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3 Feb 2020

Add both accounts, with coins to the genesis file

nsd add-genesis-account $(nscli keys show jack -a) 1000nametoken,100000000stake

02:21:40@Tectract:matrix.orgTectractfrom the nameservice tutorial....
02:21:54@Tectract:matrix.orgTectracthmmmm can I just add genisis accounts with multiple tokens?
12:44:44@marbar3778:matrix.orgmarbaryes you can
12:45:23@marbar3778:matrix.orgmarbarthe cosmos-sdk is a multidenomination platform so you could have as many tokens as you wan t
4 Feb 2020
14:20:24@twirote:matrix.orgtwiroteI found an error during handshake: error on replay: validator set is nil in genesis and still empty after InitChain. It is caused by not having a public key. What should I do?
5 Feb 2020
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15:47:55@twirote:matrix.orgtwiroteEveryone, I encountered the error as in the picture. Do you have any suggestions for this problem?
15:56:13@marbar3778:matrix.orgmarbarare you emitting events in your application? if the code is hosted somewhere i can take a quick look
16:06:16@twirote:matrix.orgtwiroteI use Tendermint Core without coding and calling through the RPC client for Tendermint. I understand that when calling subscribe => tm.event = 'NewBlock' I get something because Block is created all the time, but I return the error as shown.
16:06:49@twirote:matrix.orgtwiroteAm I misunderstood?
6 Feb 2020
11:42:11@marbar3778:matrix.orgmarbarthat would be correct. I'm unclear on if you have 300_000 blocks in your store, in the other channel you said you almost had 300_000
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20:29:00@shredcitnation:matrix.orgshredcitynationRedacted or Malformed Event
7 Feb 2020
00:39:58@shredcitnation:matrix.orgshredcitynationHey everyone! I too have a question around subscribe. The documentation makes it clear how to subscribe to transactions that contain events with specific values (i.e.query = "tm.event = 'Tx' AND transfer.sender = '<some-address>' "). I'd like to listen for all transactions that have transfers in them; Something like query = "tm.event = 'Tx' AND transfer.sender = '*' " In this case I'm using * as a wildcard. Essentially I want to listen for any txs that include transfer events.
8 Feb 2020
20:15:59@melekes:matrix.orgmelekes shredcitynation: "tm.event = 'Tx' AND transfer.sender EXISTS "
9 Feb 2020
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11 Feb 2020
04:19:37@bakatest-me:matrix.orgbakatest-meHi everyone i have question about how to backup data from Tendermint when we want to restart node or update network or case consensus fail
04:19:47@bakatest-me:matrix.orgbakatest-meThanks :)
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12 Feb 2020
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20:45:53@shredcitnation:matrix.orgshredcitynation melekes: Boom! Thanks dude!
13 Feb 2020
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15 Feb 2020
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16 Feb 2020
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18 Feb 2020
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