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23 Nov 2022
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25 Nov 2022
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26 Nov 2022
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27 Nov 2022
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28 Nov 2022
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@karlisk:matrix.orgkarlisk👋 I feel like I'm missing something by overlooking something.... trying to run an akmod build in Copr but it fails with error that some packages could not be found ( https://paste.centos.org/view/a77764f3 ), running the rpmbuild locally works09:48:01
@FrostyX:libera.chatFrostyX karlisk: Hello. I think it works locally for you, because you have enabled RPM Fusion repositories on your computer 09:52:57
@FrostyX:libera.chatFrostyX karlisk: you will need to go to your project settings and enable them in the External Repositories textarea. 09:59:15
@karlisk:matrix.orgkarlisk FrostyX: Thanks, will look into this, right now I'm questioning the necessity of "buildsys-build-rpmfusion-kerneldevpkgs" 10:09:32
@kwizart:libera.chatkwizart karlisk, you need to create your own... 10:17:52
@karlisk:matrix.orgkarlisk kwizart: oh, I see ... I didn't quite get it at first, but sniffing around a .spec file or two and a coffee break later I see what was it that I overlooked completely 11:30:47
@karlisk:matrix.orgkarlisknot as simple as I initially thought it'd be11:32:00
@kwizart:libera.chatkwizart karlisk, this package aimed to control which kernel is supposed to be used, and it's more relevant for rhel and alikes kernel where kABI is involved 11:33:08
@kwizart:libera.chatkwizart for fedora the way it's configured is more like, build against the kernel currently available 11:33:40
@kwizart:libera.chatkwizartbut rpmfusion kmod for fedora also have the pre-built kmod disabled by default to only produce an akmod11:34:10
@karlisk:matrix.orgkarliskit all sound just what I'm trying to achieve ... build a RTW8822CE driver for current kernel (at the time of build) the fedora way rather than DKMS way11:37:14
@kwizart:libera.chatkwizart do you target to use secure boot ? I'm not sure how to deal with that for pre-built kmod yet... 11:39:50
@kwizart:libera.chatkwizart karlisk, feel free to drop by #rpmfusion as this framework is better dealt within our rpmfusion team as kmod are forbidden item in fedora...(but I guess acceptable for copr still) 11:40:42
@karlisk:matrix.orgkarliskNo secure boot just yet, but there were notes on getting that working in the lwfinger repo for rtw88 ... it didn't seem fully autonomous process and dependant on computer vendor firmware settings available or corporate policy in-effect for the end user12:16:43
@karlisk:matrix.orgkarliskSurprized about kmods being a forbidden item tho12:18:46
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskupWARNING: the planned outage is about to begin in the following minutes13:42:24

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