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16 Apr 2024
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman Is that a DE shortcut? 18:35:56
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs yes 18:45:55
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs wm 18:45:57
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman What happened to the classic alt+f4 smh 18:48:38
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs idk i dont really like desktop enviroments 18:48:57
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs i just need a window manager that i can switch around in really quickly(dwm) 18:51:23
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet pafefs are you panbroggi on github? 19:03:34
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs nope 19:03:46
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs i used github only once, to ask something in an issue 19:04:48
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet thanks 19:05:02
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs why? 19:05:07
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet there's a guy who opened an issue in the formatter plugin repo 5 hours ago whose name is similar to yours 19:07:15
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet Btw guldoman, another italian using Lite XL and plugins 19:07:34
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet From Mlan 19:07:40
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet * From Milan 19:07:47
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs oh lmao 19:08:58
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs yeah im not from Milano 19:09:05
@_discord_990266048089575455:t2bot.iopafefs * yeah im not from Milan 19:09:10
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman We need to put up ads in our unis 19:11:55
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet right 19:12:09
@lbrogg:matrix.orglbroggAhaha looks like it's the moment to say hi! I'm panbroggi 😊19:42:06
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet Hi 19:44:53
@_discord_318041401231147008:t2bot.ioperilousbooklet I was trying to reproduce the problem with formatting julia code 19:45:20
@lbrogg:matrix.orglbroggGreat, I saw the reply. I'll post an example there, too, so it is tracked. But any file works the same. A minimal example:19:49:09
@lbrogg:matrix.orglbroggRedacted or Malformed Event19:49:25
@lbrogg:matrix.orglbroggDownload test.jl19:50:18
@lbrogg:matrix.orglbroggI noticed a detail I didn't before: if you save the file and format, you can't Ctrl+z. If you do not save, instead, you can Ctrl+z.19:58:23
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman I wonder if the julia LSP supports formatting 20:03:38
@_discord_144622832704290817:t2bot.ioguldoman found it, so not LSP plugin 20:03:42
@lbrogg:matrix.orglbroggI think it calls Formatter.jl, too20:04:03

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