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12 Dec 2018
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16:02:27@slack_giveth_B8WF87BUG:giveth.ioslack_giveth_B8WF87BUG Reminder: Rename the Giveth Governance Meeting to Giveth DAC Meeting is closing in 24 hours
13 Dec 2018
09:09:52@griffgreen:matrix.orggriffgreen @room  @channel we have an fun Gov meeting in 8 hours (6pm Barcelona time) at https://meet.jit.si/giveth-gov

There are 4 threads on the docket, which 1 of which will likely spark some lively discussion, 2 I imagine will be quick, and 1 is really just an announcement.

The Announcement: Email Cleansing

Easy update #1: DApp Issue Prioritization

Easy Update #2: Switch Reg Rewards to DAI (vote next week?)

Heated Debate: Change the name of this meeting (whomp whoooomp... i bet you thought it would be a bigger deal!)
13:13:55@loie:matrix.orgloie joshafairhead hey bud you missed the tags in the unicorn room but wanted to remind you the roles meeting is happening and we'd love to have you join!
14:49:21@geleeroyale:matrix.orggeleeroyalejosh has never been invited to "Giveth Unicorns" - I'll do it now
17:01:32@slack_giveth_B8WF87BUG:giveth.ioslack_giveth_B8WF87BUG Rename the Giveth Governance Meeting to Giveth DAC Meeting has closed
18:35:55@slack_giveth_B8WF87BUG:giveth.ioslack_giveth_B8WF87BUG New thread in *Giveth*: Naming!!! We have a lot of concepts to communicate... This is a thread to debate them :-D
18:38:36@slack_giveth_B8WF87BUG:giveth.ioslack_giveth_B8WF87BUG New Proposal in *Giveth*: DAC: Dee Ay See or Dack
14 Dec 2018
00:44:28@joshafairhead:matrix.orgjoshafairhead loie: sorry only seen this now - just found the unicorn room :) thanks for tagging me, I intended to check in but mis timed things and didn't see Riot!
03:16:33@slack_giveth_B8WF87BUG:giveth.ioslack_giveth_B8WF87BUG Outcome posted in *Giveth*: DAC: Dee Ay See or Dack
03:20:42@slack_giveth_B8WF87BUG:giveth.ioslack_giveth_B8WF87BUG New Poll in *Giveth*: Dee Ay See or DACK
16 Dec 2018

@room @channel :-D We had a great Gov Meeting last Thursday, it was so great that we are going to quit while were are ahead and never have another gov meeting again!


  1. We are reassigning emails and if you keep a clean inbox, Kay is going to question whether you are using your email...

  2. We have a new way to prioritize issues for the DApp in the DApp Loomio, hopefully everyone will make issues and then we will regularly use this thread to prioritize them.

  3. We need to discuss moving to DAI more, and probably build out a more thorough policy in this thread, but everyone agreed with the general idea so its going to happen!

  4. The meeting formaly know as the Governance meeting I am summarizing is going to change its name and become the Giveth Community Meeting

15:43:58@griffgreen:matrix.orggriffgreenoops hit enter a little too soon.. but whatever
15:59:37@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelle ♥ thanks for the great summary griffgreen
These refinements and improvements bring a lot of clarity and demonstrate decentralized community at its best 🦄
17 Dec 2018
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Welcome @sepu85:matrix.org to the Governance room! Feel free to introduce yourself or ask any question

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20:27:28@slack_giveth_B8WF87BUG:giveth.ioslack_giveth_B8WF87BUG New thread in *Giveth - Giveth Governance*: Creating a space for Community Learning with 'Guest' interviews.
18 Dec 2018
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17:14:23@mroberts10:matrix.orgmroberts10Here is the link to the Lumio - re: Creating a space for Community Learning with Guest interviews - https://www.loomio.org/d/zLYG4ckg/creating-a-space-for-community-learning-with-guest-interviews-?utm_campaign=user_mailer&utm_medium=email&utm_source=membership_request_approved Would love to hear you thoughts/ideas and if we should move this forward.

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