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5 Dec 2023
@_discord_272835246272020481:t2bot.ioD Brox - Pacstall Sensible Dev * I can accept that 22:07:26
@_discord_537375355099545601:t2bot.iooklopfer - System Lead & Design 22:07:30
@_discord_537375355099545601:t2bot.iooklopfer - System Lead & Design Uhhh AJ 22:08:27
@_discord_537375355099545601:t2bot.iooklopfer - System Lead & Design that’s what global menus is 22:08:32
6 Dec 2023
@_discord_795662200190664714:t2bot.ioDumb Praty i wonder why theres no xfce distro, like kde has kde neon and gnome somewhat matches it with fedora (being fully vanilla), but theres no pure vanilla xfce 09:26:02
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@_discord_888758436739813407:t2bot.ioAJ - Desktop Lead & PR Debian XFCE? 11:21:08
@_discord_888758436739813407:t2bot.ioAJ - Desktop Lead & PR I'd argue that it's because there's no real need for it 11:21:18
@_discord_888758436739813407:t2bot.ioAJ - Desktop Lead & PR XFCE by default is, pretty horrendous 11:21:24
@_discord_888758436739813407:t2bot.ioAJ - Desktop Lead & PR it doesn't have wayland support, something that currently bugs me about Unicorn ATM 11:21:36
@_discord_795662200190664714:t2bot.ioDumb Praty still has customized wallpaper but ig clsoe enough 11:47:39
@_discord_888758436739813407:t2bot.ioAJ - Desktop Lead & PR so does fedora 11:49:13
@_discord_795662200190664714:t2bot.ioDumb Praty * still has customized wallpaper but ig close enough 11:49:54
@_discord_795662200190664714:t2bot.ioDumb Praty fair point 11:50:00
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@_discord_221771059748143105:t2bot.ioLechuga Santo Romano i feel like fedora's wallpaper gets worse each release 14:59:13
7 Dec 2023
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8 Dec 2023
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9 Dec 2023
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