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20 Feb 2019
09:19:55@dognowkeaj:matrix.org@dogemos - lunamint joined the room.
In reply to @sp96:matrix.org
But how? I mean do I have to call an api, or what? this is what I fail to understand.
see here: https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/blob/master/abci/example/kvstore/persistent_kvstore.go#L67
10:59:02@c0rwin:matrix.orgc0rwinin DeliverTx it checks whenever current transaction is update of validators set
11:00:03@c0rwin:matrix.orgc0rwin prepare ValUpdates https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/blob/master/abci/example/kvstore/persistent_kvstore.go#L174
11:01:23@c0rwin:matrix.orgc0rwin then it's propagated into EndBlock: https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/blob/master/abci/example/kvstore/persistent_kvstore.go#L174
12:02:03@c0rwin:matrix.orgc0rwinRedacted or Malformed Event

does statement in https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/blob/master/rpc/client/localclient.go#L38

// you can only have one node per process.  So make sure test cases
// don't run in parallel, or try to simulate an entire network in
// one process...```

refers per node instance in single process? or say I have several nodes in one process I can create client per each?

when we send transations to a tendermint node.

Do its happen like

  1. The deliver_tx happens and it sends output to user and then commit happens ?
  2. both deliver_tx and commit happens and result is send to the user ?
12:19:44@melekes:matrix.orgmelekes gauthamzz: depending on the method you're using
12:20:06@gauthamzz:matrix.orggauthamzzcould you let me know
12:20:12@gauthamzz:matrix.orggauthamzzwhat are the methods
  • broadcast_tx_async
  • broadcast_tx_sync
  • broadcast_tx_commit
12:20:26@gauthamzz:matrix.orggauthamzzok , so the last one works in whcih way ?
12:20:40@gauthamzz:matrix.orggauthamzzso in all of them commit happens at a point ?
12:21:05@melekes:matrix.orgmelekesread the docs
12:21:32@gauthamzz:matrix.orggauthamzzdidnt understand , thats why i asked 😢
Using broadcast_tx_commit will wait until the transaction is committed in a block or until some timeout is reached
What timeout ?
12:22:42@gauthamzz:matrix.orggauthamzzwhere is it defined 😕
13:12:08@mozil:matrix.org@mozil:matrix.org joined the room.
15:55:50@pradeep_salanki:matrix.orgrad.salWhere can I find the documentation to set up a New Validator Node (once END BLOCK validator update has been implemented in custom ABCI server ), a Full Node, Sentry node etc. ? I have gone through this doc (https://tendermint.com/docs/spec/p2p/node.html#seeds). However, I am still having trouble understanding how the setup can be performed. Also, the config and files required by these nodes.

gauthamzz: > Do its happen like

The deliver_tx happens and it sends output to user and then commit happens ?
both deliver_tx and commit happens and result is send to the user ?

if you're talking about broadcast_tx_commit, then a) tx is added to the mempool and broadcasted to other nodes b) proposer includes it in a block c) block is committed d) /broadcast_tx_commit returns a hash of the transaction + ResponseCheckTx + ResponseDeliverTx

18:21:28@melekes:matrix.orgmelekes rad.sal: https://kb.certus.one/
18:22:40@melekes:matrix.orgmelekes c0rwin: what's the problem with spawning multiple processes for multiple chains?
22:03:42@c0rwin:matrix.orgc0rwin melekes: I have one process which manages many partitions and I need to impose total order on transaction per each shard. Currently this is done w/ CFT model and I'd like to switch to BFT where Tendermint seems like a very good choice considering the fact it's practically the only off the shelf library providing BFT consensus.
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21 Feb 2019
08:29:31@gnossienli:matrix.orggnossienli set a profile picture.
13:23:16@diemust:matrix.orgdiemust hello everyone!
If I send broadcast_tx_sync json-rpc request to tendermint with hex, on abcihandler it turns to encode-broken message like ���@�}�N��}��^t�n=뾼�N����^�. with tx in url query all ok. what can be wrong?

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