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10 Feb 2019
05:08:01@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from RSOE EDIS: SS-20190210-66568-USA - Snow Storm (Blizzard) - USA - North-America: Yakima Mayor Kathy Coffey declared a state of emergency Saturday in the city due to the winter storm pummeling the Yakima Valley. The emergency declaration allows the city to call for additional help, if necessary, to handle the severe weather, according to a news [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/fwNLYE
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09:10:56@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from GDACS: Orange alert for tropical cyclone GELENA-19. Population affected by Category 1 (120 km/h) wind speeds or higher is 42300.: From 06/02/2019 to 10/02/2019, a Hurricane/Typhoon > 74 mph (maximum wind speed of 222 km/h) GELENA-19 was active in SWIndian. The cyclone affects these countries: Mauritius (vulnerability Medium). Estimated [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/Uhmd5j
21:01:41@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
21:02:23@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 🌎 Sismo! Earthquake! 4.1 M tremor, registered by GSeisCL, expected 19 times a year, occurred 1 minute ago (21:00:39 UTC), during daytime, Huasco, Provincia de Huasco, Atacama Region, Chile (-28.08, -70.96) ± 21 km, ↓8 km likely felt 80 km away (in Vallenar, Huasco, Freirina…) by 53700 people (Twitter)
11 Feb 2019
04:32:20@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from RSOE EDIS: EH-20190211-66576-USA - Epidemic Hazard - USA - North-America: Seven cases of mumps have been identified in an ICE facility in Houston, according to the Houston Health Department. All seven cases were adult detainees at Houston's US Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility, and there is no evidence the disease was transmitted to [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/SaEUcy
11:53:09@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from RSOE EDIS: EH-20190211-66585-MNG - Epidemic Hazard - Mongolia - Asia: Mongolia's National Center for Communicable Disease (NCCD) on Monday declared an outbreak of the life-threatening meningococcal disease. The Asian country has recorded three cases of the meningococcal disease so far this year, the NCCD said. Meningococcal disease is caused by [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/ZxqSz0
12 Feb 2019
10:26:50@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from RSOE EDIS: EH-20190212-66596-AUS - Epidemic Hazard - Australia - Australia - New-Zealand: One person is dead and another 10 are sick from flood-related illnesses in Townsville following a once-in-a-century monsoonal deluge. The cause is melioidosis, which stems from floodwaters that are heavily contaminated with dirt and bacteria, Queensland [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/pdfWXC
16:34:07@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm In Northern Virginia, Dominion's electricity grid has 3032 outages (+1976 outages; the average is 468 outages) → https://goo.gl/cNvFZy
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20:06:34@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm In Northern Virginia, Dominion's electricity grid has 2910 outages (+1606 outages; the average is 469 outages) → https://goo.gl/cNvFZy
13 Feb 2019
11:48:20@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
12:05:19@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
12:19:28@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm In Northern Virginia, Dominion's electricity grid has 1817 outages (-7180 outages; the average is 473 outages) → https://goo.gl/cNvFZy
14 Feb 2019
04:48:22@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from RSOE EDIS: VIV-20190214-66605-USA - Vehicle Incident - USA - North-America: Delta Airlines flight 5763 had to make an emergency landing at Reno-Tahoe International Airport today, February 13, 2019, at approximately 1:00 pm after experiencing severe turbulence. The Embraer 175 aircraft had departed from Santa Ana, California, and was en route to [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/b8bgkp
05:03:33@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from RSOE EDIS: VW-20190214-66607-IRN - Terror Attack - Iran - Middle-East: A suicide car bombing on an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps bus in southeastern Iran killed 27 people on Wednesday, February 13, making it one of the deadliest attacks on the elite forces in years. "The suicide attack on an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps personnel bus [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/DEcRTC
14:35:29@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormALERTA SÍSMICA / EARTHQUAKE WARNING for Near Coast Of Peru (Twitter)
21:10:44@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormALERTA SÍSMICA / EARTHQUAKE WARNING for Northern Colombia (Twitter)
15 Feb 2019
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12:31:44@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm In Northern Virginia, Dominion's electricity grid has 1990 outages (+1978 outages; the average is 473 outages) → https://goo.gl/cNvFZy
22:44:21@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from GDACS: Green alert for tropical cyclone OMA-19. Population affected by Category 1 (120 km/h) wind speeds or higher is 0.: From 12/02/2019 to 15/02/2019, a Hurricane/Typhoon > 74 mph (maximum wind speed of 167 km/h) OMA-19 was active in SEPacific. The cyclone affects these countries: Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia (vulnerability High). [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/Uhmd5j
16 Feb 2019
09:07:00@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
09:28:14@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
10:01:52@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormEARTHQUAKE WARNING for Northeast Of Taiwan (www.kmoni.bosai.go.jp)
17 Feb 2019
09:56:05@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
10:01:55@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
10:07:59@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 🔸 Yellow alert: 3.8 Ml tremor, registered by MonitorSismico,NC,alomax, with 24 reports, 4 early, expected 7 times a year, occurred 12 minutes ago (09:55:24 UTC), with a gibbous moon, Lokoya, Napa County, California, USA (38.35, -122.4), ↓4 km likely felt 200 km away (in Sonoma, American Canyon, Rohnert Park, Napa…) by 6.2 million people (Twitter)
11:34:10@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm In Northern Virginia, Dominion's electricity grid has 1981 outages (+1970 outages; the average is 470 outages) → https://goo.gl/cNvFZy
13:13:06@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from RSOE EDIS: WF-20190217-66665-USA - Forest / Wild Fire - USA - North-America: Crews are working to put out a large grass fire in Hartley County. The fire is heading southeast towards Highway 287. Highway 385 is shutdown and highway 354 is shutdown from Channing to Dumas. According to officials, no structures have been lost or are being [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/XYhcfv

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