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16 Feb 2019
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17 Feb 2019
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04:48:12@freenode_thin:matrix.org@freenode_thin:matrix.orgOh, neat.
04:51:29@freenode_thin:matrix.org@freenode_thin:matrix.orgWith chip performance stagnating in the past 10 years, has model accuracy stagnated, as well?
04:52:24@freenode_thin:matrix.org@freenode_thin:matrix.orgI remember reading in 2008 that accuracy was a function of performance, primarily.
05:10:26@freenode_WIguy:matrix.orgWIguyare you talking about intel CPU preformace?
05:39:10@freenode_thin:matrix.org@freenode_thin:matrix.orgPerformance of all chips, to my knowledge.
05:43:09@freenode_WIguy:matrix.orgWIguymoores law, and related ones seem to platu quite a bit but now on the very high end AMD is eating intels lunch, with there newer chips
05:43:30@freenode_WIguy:matrix.orgWIguyincluding Threadripper and Ryzan
05:44:23@freenode_WIguy:matrix.orgWIguybut yes a PC thats 5-10 years old is fine for some tasks, your just not going to play the lastest games on it
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18 Feb 2019
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