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10 Nov 2019
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09:17:44@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormM4- estimated tremor, registered by phivolcs_dost, with 9 reports, unknown frequency, possibly occurred 11 minutes ago (09:06:00 UTC), during twilight, Mindanao, Philippines (7.12, 125.46) ± 10 km likely felt 60 km away (in Davao City…) by 3.3 million people (Twitter)
09:45:52@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
09:47:33@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 🌖 Earthquake! Temblor! 3.8 Ml tremor, registered by CI, with 8 reports, 2 early, unknown frequency, occurred 2 minutes ago (09:44:43 UTC), with a gibbous moon, Redlands, San Bernardino County, California, United States (34.07, -117.14) ± 47 km, ↓9 km likely felt 120 km away (in Los Alamitos, Hawaiian Gardens, La Palma, Norco…) by 8.6 million people (service.scedc.caltech.edu)
10:12:06@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormDEPREM UYARISI / EARTHQUAKE WARNING for Turkey — follow for updates (Twitter)
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22:10:09@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
22:14:22@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 📉 3.5 Mw tremor, registered by 4 agencies, with 11 reports, 3 early, unknown frequency, occurred 6 minutes ago (22:07:59 UTC), during daytime, Riverside County, California, United States (33.87, -116.2), ↓7 km likely felt 110 km away (in Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta…) by 598900 people (earthquake.usgs.gov)
11 Nov 2019
07:22:34@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
07:39:39@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 📉 5.1 Mlv tremor, registered by scevent, unknown frequency, occurred 28 minutes ago (07:11:30 UTC), with a full moon, Kermadec Islands Region (-29.18, -176.87) ± 69 km, ↓115 km likely felt 150 km away (service.geonet.org.nz)
23:16:00@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
23:26:24@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 📈 6.1 Mww tremor, registered by 7 agencies, unknown frequency, occurred 22 minutes ago (23:03:27 UTC), during daytime, Tonga Islands (-18.9, -175.37), ↓5 km likely felt 290 km away (earthquake.usgs.gov)
23:48:24@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
23:52:50@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 🏠 Gempa bumi! Earthquake! 5.7 Mb tremor, registered by NCseismicobserv,alomax,infoBMKG, unknown frequency, occurred 11 minutes ago (23:40:59 UTC), during daytime, Halmahera, Indonesia (1.19, 127.35) ± 32 km, ↓78 km likely felt 220 km away (in Ternate, Sofifi…) by 256900 people (Twitter)
12 Nov 2019
00:19:03@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 🏠 Gempa bumi! Earthquake! 5.5 Mw tremor, registered by InfoHumasBMKG,LastEarthquakes, unknown frequency, occurred 38 minutes ago (23:40:59 UTC), during daytime, North Maluku, Indonesia (1.4, 127.04) ± 3 km, ↓36 km likely felt 200 km away (in Ternate…) by 255100 people (Twitter)
10:55:31@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormALERTA DE SISMO / EARTHQUAKE WARNING / ADVERTÈNCIA TERRATRÈMOL for Spain — follow for updates (Twitter)
12:08:48@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from RSOE EDIS: SPS-20191112-70130-CHN - Serious public security incident - China - Asia: More than 50 people, mostly children, were injured by a man who broke into a kindergarten in southwest China and sprayed them with corrosive liquid, local authorities said Tuesday.The suspect, a 23-year-old surnamed Kong, entered the kindergarten by climbing a [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/iMxz7c
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21:36:42@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstormRedacted or Malformed Event
21:41:56@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 🏠 Earthquake! 5.3 Mb tremor, registered by alomax, with 18 reports, unknown frequency, occurred 6 minutes ago (21:35:10 UTC), during daytime, Off Coast Of Central America (12.99, -88.52), ↓36 km likely felt 150 km away (in Usulután, San Salvador, Jucuapa…) by 899700 people (alomax.free.fr)
13 Nov 2019
04:47:57@freenode_Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm New from RSOE EDIS: FL-20191113-70131-ITA - Flood - Italy - Europe: The Italian city has not received tides like this in more than 50 years. The mayor has reacted, blaming climate change, and pleaded for governmental assistance.Venice called a state of emergency after the second-highest tide recorded on Tuesday flooded its historic basilica and left many [... want %more?] → https://is.gd/UV9dbM
14:15:57@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 🌎 Earthquake! 5.5 M tremor, registered by quakenotices, unknown frequency, occurred 31 minutes ago (13:44:05 UTC), during daytime, Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge (7.3, -35.4), ↓10 km likely felt 190 km away (Twitter)
14:38:09@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 🌖 Earthquake! 5.5 Mb tremor, registered by 6 agencies, unknown frequency, occurred 20 minutes ago (14:17:17 UTC), with a gibbous moon, Broken Ridge (-32.54, 80.05) ± 1 km, ↓5 km likely felt 190 km away (seismicportal.eu)
16:33:47@Brainstorm:matrix.orgBrainstorm 🏠 Temblor! Earthquake! 5.7 M tremor, registered by SismologicoMX, unknown frequency, occurred 4 minutes ago (16:28:54 UTC), during daytime, Near Coast Of Guatemala (13.77, -90.9), ↓10 km likely felt 220 km away (in Ciudad de Guatemala, Ciudad de Villa Nueva, Sipacate, Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa…) by 4.2 million people — Webcams: https://is.gd/tOnlO9 https://is.gd/y7lq4m https://is.gd/wsmCdw (Twitter)

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