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25 Apr 2021
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 For me, the creation of a new single player scenario in RE would be mainly to help drive those improvements in the engine. 13:08:06
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 Left to myself, I would probably create a wave of robots / disable the mainframe scenario as a project to drive those other improvements. 13:18:18
@_discord_154335510020620288:t2bot.ioJoel Speaking of AI 13:47:21
@_discord_154335510020620288:t2bot.ioJoel coughnavcoughmeshcough 13:47:39
26 Apr 2021
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 The octree world geometry would seem to lend itself to the procedural generation of a navmesh. I think this is very doable. 01:19:15
@_discord_189189124194959361:t2bot.ioQuin#6733 q66 is making an engine more like that 02:13:58
@_discord_189189124194959361:t2bot.ioQuin#6733 RE's main focus is just making a game, not an engine 02:14:13
@_discord_253928760913428481:t2bot.ioArtinell changed their display name from Artinell to Artinell#4476.04:14:39
@_discord_253928760913428481:t2bot.ioArtinell changed their display name from Artinell#4476 to Artinell.04:14:41
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 Well, Inexor seems to have more momentum at this point. q66's OctaForge is stalled at the moment. I plan to throw some effort into Inexor as a long term path toward an octree based game engine, but the current tesseract/cube2 code base is actually usable now. 14:37:02
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 My thought was to create an API layer that hides the jagged bits of the cube2 engine, and could eventually move to Inexor or something else in the future if that looks like the better path. I realize that RE is meant to be its own game... but there is plenty of work I can do in my goal of a generic game engine that could filter down into RE along the way (like terrain heightmaps from images). 14:42:40
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 Having someone actually benefiting from the code I'm writing does tend be motivational. 😁 14:43:13
@_discord_275274268286386176:t2bot.ioDetective Sniper-Chan Yeah, that terrain heightmap from images could come in handy 14:43:30
@_discord_165525797589745664:t2bot.ioQ009 Yeah, he's currently finishing up libcubescript 14:50:16
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 The interesting thing is, I have mostly the same goals as OctaForge and Inexor... I mostly differ only in approach. They are looking to trim cube2 down to its essentials and build back up to something usable. My strategy is to wrap the existing code base and utilize the parts I want, leaving the code mostly untouched (if maybe a bit enhanced to expose some new features). 14:51:44
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 Then with a well defined API with an already working reference implementation, it is easier to create or replace an underlying engine. 14:54:28
@_discord_165525797589745664:t2bot.ioQ009 I was gonna do some more VR stuff, probably under OctaForge 15:00:41
@_discord_165525797589745664:t2bot.ioQ009 But still a bit busy with RE 15:02:05
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 That's cool. I'm actually engine agnostic and will use whatever gets the job done. I could probably be convinced to contribute to OctaForge with a bit of prodding. 😆 15:03:12
@_discord_177682902119743489:t2bot.ioRaZgRiZ https://tenor.com/view/gta-grand-theft-auto-gta-one-liners-give-it-a-quick-prod-poke-it-gif-17440807 15:08:33
@_discord_308187620016390145:t2bot.iodogtective Imprimis™️ already has a separated and trimmed down engine library, although the code is far from perfect still it's moving forward 18:50:54
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 Thanks, I had not stumbled across that project prevously. I'll give it a look. 19:46:18
27 Apr 2021
@_discord_439919760264790016:t2bot.ioq66 it's not stalled anymore 01:31:23
@_discord_439919760264790016:t2bot.ioq66 I'm releasing libcubescript as stable soon ish, after that I'll integrate it in the engine and move on with further cleanup 01:33:03
@_discord_439919760264790016:t2bot.ioq66 a lot of work went into it recently 01:33:22
@_discord_525500285620322345:t2bot.ioProtoThad#9937 Cool. Good to know. 01:34:46
@_discord_439919760264790016:t2bot.ioq66 mostly need to uhh, finish up the API, add more docs and expand the testsuite a bit more 01:35:25
@_discord_439919760264790016:t2bot.ioq66 it's in a good shape though 01:35:53
@_discord_439919760264790016:t2bot.ioq66 https://github.com/OctaForge/libcubescript 01:36:12
@_discord_439919760264790016:t2bot.ioq66 oh, and settle on what's going to be in the standard lib and what won't, plus clean up and freeze what will 01:37:28

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