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14 Jan 2019
04:48:16@pavi:disroot.org@pavi:disroot.orgcan you create new telegram room and try.
04:48:21@telegram:t2bot.io@telegram:t2bot.io left the room.
04:49:08@pavi:disroot.org@pavi:disroot.orgsee your invites
04:52:39@darkwebplayer:matrix.orgdarkwebplayerGot it
05:05:18@pavi:disroot.org@pavi:disroot.org!tg help
05:06:57Room Avatar Renderer.
05:11:39@pavi:disroot.org@pavi:disroot.org changed the room name to "FSUG-IDK_MOVED" from "FSUG-IDK (Free Software User Group Idukki)".
05:11:39@pavi:disroot.org@pavi:disroot.org changed the room topic to "please join the new group" from "groups.google.com/group/fsug-idk".
05:13:43@pavi:disroot.org@pavi:disroot.org changed the room topic to "please join the new group at #fsug-idk:disroot.org" from "please join the new group".
18 Jan 2019
12:09:58@pavi:disroot.org@pavi:disroot.org left the room.
23 Jan 2019
16:31:44@abraham_raji:matrix.orgAbraham Raji joined the room.
24 Jan 2019
05:36:58@anoopms:matrix.orgAnoop MS changed their profile picture.
05:38:38@anoopms:matrix.orgAnoop MS changed their profile picture.
28 Jan 2019
14:04:02@abraham_raji:matrix.orgAbraham Raji changed their profile picture.
10 Mar 2019
10:44:41@abraham_raji:matrix.orgAbraham Raji changed their display name from avronr to Abraham Raji.
1 Jun 2019
16:05:50@sumanrajan435:matrix.orgrovonovo_zoro changed their profile picture.
4 Jun 2019
14:14:02@zacklocx:matrix.org@zacklocx:matrix.org left the room.
24 Jun 2019
21:06:46@johny34:matrix.org@johny34:matrix.org joined the room.
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11 Aug 2019
13:05:37@abraham_raji:matrix.orgAbraham Raji changed their profile picture.
25 Aug 2019
08:35:36@libliasami1:matrix.org@libliasami1:matrix.org joined the room.
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27 Aug 2019
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00:00:50@ignujee:matrix.orgiGNUjee(തൻസീം) changed their profile picture.
1 Jan 2020
14:46:08@balasankarc:matrix.orgbalu changed their display name from @balasankarc to balu.
5 Jan 2020
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26 Jan 2020
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28 Jan 2020
18:12:55@sumanrajan435:matrix.orgrovonovo_zoro changed their profile picture.
9 May 2020
13:27:02@naviknair7:matrix.org@naviknair:matrix.org set their display name to @naviknair:matrix.org.

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