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23 Sep 2021
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskup there's a ton of options ... so from upstream perspetive, adding more isn't worth it if there's the --config-opts (we are talking about a real corner-case) 19:15:44
@shred00:libera.chatshred00 does --config-opts=chroot_additional_packages=perl actually work when giving mock an SRPM? it doesn't seem to be working here. 19:17:19
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskup it should, but I'm not sure .. perhaps you need to clean the chroot first (mock -r <chroot> --scrub=chroot` 19:18:08
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskuppatches are welcome, though ...19:19:49
@shred00:libera.chatshred00 nope. mock -r epel-8-x86_64 --config-opts=chroot_additional_packages=perl foo-1.0.src.rpm still fails, with it's configure script complaining that perl is missing. 19:19:57
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskupshred00, works for me locally19:22:50
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskup isn't the configure check broken? 19:23:05
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskup perl 19:23:26
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskupInstalling dependencies:19:23:32
@shred00:libera.chatshred00no. if i use the process at the above url, installing perl and then using --no-clean, the package builds19:23:32
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskupcheck the log ... I can see it is there ...19:23:52
@shred00:libera.chatshred00root.log of course, yes?19:24:10
@shred00:libera.chatshred00let me try again as soon as this build is done…19:24:21
@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskup I'm looking at stdout/stderr output, but root.log should help, too 19:29:01
@shred00:libera.chatshred00 I don't even have "Installing dependencies" in my root.log. dnf builddep ultimately yields: 19:35:16
@shred00:libera.chatshred00DEBUG util.py:446: Dependencies resolved.19:35:17
@shred00:libera.chatshred00DEBUG util.py:446: Nothing to do.19:35:17
@shred00:libera.chatshred00DEBUG util.py:446: Complete!19:35:17
@shred00:libera.chatshred00is it possible that chroot_additional_packages only works if dnf builddep installs packages?19:35:17
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@praiskup:libera.chatpraiskupshred00, that option installs packages before BRs from srpm/spec are resolved21:51:57
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