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13 May 2021
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentahappy to brainstorm those too when you get there :-)23:56:44
14 May 2021
@shane_aldrich:matrix.orgshane_aldrichThank you all for the suggestions! I will get back into this tomorrow. Right now, it's time to make dinner and enjoy a couple of beers. 🍻00:10:42
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaGreat enjoy! And cheers! 🍻00:11:59
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Great enjoy! And cheers! 🍻
One last thing before I go. Any chance I can get access to PHPStorm through farmOS?
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaWish I could help you there - but I don't have any special access. Years ago I got a subscription myself and pointed to Drupal core and contrib work I've done to get an open source discount I think - but I still pay yearly for it00:26:18
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaI really like PHPStorm - I think it's worth it :-)00:26:37
@shane_aldrich:matrix.orgshane_aldrichHere's the link I looked into earlier before asking that question. And it seems like farmOS would qualify. https://www.jetbrains.com/community/opensource/#support01:47:25
@shane_aldrich:matrix.orgshane_aldrichReading further, I guess I would have to be a "core project committer". Not sure how they figure that one out.01:51:06
@shane_aldrich:matrix.orgshane_aldrichPlus, I can't justify the $89 at this time. Which can still lead me back to VS Code since it's free. Just haven't had any luck with the extensions beyond the "remote" ones I use to devel in a linux environment.01:53:33
@symbioquine:matrix.orgsymbioquineI like Eclipse personally. It's not perfect, but I'm used to the shortcuts and UI paradigms...01:53:33
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I like Eclipse personally. It's not perfect, but I'm used to the shortcuts and UI paradigms...
I used Eclipse a while back. Maybe I should look into it again with the proper extensions.
@shane_aldrich:matrix.orgshane_aldrichI also tried out NetBeans, and found it to be clunky.01:55:18
@symbioquine:matrix.orgsymbioquineOh yeah, and of course Eclipse is free! :)01:56:50
@symbioquine:matrix.orgsymbioquineFor those interested, I've summarized my deep dive into performance consequences of the different packaging options for making all of OpenLayers available in farmOS-map; https://github.com/farmOS/farmOS-map/issues/68#issuecomment-84130350215:12:24
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  1. make a fork of farmOS 2.x on github
  2. copy modules/asset/compost to a new modules/asset/material
  3. edit all files in there to replace instances of "compost" with "material"
  4. commit: "Add new asset type: Material"
  5. push to a branch on your github fork and open a pull request
So I think I'm ready to get this rolling in the next few minutes. How would this affect using docker for the fork? Would I change the "curl" command to point to my fork? Then proceed as normal from there? Would this fork reside on my GitHub? I think that answering those questions will help me get my shit together 🤣
@symbioquine:matrix.orgsymbioquineIt's something like that ^21:58:19
@symbioquine:matrix.orgsymbioquineExcept you may not need the composer project part.21:59:01
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Except you may not need the composer project part.
Looking at that fork now.
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstenta shane_aldrich if you're using the docker environment described in docs.farmos.org/development/environment, then the farmOS repository will be checked out in www/web/profiles/farm 22:01:47
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaSo what I would do is fork farmOS/farmOS on GitHub, then add that as a remote in your local repo22:04:30
@shane_aldrich:matrix.orgshane_aldrichI'm trying to get Eclipse Che going with Docker right now. I've got most of the groundwork done, just need to make sure I can get it running. The windows version of Eclipse was giving me issues this morning so I uninstalled it. VS Code has a hard time with Git and the farmOS repository (too many commits?). So hopefully, Che will work better.22:05:00
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaThen you can make a branch locally, commit to that, and push it to your fork22:05:06
@shane_aldrich:matrix.orgshane_aldrichI think I can figure that out. 😜 Still working on Eclipse Che right now.22:12:56
@shane_aldrich:matrix.orgshane_aldrichGoing to attack this tomorrow. I'm having issues with Kubernetes and Eclipse Che right now, and I need groceries.22:41:45
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15 May 2021
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