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22 Sep 2022
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23 Sep 2022
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@frogmanx:matrix.orgFrogman rich - decent partners: Ramsey (Decentration): make me mod here too please 17:07:17
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24 Sep 2022
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@telegram_497810242:t2bot.ioEdimon AusHi13:33:38
@telegram_497810242:t2bot.ioEdimon AusWhen and where will I be able to buy kabocha?13:34:02
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@telegram_497810242:t2bot.ioEdimon AusBrief description of KAB Smart contract and how unique is it?14:33:33
@telegram_497810242:t2bot.ioEdimon AusThanks14:33:35
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In reply to Edimon Aus
When and where will I be able to buy kabocha?
Currently you can't buy KAB, it isn't listed anywhere. If you found any website or any person selling KAB then report and Block them they are Scammers.
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In reply to Edimon Aus
Brief description of KAB Smart contract and how unique is it?
Kabocha is a self-realising decentralised organism.

We believe the ones who consciously choose, create and institute for the long term will more likely succeed in building the most valuable and meaningful systems for posterity. This is one of our core values.

We will be structuring incentives to benefit pro-active participants and contributors who have the physiology to function with longer term thinking.

Holding KAB will not just aim to be a valuable commodity or speculative means of exchange, it’s a stake in a new reality. Not necessarily just a digital one, but one which we hope will contribute to freeing us the shackles of the older centralised systems of power, which have been consciously designed to enslave and to incentivise the obfuscation of truth. This is at least what drives me and others as stewards of Kabocha.

Stay tuned for more updates.
25 Sep 2022
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26 Sep 2022
@telegram_812522871:t2bot.ioSwadeshDo we have any Kabocha wallet?15:08:59
@_discord_412648781109002260:t2bot.ioRamsey (Decentration) https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fkabocha.jelliedowl.com#/explorer 23:17:03
27 Sep 2022
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