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22 Jul 2019
15:52:05@reflector:matrix.orgManas kashyap

Manas kashyap: how was it?

it was nice not tht high crowd but 20-25 people

15:52:09@reflector:matrix.orgManas kashyapwas enough
15:55:34@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenManas kashyap: update the release party page on Debian wiki too
15:58:13@reflector:matrix.orgManas kashyapwhat edit ?
15:58:46@reflector:matrix.orgManas kashyaphttps://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyBuster/India/Delhi#preview
16:46:57@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenYou could add the poster and photos
16:53:34@reflector:matrix.orgManas kashyapoh i see sure than
23 Jul 2019

A meetup replacement

Sounds like a good idea.

23 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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25 Sep 2019
07:17:09@raghukamath:matrix.orgraghukamathAnybody willing to maintain the website of ilugbom?
08:18:55@joe.steeve:matrix.orgJoe@raghukamath .. Give me access to the repo
08:20:47@raghukamath:matrix.orgraghukamathGive me a moment. Do you have a gitlab account ?
08:32:46@raghukamath:matrix.orgraghukamathcurrently this is hosted on gitlab
08:33:17@raghukamath:matrix.orgraghukamathbut I advice moving this repo to https://git.fosscommunity.in/users/sign_in
09:00:34@raghukamath:matrix.orgraghukamath Hi Joe I just invited you to the group
11:56:56@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ Praveenraghukamath: does it use gitlab pages?
11:57:56@raghukamath:matrix.orgraghukamath Pirate ‍ Praveen: yes
12:06:47@praveen:poddery.comPirate ‍ PraveenWe have not completed gitlab pages setup for git.fosscommunity.in yet
13:34:01@raghukamath:matrix.orgraghukamath Pirate ‍ Praveen: ok
19 Oct 2019
06:46:40@raghukamath:matrix.orgraghukamath Hi Joe are you putting the call for speakers announcement on the list?
7 Dec 2019
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8 Feb 2020
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15 Feb 2020
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24 Feb 2020
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28 Mar 2020
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