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5 Nov 2019
21:33:54@sedictious:matrix.orgChatziargyriou EleftheriaAh right, but it shouldn't be that harder. We can sample points of the orbit, project them and then approximate a curve (I'm not sure whether plotly does this automatically, othewise I'm probably oversimplifying it a lot :P)
21:38:39@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastrothe problem normally comes when the longitude goes abruptly from -180 to 180 and then you need lots of ugly logic to avoid plotting lines that shouldn't be there 😅
22:27:26@sedictious:matrix.orgChatziargyriou EleftheriaAh right... the edge-cases 😬
22:28:38@sedictious:matrix.orgChatziargyriou EleftheriaLooking again at #497 I can see how easily it can turn into a nightmare
22:28:41@_neb_github:matrix.orgGithubhttps://github.com/poliastro/poliastro/issues/497 : Ground Track Plotter
6 Nov 2019
17:53:46@jorgepiloto:matrix.orgjorgepilotoBy the way, Sphinx-gallery supports now plotly, it may be interesting to you @shreyasbapat:matrix.org since you opened the issue in the Sphinx-gallery repo 😉
7 Nov 2019
15:57:51@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanlu really? where did you see that jorgepiloto ?
16:06:46@jorgepiloto:matrix.orgjorgepiloto If you execute make html inside the docs folder, a basic example documentation is built showing a 2D and 3D figures
16:50:00@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluhah, I didn't remember but I already said it 😅 https://github.com/poliastro/poliastro/issues/501#issuecomment-513537341
In reply to @astrojuanlu:matrix.org
hah, I didn't remember but I already said it 😅 https://github.com/poliastro/poliastro/issues/501#issuecomment-513537341
Oh! Thanks jorgepiloto , I will try it out maybe on 11 or 12 November
10 Nov 2019
01:40:29@astrojuanlu:openastronomy.orgjuanluastroSciPy 1.3.2 released with Python 3.8 support
15:03:39@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanluto review: #797
15:03:41@_neb_github:matrix.orgGithubhttps://github.com/poliastro/poliastro/pull/797 : Prepare refactor of Bodies and orbits
11 Nov 2019

I hope to review that pull request today or tomorrow at night (sorry, I got an exam). However I had time to read the page juanluastro posted on the Wiki and its really interesting: those possible OsculatingOrbit (no propagate, no frame), Orbit (no frame), SolarSystemOrbit (the current Orbit, with frame and also maybe constructors depending on the Sun), and later EarthOrbit.

I do not like very much the body.orbit.propagate, because in that case should we also ""

07:14:37@jorgepiloto:matrix.orgjorgepiloto *...should we also solve again for body ephemerides and propagate also the orbit?

thanks jorgepiloto ! In my mind body.orbit should be an approximate one (like we were discussing with noc0lour the other day) so it shouldn't be propagated

14 Nov 2019
14:03:21@noc0lour:atrz.denoc0lour Does anyone know if using coordinates.AltAz would work for calculation of distance & elevation from non-earth locations (e.g. Mars)
14:04:45@noc0lour:atrz.denoc0lourI've started playing with the MarsFixed frames to get simulation data from a ground assent with an orbiter above, at least the orbit creation part works and probably I can get things working by using the vectors, using something like AltAz would be quite elegant though
14:16:30@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanlu I think astropy.coordinates.AltAz assumes the Earth :( perhaps there's a way to change the attractor
14:20:44@noc0lour:atrz.denoc0lourthat's what I thought, alright
14:29:55@kerel:matrix.orgkerelnoc0lour: I've used "beyond" to calculate AltAz pointings to jupiter for an earth-bound observer: https://gitlab.com/kerel-fs/jupyter-notebooks/blob/master/beyond_pass_predictions/Beyond_PassPredictions_ISS_Jupiter.ipynb Maybe this get's your job down, but doesn't explain how to do it with poliastro.

One thing I have with the MarsFixed frame:

testloc = frames.fixed.MarsFixed(10 * u.deg, 20 * u.deg, distance=bodies.Mars.R, obstime=start_time)

fails with

~/git/misc/poliastro/src/poliastro/frames/fixed.py in to_equatorial(fixed_coo, equatorial_frame)
     73         assert fixed_coo.body == equatorial_frame.body
---> 75         r = fixed_coo.data.xyz
     76         v = fixed_coo.data.differentials["s"].d_xyz

AttributeError: 'SphericalRepresentation' object has no attribute 'xyz'
14:32:02@noc0lour:atrz.denoc0lour kerel: ah, my observer shall be mars-bound though
14:32:53@kerel:matrix.orgkereloh, indeed, sorry!
14:33:50@noc0lour:atrz.denoc0lourthat script looks quite clean, I might get some more inspiration from it (:
14:34:02@astrojuanlu:matrix.orgastrojuanlu noc0lour: that looks like a (easy to fix) bug! could you please open an issue?
14:34:43@noc0lour:atrz.denoc0louryup, or I throw i PR, if I figure it out myself
15 Nov 2019
14:01:22@noc0lour:atrz.denoc0lourHm, I did not get anywhere with this yesterday, it's a bit involved, since one would have to embed a cartesianrepresentation as the data type somehow, or do the conversion right before use

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