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28 Jul 2019
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30 Jul 2019
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1 Aug 2019
12:34:41@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyale@room join us for: Community meeting #78 begins in 3.5 hours from now (6pm CET) and takes place at https://meet.jit.si/giveth-dac We have a topic on loomio to discuss: Giveth, taking a break - https://www.loomio.org/d/kM0YvmFC/giveth-taking-a-break as this is extensive, it will probably cover most of the scheduled time. Facilitator: spontaneous Host: @geleeroyale Notes: spontaneous You can follow along or add to the notes here: create notes on hackmd and publish to get shareable link https://hackmd.io/@I6RWe-LyRea7NAlORlk9Aw/BJkz3Le7S
2 Aug 2019
00:55:45@misterboyfriend:matrix.orgbowensandersOh yeah, baby, I'm rocking it right now. Just remember, you will have 2 versions running at once unless you uninstall the old one
8 Aug 2019
14:39:04@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisiscrashes on my phone for now - will try again later
16:05:07@griffgreen:matrix.orggriffgreen @channel @room : https://meet.jit.si/giveth-dac Community meeting with one big topic to discuss, A giveth pause...

We just finalized our plan for the Giveth pause - and action items are:

  1. There will be ONE BIG PAYOUT between now and mid-september. If your milestone can wait until then, let it! If not - MESSAGE LOIE ON RIOT BEFORE MONDAY August 12th WITH LINKS TO ANY MILESTONE THAT IS CRUCIAL FOR YOU TO HAVE PAID OUT BEFORE SEPTEMBER

  2. Reward DAO on pause - we still dish points but won't score them until post DEVCON (Oct 15th).

  3. We won't publish an Article or any specific comms on the shift, and the reality is "The Commons Stack is going into full force!" more so than "giveth is on pause." Use of and work on the DApp is not pausing, and rather, has reached a level of completion at it's current version that it's never seen before.

9 Aug 2019
14:57:09@griffgreen:matrix.orggriffgreenCommons stack + burning man = giveth slow down...
14:57:42@griffgreen:matrix.orggriffgreenToo much to do and not enough people to do it all!!!
10 Aug 2019
  • europeans seem to be on vacay every august!
23:38:57@loie:matrix.orgloieaw my plus sign didn't work
24 Aug 2019
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25 Sep 2019
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17 Oct 2019
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09:45:40@_slack_giveth_B8WF87BUG:matrix.orgLoomioBot What's next for Giveth?
10:51:29@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyaleThanks for asking Loomio bot - we'll keep you updated 😛
10:51:42@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyale * Thanks for asking Loomio bot - we'll keep you updated 😛
16:25:59@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibellehehehe! Even our AI team members want to know..
30 Oct 2019
15:09:20@sepu85:matrix.orgGustavocommunity call is today, right?
In reply to @_slack_giveth_B8WF87BUG:matrix.org
What's next for Giveth?
To answer that question, here are the notes of our meeting, incl the link to our livestream. It had been a while since we had a community meeting, but it's been a great one! 🤗

Notes are live - thanks for the great meeting everybody!


5 Nov 2019
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