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9 Mar 2020

for example

	events := []types.Event{
			Type: "app",
			Attributes: []cmn.KVPair{
				{Key: []byte("creator"), Value: []byte("Cosmoshi Netowoko")},
				{Key: []byte("key"), Value: key},

can i search for all txs that has the key creator?

10 Mar 2020
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11 Mar 2020
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16 Mar 2020
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20 Mar 2020
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23 Mar 2020
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29 Mar 2020
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30 Mar 2020
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1 Apr 2020
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11:44:29@vaibhav.chellani:matrix.orgvaibhav.chellaniHey! What is the best way to recover from a fork on tendermint, I know there are no forks in tendermint, but lets say I use some kindof oracle which says if transaction A is valid of invalid. Now this oracle has supplied half the network with valid and half with invalid. Now there are no blocks being produced, how to get out of this? My node will double sign if I try deleting everything and resyning, right?
11:53:20@vaibhav.chellani:matrix.orgvaibhav.chellaniRedacted or Malformed Event
11:53:58@vaibhav.chellani:matrix.orgvaibhav.chellani *
11:54:41@marbar3778:matrix.orgmarbardid the network halt?
11:54:49@marbar3778:matrix.orgmarbaris this a live network?
11:55:57@vaibhav.chellani:matrix.orgvaibhav.chellaniNo it isnt a live network, testing only
11:56:24@vaibhav.chellani:matrix.orgvaibhav.chellaniyeah the network halted with half the network saying transaction A is valid while other half says its invalid.
11:56:34@vaibhav.chellani:matrix.orgvaibhav.chellaniSo there is an app mismatch
11:57:38@vaibhav.chellani:matrix.orgvaibhav.chellaniLet me know if that doesnt make sense, will try to elaborate.
12:04:03@marbar3778:matrix.orgmarbarcurrenlty social intervention would be needed. we are in the middle of designing a in protocol mechinesim to help handle this.

So by social intervention do you mean something like this:

  1. Dump state to the genesis file
  2. Remove inconsistent data
  3. Restart the chain with new genesis file?

we are in the middle of designing a in protocol mechinesim to help handle this.

Oh thats cool, do you have a name for it yet?

13:50:11@marbar3778:matrix.orgmarbaryes that would be correct.
2 Apr 2020
02:30:30@vaibhav.chellani:matrix.orgvaibhav.chellaniCool, thanks!
3 Apr 2020
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