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23 Jan 2022
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 You can specify in the config where it should cut 06:28:08
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumwhat's the syntax for that06:28:25
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 Can't remember; should be at the top of the plugin file 06:29:01
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 You can specify max width, as well as type of break 06:29:25
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchummy isp had just gone down for 10 minutes06:41:10
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumtheir phone lines were down too lol06:41:18
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumalright finally back to testing10:04:20
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumimage.png
Download image.png
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumi'm getting these problems when i selected a theme10:04:48
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumi should see if it's happening because theming10:04:57
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumno other plugins enabled10:05:03
@_discord_373409581973504000:t2bot.ioxwii /mnt/020225A502259F23 10:06:26
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumit's stored on an ntfs drive10:06:43
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumthe project that is10:06:46
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumimage.png
Download image.png
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumthis is what it should look like (this is with linewrapping off)10:08:09
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumimage.png
Download image.png
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumthis is waht it looks like with linewrapping on10:08:28
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 Odd. 17:48:52
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 If you toggle on/off wrapping does it reset to something correct? 17:49:06
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 (f10) 17:49:19
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumUnfortunately no18:06:39
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 Huh. That is odd 19:00:37
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 Very odd 19:00:38
@_discord_186987670021472257:t2bot.ioaethy#7194 Post the document 19:00:48
@_discord_556422068543946763:t2bot.ioalexsolt changed their display name from alexsolt to alexsolt#9396.20:55:47
@_discord_556422068543946763:t2bot.ioalexsolt changed their display name from alexsolt#9396 to alexsolt.20:55:48
24 Jan 2022
@_discord_781745960829059072:t2bot.ioForeignSasquatch joined the room.03:46:30
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumlol sorry it was nighttime for me06:53:07
@not_a_developer:matrix.orgash ketchumI'll post in a few minutes06:53:13

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