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18 Nov 2019
15:40:40@freenode_ludwa6:matrix.orgludwa6so: i have to send guest access codes via side-channel. hm, this is awkward.
15:42:21@freenode_ludwa6:matrix.orgludwa6if i could point user to a page on our website, configured to look just like the default farmier login, only with the codes… I guess that’s what i must do.
15:42:34@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentayea sorry - unless you want to self-host and create a custom module that alters the login page
15:43:23* @freenode_ludwa6:matrix.orgludwa6 very happy w/ Farmier hosting :-)
15:43:43@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentai'm glad! :-)
15:48:52@freenode_ludwa6:matrix.orgludwa6mstenta: there’s another thing i must ask about, in order to. get this thing into production on our farm -that is the data import feature.
15:49:46@freenode_ludwa6:matrix.orgludwa6I see that most log types have an import affordance, described thusly: Import CSV files with one or more of these columns: Done, Date, Log name, Asset IDs, Asset names, Areas, Notes, Categories, Quantity measure, Quantity value, Quantity unit, Quantity label, Lot number.
15:50:52@freenode_ludwa6:matrix.orgludwa6So are these columens ALL optional? in other words, could be all optional, so long as each line of the CSV contains one of those items populated?
15:51:59@freenode_ludwa6:matrix.orgludwa6sorry: those fields are from the Log:Harvest import form.
15:54:10@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaThe date field is required for logs
15:54:19@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentabut yes everything else is optional (if i remember correctly)
15:54:33@mstenta:matrix.orgmstentaseedings and transplantings also require a planting asset
15:55:30@mstenta:matrix.orgmstenta(we need to better document "required" fields... some specific log types have some extra required fields that others don't... but for the most part the general types (activities, harvests, inputs, observations) only require a date)
15:56:07@freenode_ludwa6:matrix.orgludwa6good -thanks
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19 Nov 2019
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20 Nov 2019
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