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31 Mar 2021
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3 Apr 2021
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5 Apr 2021
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6 Apr 2021
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@ja_cop:matrix.orgjA_cOp fajjida: I got a similar error message just now, trying to join the "official server" (?) with the Flatpak version. But it looks like the server isn't running the released version but a nightly build or something like that, because it works with the nightly build on Airshipper 16:20:30
@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudorebootThe flatpak is only updated once every 2 days16:21:16
@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudorebootthe official server is always in sync with master16:21:27
@ja_cop:matrix.orgjA_cOpI see! Maybe something to note on the download page?16:21:49
@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudorebootAgreed, but I don't know who maintains it16:22:07
@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot I asked about it in #veloren-general:fachschaften.org 16:23:31
@ja_cop:matrix.orgjA_cOpCool, thanks!16:23:49
15 Apr 2021
@Pie-jacker875:matrix.orgPie-jacker875can't enter the world after logging in00:28:18
@Pie-jacker875:matrix.orgPie-jacker875 Apr 14 20:27:04.352 ERROR veloren_voxygen::session: [session] Failed to tick the scene: ClientError(StreamErr(Deserialize(Custom("invalid value: integer 2147483648, expected variant index 0 <= i < 28"))))
Apr 14 20:27:04.353 WARN network{p=3YGwXj}:remote{p=ySXCIg}: veloren_network::api: e=SendError((ySXCIg, (120s, Sender { inner: Some(Inner { state: State { is_complete: false, is_closed: false, is_rx_task_set: false, is_tx_task_set: false } }) }))) SCHEDULER_ERR="Something is wrong in internal scheduler coding or you dropped the runtime to early"
Apr 14 20:27:04.354 WARN network{p=3YGwXj}: veloren_network::api: Runtime seems to be dropped already e=Sender { inner: Some(Inner { state: State { is_complete: false, is_closed: false, is_rx_task_set: false, is_tx_task_set: false } }) }
@Pie-jacker875:matrix.orgPie-jacker875running d37d310a00:28:24
17 Apr 2021
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@this-is-me:matrix.orgAndreas WeinzierlRedacted or Malformed Event21:28:28
@this-is-me:matrix.orgAndreas WeinzierlRedacted or Malformed Event21:28:39
18 Apr 2021
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20 Apr 2021
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23 Apr 2021
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25 Apr 2021
@tengkuizdihar:matrix.orgizdiharpoor guy doesnt get answer since 10 days ago lol14:41:16
@tengkuizdihar:matrix.orgizdihari have no idea why it happened to you too14:41:27
@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudorebootIt probably doesn't help but I've had that error if I leave it in the background sometimes (possibly with the process suspended or something). It hasn't been anything that prevented me from playing though15:13:00
30 Apr 2021
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6 May 2021
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