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26 Jan 2021
@nel:perthchat.orgnelhow old are you?09:55:33
@_discord_733123466814947356:t2bot.iomyhashis0123 oh dear rlly 09:55:37
@nel:perthchat.orgnelI'm trying to check09:55:47
@_discord_733123466814947356:t2bot.iomyhashis0123 oh whoopsies 09:55:49
@_discord_733123466814947356:t2bot.iomyhashis0123 sorry 09:55:50
@_discord_733123466814947356:t2bot.iomyhashis0123 it does say that 09:55:53
@_discord_733123466814947356:t2bot.iomyhashis0123 bye bye hahah 09:55:58
@nel:perthchat.orgnel👋 cya09:56:29
@kameliya:kameliya.eekameliya left the room.10:11:45
In reply to @_discord_733123466814947356:t2bot.io
anyone 14?
no lol
@wings:perthchat.orgwingskameliya: nooooo10:39:33
@wings:perthchat.orgwings myhashis0123: i mean 10:39:46
@wings:perthchat.orgwingsdon't cause issues and it's not HUGELY enforced10:39:55
@wings:perthchat.orgwingsbut there's some creepy stuff that goes on here and we don't want you exposed to it10:40:00
@_discord_750254825014558760:t2bot.ioKurogane changed their display name from engaard to Kurogane#0438.10:46:23
@_discord_750254825014558760:t2bot.ioKurogane changed their profile picture.10:46:25
@_discord_750254825014558760:t2bot.ioKurogane changed their display name from Kurogane#0438 to Kurogane.10:46:25
@_discord_750254825014558760:t2bot.ioKurogane I seen an abbo smokin a cigarette and he was like 8 10:46:26
@_discord_750254825014558760:t2bot.ioKurogane In northbridge 10:46:27
@_discord_750254825014558760:t2bot.ioKurogane When i had dinner there 10:46:36
@_discord_750254825014558760:t2bot.ioKurogane Outside 10:46:54
In reply to @nel:perthchat.org
I think these rooms are supposed to be 18+
Gtfo of ere you damn dirty kids!
In reply to @_discord_750254825014558760:t2bot.io
I seen an abbo smokin a cigarette and he was like 8
jesus fucking christ
@_discord_733123466814947356:t2bot.iomyhashis0123 left the room.11:05:08
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelany kids please escort yourself to the nearest exit11:09:46
@lexya1527:perthchat.orglexya1527 joined the room.13:36:22
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@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelYeah lexya gtfo out of here!16:16:53
@michael:perthchat.orgMichael* Yeah lexya gtfo out of here!16:17:06
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelI'M ONTO YOU16:22:37

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