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20 Jan 2022
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@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskup SSmoogen, thanks, forwarded to gchat 19:47:25
21 Jan 2022
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@ssmoogen-rh:matrix.orgSSmoogen schlupov: I think the check command you wanted was: check_command check_website_follow_ssl!download.copr.fedorainfracloud.org!/!Index of / 15:17:13
@ssmoogen-rh:matrix.orgSSmoogen schlupov: the follow is needed because there are 301's being done. 15:17:55
@ssmoogen-rh:matrix.orgSSmoogenor did that not work and I missed that 15:18:26
@ssmoogen-rh:matrix.orgSSmoogenok I have pushed a hopefully good fix to the check_website16:34:12
@shred00:libera.chatshred00can i have per-target/chroot configurations in ~/.config/mock.cfg?17:29:10
@FrostyX:libera.chatFrostyX shred00: I don't think so. IMHO You will have update the chroot-specific configs that you have in /etc/mock or create a custom ones somewhere else and then specify them with mock -r /path/to/my/fedora-custom-35-x86_64.cfg 17:36:42
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22 Jan 2022
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23 Jan 2022
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