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7 Apr 2021
@_discord_193465672913780737:t2bot.iographitemaster Oh god. Hell has frozen over. 23:20:32
@_discord_193465672913780737:t2bot.iographitemaster You people got eihrul on Discord 23:20:46
@_discord_275274268286386176:t2bot.ioDetective Sniper-Chan He's been here for months already, you didn't notice? 23:21:27
@_discord_275274268286386176:t2bot.ioDetective Sniper-Chan lol 23:21:38
@_discord_308187620016390145:t2bot.ioazkoonn he didn't kno dis hehe english fanni 23:21:57
@_discord_193465672913780737:t2bot.iographitemaster I don't pay attention 23:22:22
@_discord_193465672913780737:t2bot.iographitemaster Can't afford to 23:22:29
@_discord_193465672913780737:t2bot.iographitemaster Too poor 23:22:33
8 Apr 2021
@_discord_632646008257380363:t2bot.iobunniestbun joined the room.00:12:18
@_discord_189189124194959361:t2bot.ioQuin#6733 rofl 05:20:49
@_discord_636603108742660116:t2bot.iosaraph changed their display name from saraph to saraph#2967.14:15:54
@_discord_636603108742660116:t2bot.iosaraph changed their display name from saraph#2967 to saraph.14:15:56
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@_discord_275274268286386176:t2bot.ioDetective Sniper-Chan changed their display name from SniperGoth.#1436 to Detective Sniper-Chan.17:09:19
9 Apr 2021
@_discord_323265218329444354:t2bot.ioJump#9434 changed their profile picture.14:47:49
@_discord_421822091596136448:t2bot.ioDoshile changed their display name from Doshile to Doshile#2423.17:27:51
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10 Apr 2021
@_discord_420044261573132298:t2bot.iodouuuuuu Suggestion: Make diagonal (W&A or W&D) movement the same speed as forwards movement. 07:07:37
@_discord_420044261573132298:t2bot.iodouuuuuu Can't find a var for that either 🤔 07:57:23
@_discord_420044261573132298:t2bot.iodouuuuuu omg just thought of something while messing about 08:27:42
@_discord_420044261573132298:t2bot.iodouuuuuu It appears that at the right angle the shotgun2 mortar when being pushed does not break apart... so I was like "shooting star". possible to be scripted onto a map? 08:29:01
@_discord_420044261573132298:t2bot.iodouuuuuu oh nvm it appears it does break apart, but the particles are so condensed it fooled me 08:30:54
@_discord_420044261573132298:t2bot.iodouuuuuu also, did particles get like lighting effects? 08:51:00
@_discord_165525797589745664:t2bot.ioQ009 Which particles? 08:59:14
@_discord_165525797589745664:t2bot.ioQ009 Weapon particles? There was an overhaul months ago 08:59:38
@_discord_189189124194959361:t2bot.ioQuin#6733 douuuuuu
GFVAR(IDF_GAMEMOD, 0, movespeed, FVAR_NONZERO, 1.f, FVAR_MAX); // speed
GFVAR(IDF_GAMEMOD, 0, moveslow, 0, 0.5f, FVAR_MAX); // threshold for running
GFVAR(IDF_GAMEMOD, 0, movecrawl, 0, 0.6f, FVAR_MAX); // crawl modifier
GFVAR(IDF_GAMEMOD, 0, moverun, FVAR_NONZERO, 1.3f, FVAR_MAX); // running modifier
GFVAR(IDF_GAMEMOD, 0, movestraight, FVAR_NONZERO, 1.2f, FVAR_MAX); // non-strafe modifier
GFVAR(IDF_GAMEMOD, 0, movestrafe, FVAR_NONZERO, 1, FVAR_MAX); // strafe modifier
GFVAR(IDF_GAMEMOD, 0, moveinair, FVAR_NONZERO, 0.75f, FVAR_MAX); // in-air modifier
GFVAR(IDF_GAMEMOD, 0, movestepup, FVAR_NONZERO, 0.95f, FVAR_MAX); // step-up modifier
GFVAR(IDF_GAMEMOD, 0, movestepdown, FVAR_NONZERO, 1.15f, FVAR_MAX); // step-down modifier
@_discord_189189124194959361:t2bot.ioQuin#6733 it's not so much that strafing is slower, it's that moving in a straight line is faster (on purpose) 11:28:20
@_discord_221714345720020993:t2bot.ioCodyWardenPerry Gmod 14:37:09
@_discord_636603108742660116:t2bot.iosaraph changed their display name from saraph to saraph#2967.20:28:53
@_discord_636603108742660116:t2bot.iosaraph changed their display name from saraph#2967 to saraph.20:28:55

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