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22 Sep 2021
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase more like thinkpads 02:09:48
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 I mean, that's my normal computer 02:10:00
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 lol 02:10:01
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 but it doesn't have a retina display 02:10:04
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 I wonder if I could simulate that? 02:10:06
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase no I think 02:10:13
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 I mean it does have like actually a ridiculous resolutoin 02:10:13
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase retina probs has some magical LED orientation or something 02:10:26
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 nah; I really think it's just literally a software thing on a high resolution display 02:10:42
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase so it's the new thinkpads, not the old one 02:10:43
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 I mean maybe it has differnet orientation 02:10:56
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 but 02:10:58
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 that doesn't really matter, if all I want to get right is the scale 02:11:05
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 but seems like most of the code surronding it is really for mac 02:11:15
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 so I doubt it 02:11:20
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioTakase i see 02:12:12
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 Anyway, point is, new font renderer should be done on retina displays 02:12:35
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 but can't verify because the macbook I have doesn't charge 02:12:43
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 * but can't verify because the macbook I have doesn't charge 02:12:47
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 also, meson just plain didn't work on mac; couldn't find the right libs when building 02:13:03
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 so I ahd to use like a half-hacked together version to build 02:13:17
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 so not 100% sure everything's back to correct, but it shoudl be 02:13:36
@_discord_856394641817600000:t2bot.ioRajat joined the room.17:20:25
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@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioaqil hewwo 19:36:33
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@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.io[object Object]#7184 hello! 20:15:34
23 Sep 2021
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 OK; just merged native interop 19:11:20
@_discord_294115380916649986:t2bot.ioaqil whoa nice! 20:25:22
24 Sep 2021
@_discord_542118336071467019:t2bot.io[object Object]#7184 yay! 00:24:44

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