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Bots and client/bot framework written by Coffee. <https://gitlab.com/Matrixcoffee> Harrassment of bots in #test-bot:matrix.org please.10 Servers

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18 Apr 2019
19:45:32@milkmanzjourdaddy:hackerspaces.be@milkmanzjourdaddy:hackerspaces.be joined the room.
3 May 2019
09:06:32@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their profile picture.
11 May 2019
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6 Jun 2019
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8 Jun 2019
01:49:00@pipchan:matrix.org👤 changed their display name from @PipC to 👤.
18 Jun 2019
01:01:44@pipchan:matrix.org👤 changed their profile picture.
22 Jun 2019
19:43:04@max:kamax.io@max:kamax.io left the room.
22 Aug 2019
09:02:58@coffee:disroot.org@coffee:disroot.org left the room.
25 Aug 2019
07:07:33@imputomtkas1:matrix.org@imputomtkas1:matrix.org joined the room.
07:07:42@imputomtkas1:matrix.org@imputomtkas1:matrix.org left the room.
3 Sep 2019
22:45:50@kkl-:matrix.orgkkl joined the room.
22:53:11@kkl-:matrix.orgkkl changed their display name from kkl- to kkl.
5 Sep 2019
12:05:42@kkl-:matrix.orgkkl set a profile picture.
22 Sep 2019
05:08:17@uly128:matrix.org@uly128:matrix.org joined the room.
18 Oct 2019
10:30:33@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their profile picture.
10 Nov 2019
06:16:33@wtp2018:matrix.orgaCat joined the room.
3 Jan 2020
14:24:36@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their display name from benpa to [benpa].
6 Jan 2020
12:05:39@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa changed their display name from [benpa] to benpa.
1 Feb 2020
07:48:26@humanplus:synapse.privacy.tkHumanPlus joined the room.
2 Feb 2020
15:05:39@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord removed their display name MTRNord.
15:21:15@MTRNord:matrix.ffslfl.netMTRNord set their display name to MTRNord.
1 Apr 2020
12:11:32@jdemmer:matrix.relaix.netjdemmer joined the room.
12:12:10@jdemmer:matrix.relaix.netjdemmerHi. I'm trying to install faqbot. Could someone please give me an example account.json
2 Apr 2020
02:21:13@byrro:matrix.orgbyrro joined the room.
09:26:04@jdemmer:matrix.relaix.netjdemmeris this project dead? I ran the program which asked me for credentials. But when I start the bot it just does not answer... :-(
09:31:37@tulir:maunium.nettulir Coffee has disappeared
09:32:27@jdemmer:matrix.relaix.netjdemmerI see, thank you.
09:38:39@jdemmer:matrix.relaix.netjdemmerHow old are you?
09:38:50@jdemmer:matrix.relaix.netjdemmerdamn, wrong channel lol sorry
20:14:43@uly128:matrix.org@uly128:matrix.org left the room.

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