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5 Feb 2020
13:46:00@ff777:matrix.orgFF777oh cool
14:22:30@norman:utwente.io@norman:utwente.io left the room.
19:46:55@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgテレタビーズ 恋人 changed their display name from My unhealthy obsession with the teletubbies is spiraling out of control to テレタビーズ 恋人.
6 Feb 2020
03:52:29@hoodbop1:matrix.orghoodbop1 joined the room.
03:52:35@q-tippowder:matrix.org@q-tippowder:matrix.org joined the room.
03:52:39@hoodbop1:matrix.orghoodbop1hello feds how are you
03:53:53@hoodbop1:matrix.orghoodbop1is einsatzgruppen in this
03:55:49@hoodbop1:matrix.orghoodbop1 set a profile picture.
03:56:13@hoodbop1:matrix.orghoodbop1m.video Event
03:57:52@ff777:matrix.orgFF777pretty dank video.. i'm currently kind of focused on reading about how coronavirus is going to kill us all..
10:55:36@q-tippowder:matrix.org@q-tippowder:matrix.org left the room.
14:56:40@stinkystonk009:matrix.orgstinkystonk009How does one acquire such juicy boobs like this dancer has
14:56:56@stinkystonk009:matrix.orgstinkystonk009And corona virus killing us ALL...?
15:03:11@stinkystonk009:matrix.orgstinkystonk009u in slope land bud?
15:58:17@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i hope it doesn't kill too many of us.. But there is a coronavirus room with news about it if you are interested..
15:58:50@ff777:matrix.orgFF777 i guess i'll post it here if any one wants: #Coronavirus:matrix.org
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7 Feb 2020
10:07:24@stinkystonk009:matrix.orgstinkystonk009Has dudemon.died from corona virus or is he ching chong and not allowed to view it
13:16:53@ff777:matrix.orgFF777who knows..
8 Feb 2020
11 Feb 2020
06:16:52@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgテレタビーズ 恋人 changed their profile picture.
06:28:54@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgテレタビーズ 恋人Before we do anything we must obtain the frozen head of Walt Disney to ensure a never ending supply of white anime for the ethno state.
06:30:27@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgテレタビーズ 恋人 * Before we do anything we must obtain the frozen head of Walt Disney to ensure a never ending supply of white anime for the ethno state.
22:46:47@kai-kun:matrix.orgFF man is big buff man who fucks his computer!!!poopoo
16 Feb 2020
11:31:01@cletusesbuttplug:matrix.orgテレタビーズ 恋人https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGBybzFv_1k
17 Feb 2020
06:00:35@scipio_africanus:matrix.mio-chan-is.bestscipio_africanus joined the room.

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