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29 Jun 2022
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman so it's just a matter of git pull to update them 19:22:51
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman keep in mind that if you're using master Lite XL, you have to use the 2.1 branch of the plugins repo 19:23:13
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosare there any directions on doing that? I am a newcomer in git---stuff19:23:25
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman go to the directory where you want to keep the cloned repo then:
git clone https://github.com/lite-xl/lite-xl-plugins.git
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman if you use Lite XL master do:
cd lite-xl-plugins
git switch 2.1
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulos( I have the latest AppImage of Lite-XL so I suppose I am OK)19:25:15
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman latest AppImage should be the "normal" version, yes 19:25:38
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosok..so after git switch?19:27:02
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman nope, no git switch 19:27:22
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman Lite XL master is not released yet 19:27:34
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosso... 1 ) git clone https://github.com/lite-xl/lite-xl-plugins.git and 2) cd lite-xl-plugings...19:28:07
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosthen?19:28:10
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman then something like this
ln -s plugins/plugin_name.lua ~/.config/lite-xl/plugins/
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O PapadopoulosDo I have to do it for each and every plugin? wow!19:30:15
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman each one you want to install 19:30:29
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosah...ok19:30:41
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman some file managers allow you to symlink 19:30:57
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj#7437 changed their display name from pj to pj#7437.19:31:14
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman or you can just copy-paste them, but you lose the simple way to update 19:31:15
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosyes...you are right19:31:45
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosdrawwhitespace is a suggestion, for there no such a plugin yet19:32:07
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman drawwhitespace is in the main repo 19:32:26
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman but won't work on the released AppImage as it uses some new unreleased things 19:32:47
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman the new release is not far away, but I can't give you a precise date 19:33:30
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosso which is the best way to go? to complile lte-xl by myself?19:33:42
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman if you want the master version, yes 19:34:03
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosperfect...19:34:22
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulosmany many thanks for your promptness and kind (as well as detailed) response to my questions ;)19:34:56
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioGuldoman no worries, I'm here to help 19:35:07
@gopapadopoulos:matrix.orgGeorgios O Papadopoulos👍️19:35:29

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