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16 May 2022
@michael:perthchat.orgMichael fraggled44: welcome btw, are a Perthian? 09:35:16
In reply to @michael:perthchat.org
fraggled44: welcome btw, are a Perthian?
I am in perth yes, northern suburbs woo woo
@kim:agdersam.noKim André changed their display name from Kim to Kim André.12:20:52
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelPerth city fuck yeah12:21:24
@_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.ioVe3nNo0wM No such thing as soccer aye. Lol. Not in the Aussie vocabulary. 12:37:27
@_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.ioVe3nNo0wM Maybe it was Irish football. Uno the one where they're allowed to use their hands. 12:38:27
@ozrocks:magaya.orgozrocks joined the room.12:43:23
@ozrocks:magaya.orgozrocksHello fellow sandgropers12:45:14
@ozrocks:magaya.orgozrocksDoes anyone have address of other local rooms on here? I have just started on matrix comms12:49:25
@zergling.man:perthchat.orgzergling.manDepending on your client, you may be able to view the room directory, which is for exactly that.12:51:55
@ozrocks:magaya.orgozrocksMagaya is client, where there is this room, seems to be the only Aussie centric one, the rest seem to be Ukrainian or emerging, which I found odd as I was led to believe that magaya was aus/ nz based 12:55:00

>Magaya is client
Web browser? So, element? It can, I think click plus button next to room list. You can then pick a server to browse, and add servers to that list.

>magaya was aus/ nz based
It is. But huh, whois suggests US host. 👀

@ozrocks:magaya.orgozrocksThanks for that, I shall explore. ..13:01:36
@kim:agdersam.noKim André changed their profile picture.13:11:59

Also if you're after particular topics I can maybe offer something. Mostly programming and linux rooms.

@michael:perthchat.orgMichael @ozrocks welcome, the #perth:perthchat.org space might be worth a look 15:14:04
@ozrocks:magaya.orgozrocksThanks Michael, I shall have a look.16:16:10
@_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.ioVe3nNo0wM Who's still up? 16:50:23
@kim:agdersam.noKim AndréI am.17:30:35
@ozrocks:magaya.orgozrocksSo am i18:36:01
@wings:perthchat.orgWingsSo am i18:38:48
@wings:perthchat.orgWingsAlthough I'm literally just about to sleep18:38:53
17 May 2022
@eddy_snowden:matrix.orgeddy_snowden joined the room.05:04:08
@michael:perthchat.orgMichael welcome eddy_snowden 08:52:13
@_discord_92257123739635712:t2bot.ioxjordon joined the room.12:22:07
@_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.ioVe3nNo0wM Let there be rain 14:32:15
@_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.ioVe3nNo0wM Been ages since we had a decent down pour 14:32:51
@judithbnks:matrix.orgjudithbnks joined the room.17:40:20
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