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2 Oct 2023
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman I'm afk rn, so slow response time, sorry 21:46:43
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam Yeah, scale is 1; so not gonna be able to test 21:46:48
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam Not sure how to set up a retina display with the software renderer in mac through an emulator lol 21:46:56
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman You can change it in settimgs 21:47:03
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman * You can change it in settings 21:47:14
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam like emulator settings? 21:47:16
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman Nop 21:47:20
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman Mac settings 21:47:27
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam Lemme try 21:47:32
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam Just gives me the option of 1080p that's it 21:48:54
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam no scaling factor or anything 21:49:38
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman Mmm last I tried I could 21:52:44
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman But my machine just dies with the VM 21:52:56
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman Btw is RENDERER forced on mac? 21:53:14
Download image01.png
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman I think it looked kinda like this 22:08:17
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam Mine doesn't look like that 22:17:08
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman F 22:17:09
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam Scaled just pops open a menu with resolutions 22:17:10
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam 1080p being the only one 22:17:10
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman agh I guess it'll be live testing 22:17:37
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman :3 22:17:38
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman still, shouldn't impact anything if it's running with RENDERER 22:17:57
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman Adam, we need lpm bisect 23:40:11
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman cause I just lost a bunch of time installing snippets at various commits 23:41:02
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman * cause I just lost a bunch of time installing snippets at various commits 23:41:08
3 Oct 2023
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam lol 01:55:45
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam I suppose we could do that; based on what's int he repo 01:55:54
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioAdam can look into it 01:55:56
@_discord_595039976509538381:t2bot.iothacuber2a03#0 define 03:51:03

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