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3 Apr 2020
21:46:12@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelmanI miss 8chan though.
21:46:29@ff777:matrix.orgFF777wow is that still not back up at all
21:47:11@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelman It's up at 8kun.top, however it's very slow and you can't create new boards on there and much of its userbase left.
21:49:13@ff777:matrix.orgFF777well, i'm not if this is the best nazi room on matrix or not.. it is usually fairly dead in here, so feel free to search for other rooms to join if you want to..
21:50:56@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelman But from what I know, the owners of 8kun (Ron and Jim) have both been having to create everything on their own and fend for themselves against this wave of censorship. For example, they've been cooperating with the dev team of Lokinet to host their site there because they're ideologically aligned. Lokinet is some new experimental Tor alternative that is a robust censorship free platform.
21:52:46@ff777:matrix.orgFF777wow neat, never heard of it.. it is so stupid that it is so difficult to have free speech on the internet these days.. internet was supposed to be an open platform protected against censorship.. we really need to move to some sort of non-centralized distributed type of thing some how..
21:54:36@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelman Exactly, and Lokinet has been doing a lot to make that happen. They're creating an entirely new internet from scratch as silicon valley stomps on our right to speak, see and hear. They also have a wallet you can download on Android/iOS as well as a messenger and a new cryptocurrency anonymizer similar to Ethereum/Monero called Blink.
21:55:48@ff777:matrix.orgFF777cool.. monero is my favorite cryptocurrency.
21:56:19@ff777:matrix.orgFF777and yeah, even when using TOR i don't really feel THAT safe any more
21:56:43@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelman It's always good to have backups and alternatives just in case.
21:58:02@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelman Ron/Jim also created a new cryptocurrency called Susucoin and they're now working on Project Odin, which I think is yet another Tor alternative IIRC.
21:59:23@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelman They've been busy lately. From the last I heard, Epik (the company that now owns BitMitigate) refused them service so they now mitigate DDoS attacks by themselves.
22:01:07@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelman Yeah, then you have the fact that now Jim Watkins has to go to Congress after Homeland Security called him, and they're now getting into a feud with cripplewheels.
22:01:57@ff777:matrix.orgFF777you seem to know a ton about it. i don't keep up with it nearly that much.
22:02:10@ff777:matrix.orgFF777but i hope it all turns out good some how..eventually.
22:02:51@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelman Yeah, I didn't follow it that much initially, but now I've been looking into it some. It appears they've moved to the same domain host that the Daily Stormer used (Eranet).
22:05:08@ff777:matrix.orgFF777 oh yeah by the way if you want to we have a redpill room where some people paste stuff some times.. it is here: #red_pills:matrix.org
there are probably a lot of other rooms though in matrix though that you might be interested in, just have to search for stuff i guess using search thing
22:26:42@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelmanYeah, I just got finished spamming leftist groups.
22:28:01@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelmanWith gore
22:28:47@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelmanWe should organize raids before these trannies take over our platform
22:29:41@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i used to do raids.....i don't know if i have the energy to do that any more..
22:32:10@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelmanRaiding lefties is based.
22:34:35@yodelman:matrix.orgyodelman set a profile picture.

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