how the server is updated, but is prolly manual, as wmf did say waiting for buthed to update 18:14:24
@_discord_678060551888175145:t2bot.ioWMF to specify even more, the damage buff only affects flood walls, not every single wall 18:46:30
@_discord_678060551888175145:t2bot.ioWMF meaning anything that isn't flood will take the regular amount of damage 18:46:54
@_discord_678060551888175145:t2bot.ioWMF * to be more specific, the damage buff only affects flood walls now, not every single wall 18:51:54
1 Feb 2024
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