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14 May 2021
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23 May 2021
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24 May 2021
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29 May 2021
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4 Jun 2021
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22 Jun 2021
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25 Jun 2021
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26 Jun 2021
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7 Jul 2021
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13 Jul 2021
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23 Jul 2021
@_discord_222370637853753344:t2bot.ioJOELwindows7 -help 18:40:44

Groovy is the easiest way to play music in your Discord server. It supports Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and more!

​To get started, join a voice channel and -play a song. You can use song names, video links, and playlist links.

A full list of commands is available here.

Groovy Premium gives you access to cool features, like volume control, 24/7 mode, audio effects, and saved queues. Click here to learn more.

Groovy can be added to as many servers as you want! Click here to add it to yours.

Click here to talk to our support team if you're having trouble or have any questions.

@_discord_222370637853753344:t2bot.ioJOELwindows7 Uberduck help 18:40:50
@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, JOELwindows7#0001. You were last active 5 months ago. 18:41:06
@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, JOELwindows7#0001. You were last active 5 months ago. 18:41:06
@_discord_222370637853753344:t2bot.ioJOELwindows7 /randquack Say this in a random voice. 18:44:57
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@_discord_799791375431499799_=55berduck:t2bot.ioUberduck#9181Download bubsy.wav18:45:15
@_discord_799791375431499799_=55berduck:t2bot.ioUberduck#9181 JOELwindows7 quacked: wowowowowowo. 18:45:15
@mediabot:t2bot.ioMedia Bot MXC URI: mxc://t2bot.io/d2e186e5bb985604122b217e5f2958a4315e0de9 18:45:15
@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, JOELwindows7#0001. You were last active 4 minutes ago. 18:45:35
@_discord_799791375431499799_=55berduck:t2bot.ioUberduck#9181Download mojo-jojo.wav18:45:45
@_discord_799791375431499799_=55berduck:t2bot.ioUberduck#9181 JOELwindows7 quacked: cool and good. 18:45:45
@mediabot:t2bot.ioMedia Bot MXC URI: mxc://t2bot.io/2f6fca27386d8ecb31835cfbdec49858c4c33af6 18:45:46
@_discord_799791375431499799_=55berduck:t2bot.ioUberduck#9181Download biggie.wav18:46:07
@_discord_799791375431499799_=55berduck:t2bot.ioUberduck#9181 JOELwindows7 quacked: amazing. 18:46:07
@mediabot:t2bot.ioMedia Bot MXC URI: mxc://t2bot.io/3f9442269886a75a8f7a69c0b6b893db4aab8db0 18:46:07
@_discord_222370637853753344:t2bot.ioJOELwindows7 https://uberduck.ai/quack-help 18:46:36

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