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31 Mar 2020
20:19:11@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaand this is coming from a drupal dev ;-)
20:20:15@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringI've told you about Netlify CMS before I believe: https://www.netlifycms.org/
20:21:55@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringprovides a nice GUI for the CMS admin part of a site, but without the need for a DB, so content is still stored in markdown and can still be edited that way if people like
20:26:08@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringI'm having a hard time envisioning what kinds of translation services Drupal can provide though, besides the GUI
20:26:58@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentathe GUI is what i have in mind
20:27:07@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentathinking about translator experience
20:27:09@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaTX? :-)
20:27:47@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentabut cool! netlify cms seems neat
20:27:52@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentajsut exports markdown?
20:27:52@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringhaha, I think plain UX will suffice

jsut exports markdown?

Yes, my understanding is that it's a React app that does the conversion in the browser and sends it via API to whatever git host you're using, whether that's GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc

20:41:13@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringso it's basically its own static site within a static site which is responsible for generating the content for the latter
20:41:26@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringjust using a git server for its backend
20:42:52@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringlooking at the repo now, it's an impressively modular project that allows for many different setups and project strutcures: https://github.com/netlify/netlify-cms/tree/master/packages
20:43:44@jgaehring:matrix.orgjgaehringlooks like you can also use it with a proxy server to run it off a local git repo if you like: https://github.com/netlify/netlify-cms/tree/master/packages/netlify-cms-proxy-server
21:00:00@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaYo dawg, I heard you like static sites... :-)
1 Apr 2020
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2 Apr 2020
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3 Apr 2020
18:38:32@skipper_is:matrix.orgskipper_isIf you've got a number of items in an area, is there a way of putting the number in a circle in the centroid of the polygon, rather than on the first point?
19:06:11@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentahuh. i think it should be in the center
19:06:18@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaare you sure it's a polygon and not a lineString?
19:06:41@mstenta:matrix.orgmstenta(check the movement log, and look in the Data field under the movement geometry map)
4 Apr 2020
18:17:01@skipper_is:matrix.orgskipper_isI think it is a seeding in a field, so the field is definately not a line

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