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14 May 2021
In reply to @theduke:matrix.org
it's pretty crazy that they have been working 24/7 in three shifts for now years?
at least that makes sense (compared to all the other crazy stuff they're doing). pretty common in manufacturing/etc... it's just 3x people and finding folks that dont mind working off shifts.
@sixecho:matrix.orgsixechotime is super precious15:50:31
@sixecho:matrix.orgsixechoalthough people not working shifts - probably get overloaded... engineers/etc.15:52:14
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukeit's also really expensive15:53:25
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukeSpaceX must be hemorrhaging money, with Starlink and Starship15:54:07
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukeit's whey they keep raising money all the time ^^15:54:16
@sixecho:matrix.orgsixechoi honestly have no idea how much more they pay people to work odd shifts; or if people are happy for the work/experience/notoriety; i hear tesla/etc pay is so-so, it's stock options and working in an exciting environment. are construction guys getting stock options/etc? still probably costs way less $$ than if starship took 3x longer to build?15:56:51
@sixecho:matrix.orgsixechoyeah it'll be interesting when more spacex stories come out that cover financials... if/when starlink gets them running stable in the black.15:58:07
@theduke:matrix.orgtheduke I don't think Starlink will get them profits any time soon. There was some document from an investment round where they said they don't expect positive operating income until the 2030ies. 16:09:19
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukeBut it's a great way to get investment interest because the potential is huge.16:09:59
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukeAnd it gives them the constant flight cadence and the funding and business justification for building Starship.16:10:24
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukeJust look at the launches: this year SpaceX had 3 non-Starlink launches so far.16:10:46
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukejust three16:10:57
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukethere are a lot more customer flights scheduled in the second half of the year, but still16:11:21
@sixecho:matrix.orgsixechoespecially with their on-paper planned 12,000 satellites -- just depends on cash/demand and built-out -- and how much cash they divert to starship operations, if needed. i'm sure it's complicated/nuanced. i still assume most investors aren't looking for a quick buck, plenty of insane 0.1% billionaries excited to be a part, and knowing elon will back it for years himself if they stumble/setback.16:12:15
@sixecho:matrix.orgsixechokindof like tesla's main goal doesn't focus on profit per-se... hopefully many spacex investors are hoping it becomes a "Weyland-Yutani" with insane potential.16:14:03
@sixecho:matrix.orgsixecho(very long term tho)16:14:23
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@theduke:matrix.orgthedukethe great move was pushing for early prototype deployment . already 10k+ active Starlink users, so it's already benefitial and it shows the clear path to scaling it up16:18:29
@theduke:matrix.orgtheduke personally I really want Starlink for sailing around the world with good internet :D 16:18:53
@this-is-me:matrix.orgAndreas Weinzierl changed their display name from Andreas Weinzierl to ForLife.18:04:37
@this-is-me:matrix.orgAndreas Weinzierl changed their display name from ForLife to Andreas Weinzierl.18:05:55
15 May 2021
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17 May 2021
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukecrane parts delivery02:21:47
@theduke:matrix.orgthedukestarbase sign LIT02:22:15
@sixecho:matrix.orgsixechoalso, current launch schedule cadence (weather cooperating) is 8 launches in 6 weeks. wow! https://www.teslarati.com/spacex-eight-falcon-9-launches-six-weeks-2021/02:37:31

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