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27 Sep 2019
19:42:48@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NETLecture 15/26 Paul as Pastor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMVatCd_1xM&list=PLE78A24D16EFC0C94
30 Sep 2019
05:35:06@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NETHistory in the Bible » 2.45 Jesus on Trial https://player.fm/series/history-in-the-bible-2394653/ep-245-jesus-on-trial/
3 Oct 2019
15:46:34@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NETAnyone else use Twitter? I'm https://twitter.com/RichGriese How about forming a little Twitter group? Other than podcasts... I'm into meditation, Buddhism, the study of early Christianity (up till about the time of Irenaeus (about 200CE), literature & history in general. I also love movies!
8 Oct 2019
19:37:30@flipant:privacytools.ioBinaryDissonces joined the room.
19:40:45@flipant:privacytools.ioBinaryDissonces changed their display name from Smoke to BinaryDissonces.
9 Oct 2019
20:02:55@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET BinaryDissonces: Hey there... tried accepting your chat invite, but the invite failed. Possibly cause you changed your nick after you sent it? Try again on post me on https://twitter.com/RichGriese
20:04:35@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerThis is sadly a bit dead.
20:05:34@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NETRedacted or Malformed Event
20:09:46@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerI got to go to bed now. But thanks for the offer!
23:57:30@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET left the room.
23:57:49@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET joined the room.
10 Oct 2019
00:11:05@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Cool... riot supports markdown! Hebrew Scriptures 1/24 The parts of the whole
07:25:11@mott:matrix.orgMasterOfTheTigerYes. It is pretty cool.
14:51:41@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Hebrew Scriptures Lecture 3/24 The Hebrew Bible in Its Ancient Near Eastern Setting: Genesis 1-4 in Context
11 Oct 2019
16:52:53@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET The Christian History Podcast » 5.4 Book of Numbers Summary Part 4
12 Oct 2019
14:07:44@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Introduction to The Hebrew Scriptures Lecture 4/24 » Doublets and Contradictions, Seams and Sources
13 Oct 2019
21:55:27@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NETFacebook Groups are changing the world
21:56:30@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures, Lecture 5/24 Critical Approaches to the Bible: Introduction to Genesis 12-50
14 Oct 2019
12:55:29@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Introduction to The Hebrew Scriptures Lecture 6/24 » Biblical Narrative: The Stories of the Patriarchs (Genesis 12-36)
22:44:38@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NETMonday Night Football tonight. That means more Facebook Groups commercials and awareness. FB is changing the world, and turning an amazing amount of people on to online communities.
15 Oct 2019
13:34:06@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures, Lecture 7/24 » Israel in Egypt: Moses and the Beginning of Yahwism (Genesis 37- Exodus 4)
16 Oct 2019
13:43:23@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Introduction to The Hebrew Scriptures Lecture 8/24 » Exodus: From Egypt to Sinai (Exodus 5-24, 32; Numbers)
20:49:45@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET 🎵 We re building a religion... we are building it bigger
17 Oct 2019
14:40:28@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Introduction to The Hebrew Scriptures Lecture 9/24 » The Priestly Legacy: Cult and Sacrifice, Purity and Holiness in Leviticus and Numbers
14:42:33@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Review part 7: Questioning the Historicity of Jesus / Lataster (The Problems of Paul – 2)
18 Oct 2019
13:58:24@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET Introduction to The Hebrew Scriptures Lecture 10/24 » The Three Legal Corpora of JE (Exodus), P (Leviticus and Numbers) and D
14:05:18@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace - Pew Research Center
19 Oct 2019
13:17:53@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET The new Bible Geek podcast is out... the new Bible Geek podcast is out... the new Bible Geek podcast is out!!!
13:20:52@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET * The new [Bible Geek podcast](Bible Geek podcast](https://player.fm/series/series-2407359/the-bible-geek-podcast-19-024/) is out... the new Bible Geek podcast is out... the new Bible Geek podcast is out!!!
13:21:14@richg:matrix.orgRichGriese.NET * The new Bible Geek podcast is out... the new Bible Geek podcast is out... the new Bible Geek podcast is out!!!

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