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27 Sep 2022
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28 Sep 2022
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@_discord_277808991730532353:t2bot.iojqrd4n Hey, what's up everybody. Is anyone here from near Bayswater/Perth? I'm looking for a favour and there's money in it for you 🙏 04:50:42
@_discord_277808991730532353:t2bot.iojqrd4n The nature of the job is picking something up from Gumtree and posting it to Melbourne. 04:51:50
@forgedsword:matrix.org@forgedsword:matrix.orgYeah man where about? 05:44:28
@_discord_277808991730532353:t2bot.iojqrd4n The item is in Bayswater WA, the postage is to Ashburton VIC. 06:00:55
@forgedsword:matrix.org@forgedsword:matrix.orgAnd? 06:02:42
@forgedsword:matrix.org@forgedsword:matrix.orgWhy can't you do it? 06:03:47
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@_discord_277808991730532353:t2bot.iojqrd4n Unfortunately the seller just said "sorry local pick up only" and then stopped replying to me when I asked if we could explore other options 06:14:42
@jhenstridge:matrix.orgJames HenstridgeProbably because a lot of the "can you delivery it?" requests end up being scams.06:15:25
@jhenstridge:matrix.orgJames Henstridge"please use my dodgy shipping company and I'll reimburse you"06:15:56
@_discord_277808991730532353:t2bot.iojqrd4n I've received those before but they always come through watsapp 06:16:21
@_discord_277808991730532353:t2bot.iojqrd4n I gave the guy my phone number and sent a legitimate paypal request through the gumtree app but he's just leaving me on Read 😦 06:16:47
@jhenstridge:matrix.orgJames HenstridgeI'm not saying you're a scammer. Just why some sellers may want to avoid the bother.06:16:50
@_discord_277808991730532353:t2bot.iojqrd4n it must be the reason why, yeah 06:17:05
@_discord_277808991730532353:t2bot.iojqrd4n So now I'm just in need of somebody who can pick it up with cash and I'll pay you something reasonable for the effort of sending it to Melb. 06:21:23
@_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.ioVe3nNo0wM I'm in Bayswater 08:41:40
@_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.ioVe3nNo0wM I gotta say, it must be something quite rare. Melbourne usually has everything. I absolutely hate ordering anything from Melbourne. Takes forever to get here, and it's always 50/50 chance of it getting "lost" in the post, aka: dodgy postal workers who don't deliver. 08:45:13
@_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.ioVe3nNo0wM If it's something small, I'll do it. 08:45:53
@_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.ioVe3nNo0wM Also if you ain't paying up front, forget it. 08:50:05
In reply to @_discord_365905077409546250:t2bot.io
Also if you ain't paying up front, forget it.
^ this
@michael:perthchat.orgMichaelstay safe Perth!09:42:31
@_discord_277808991730532353:t2bot.iojqrd4n Awesome, Dming you Venowm 10:29:15
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