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29 Feb 2024
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In reply to @mstenta:matrix.org
Can we get this in farmOS??
Looks like they're serving the map tiles with an ArcGIS VectorTileLayer and the actual weather radar data with OWS layers.
@symbioquine:matrix.orgsymbioquineFarmOS dev call starting now! https://meet.jit.si/farmos-dev17:03:19
In reply to @mstenta:matrix.org
Can we get this in farmOS??
we're adding layers for deforestation from GFW for NFA :D
@pcambra:matrix.orgpcambrathis is the one click demo for commerce https://github.com/simplytestme/website/blob/main/web/modules/custom/simplytest_ocd/src/Plugin/OneClickDemo/Commerce.php17:46:53
@pcambra:matrix.orgpcambraMatt suggested we can add a PR for having the same thing for farmos17:47:27
@symbioquine:matrix.orgsymbioquineThat would be awesome!17:50:30
@pcambra:matrix.orgpcambraShould we open a PR for evaluating this on farmos?17:51:57
  public function getDownloadCommands($parameters): array {
    $commands = [
      'cd "${TUGBOAT_ROOT}" && composer create-project farmos/project stm --no-install --stability dev --no-interaction',
      'cd "${TUGBOAT_ROOT}/stm" && composer config --global allow-plugins true && composer install',
      'ln -snf "${TUGBOAT_ROOT}/stm/web" "${DOCROOT}"'
    return $commands;
@pcambra:matrix.orgpcambraMatt is checking how this would work for us, as we can't test this easily18:06:17
In reply to @pcambra:matrix.org
Matt suggested we can add a PR for having the same thing for farmos
That would be a nice add. But I must say, I made something quite similar, that also uses Tugboat under the hood! pcambra not sure if you were aware: https://github.com/paul121/farm-tugboat-demo
1 Mar 2024
@pcambra:matrix.orgpcambraYes, we were wondering why it didn't work in simplytest me, and if it we had a button there it'd be nice09:06:24
@pcambra:matrix.orgpcambraThis is the GFW layer we were discussing yesterday https://github.com/National-Forestry-Authority/forests/pull/30409:11:32
@fosten:matrix.orgfosten mstenta: I installed farm_crop_plan, but am not seeing how to add relation/reference to assets/logs. Is there a specific branch I should use? Or what am I missing? Thanks! 23:36:40
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstenta fosten: there is no way yet 23:37:40
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaI have started work on integrating the planting quick form23:38:05
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaBut yea... its not ready for use yet :-)23:38:25
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaClose though23:38:57
@fosten:matrix.orgfostenAha! That would explain it. I'm adopting too early! Ha, thanks. Looking forward to it!23:40:29
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaYea... hoping to get back into it soon...23:41:37
@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaStay tuned!23:41:42
2 Mar 2024
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3 Mar 2024
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