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19 Mar 2023
@_discord_150237291376410624:t2bot.ioKoja is the cheatsheet the replacement for that? 20:24:49
@_discord_109998942841765888:t2bot.ioShiroraven joined the room.21:04:01
@_discord_109998942841765888:t2bot.ioShiroraven excuse me, is it possible to make the custom lualine module transparent? I already set transparency to true in my chadrc 21:04:01
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@_discord_150237291376410624:t2bot.ioKoja btw I fixed it. Just needed to use the absolute path when pointing to debugpy 22:03:19
20 Mar 2023
@_discord_600704648038580235:t2bot.iosiduck https://nvchad.com/docs/config/mappings 01:25:04
@_discord_745732774027198554:t2bot.ioSownteeNguyen#1711 changed their profile picture.02:18:43
@_discord_520495101743464448:t2bot.ioycombinator765 Thanks 07:13:55
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@_discord_520495101743464448:t2bot.ioycombinator765 I see that Lua has intellisense after installing Lua Lang server on NvChad, it gives useful hints when using language specific functions and also denotes which is keyword and other useful linting stuff, but after installing clangd for C/C++ same is not achieved
only snippets are working
@_discord_520495101743464448:t2bot.ioycombinator765 is there anything else I have to install from Mason? 12:50:35
@_discord_270401701687721986:t2bot.ioLucario387 installation != setup 13:07:26
@_discord_497659196519481345:t2bot.iodark96 changed their display name from dark96 to dark96#3635.14:37:54
@_discord_497659196519481345:t2bot.iodark96 changed their display name from dark96#3635 to dark96.14:37:55
@_discord_150237291376410624:t2bot.ioKoja NvimTree is not showing .gitignored files 15:08:59
@_discord_150237291376410624:t2bot.ioKoja is this a configuration? 15:09:12
@_discord_150237291376410624:t2bot.ioKoja it is 15:12:17
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@_discord_150237291376410624:t2bot.ioKoja default config is hiding ignored files. Setting ignore to false makes them show up again 15:12:45
@_discord_520495101743464448:t2bot.ioycombinator765 I agree but I do have gcc compiler installed 15:23:03
@_discord_270401701687721986:t2bot.ioLucario387 still the same meaning
installation != setup/registering the server to neovim
@_discord_600704648038580235:t2bot.iosiduck setup custom lspconfig 15:59:08
@_discord_600704648038580235:t2bot.iosiduck just installing via mason wont work 15:59:10
@_discord_520495101743464448:t2bot.ioycombinator765 understood but can it be downloaded from somewhere on internet or do I have download it? 17:56:04
@_discord_520495101743464448:t2bot.ioycombinator765 write from scratch* 17:56:20
@_discord_444084715977441280:t2bot.ioagatsya i have a working configuration for c/c++ dev, although with ccls instead of clangd, if youd like 18:30:59
@_discord_444084715977441280:t2bot.ioagatsya * i have a working configuration for c/c++ dev, although with ccls instead of clangd, if youd like ycombinator765 18:31:04

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