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6 Nov 2021
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 warriors of cock logo 16:27:00
@_discord_317343778891628545:t2bot.io(dody) delectable person good 16:27:52
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 i'm making it in ms paint right now 16:33:18
@_discord_317343778891628545:t2bot.io(dody) delectable person 16:36:26
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 joke's on you i don't have ms paint 16:36:40
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 16:36:41
@_discord_317343778891628545:t2bot.io(dody) delectable person oh right 16:38:05
@_discord_317343778891628545:t2bot.io(dody) delectable person linux sucks 16:38:07
@_discord_317343778891628545:t2bot.io(dody) delectable person 16:38:09
@_discord_162728738356723713:t2bot.ioPikminGuts92#4293 16:39:11
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 16:39:46
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 It is a direct translation 19:02:26
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 but there are some different ideas in the spanish version 19:02:37
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 omg lol 19:03:23
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 anyone plays drums? 19:03:43
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 Yes but GH drums 19:06:42
@_discord_720165169082269746:t2bot.ioExoticri i used to play drums 19:07:01
@_discord_720165169082269746:t2bot.ioExoticri but my gh kit broke 19:07:05
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 huh, dat sucks, I have an rb1 drumkit, but eventually i broke the drum pedal, so I had to buy a complete ps3 kit, because just the pedal was way too expensive 19:08:31
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 They get expensive sometimes 19:08:48
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 yeah i think just the pedal, at least here in mexico ,is like... idk... 100 bucks 19:09:10
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 19:09:18
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 i got the ps3 kit for 400 pesos, around 20 bucks 19:09:31
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 I wonder how much an e-kit would be 19:09:55
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 I never got a gh drum set, i played the world tour drums back in the day, but i didn't like it 19:10:22
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 around 350-500 usd 19:10:52
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 19:10:58
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 i know 19:11:14
@_discord_496725013110587402:t2bot.ioIvanRiv#8204 its weird 19:11:15
@_discord_824129702465372160:t2bot.io- Z -#4415 Worth it 19:11:22

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