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2 Jun 2023
@_discord_671689100331319316:t2bot.ioBrian E#0926 i'm 17 :D 16:25:07
@_discord_285897112170790913:t2bot.ioProf. Torsten Grust I'm 54. 16:25:18
In reply to @_discord_671689100331319316:t2bot.io
i'm 17 :D
I refuse to believe that.
@_discord_671689100331319316:t2bot.ioBrian E#0926 :o why? 16:25:30
@loke:dhsdevelopments.comlokeThat's the age of my eldest child.16:25:33
@_discord_671689100331319316:t2bot.ioBrian E#0926 :) 16:25:38
@_discord_285897112170790913:t2bot.ioProf. Torsten Grust 17 is the age of my youngest child. 16:25:59
@_discord_671689100331319316:t2bot.ioBrian E#0926 i am a child :D 16:26:06
@_discord_543831302944587796:t2bot.ioPatrock youngest APL user: 16:44:00
@loke:dhsdevelopments.comloke Patrock: you are younger than brian? 16:50:58
@_discord_543831302944587796:t2bot.ioPatrock no 17:07:00
@_discord_671689100331319316:t2bot.ioBrian E#0926 am i really the youngest here?! 20:24:41
@_discord_768182477449592832:t2bot.ioSouth rak is a close second 20:34:08
@_discord_1002703080321728512:t2bot.ioTonyC No disadvantage to being young here. We're pretty much a harmless bunch.

... Although if some old greybeard tries to introduce you to a phlebotomist that's a friend of Peter Thiel's ... well
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.ioDiscoDoug Edged me out by a hair. I was born in 1969. 22:18:53
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.ioDiscoDoug Wait, does this mean you folks can’t talk about TikTok’s or whatever? ;) 22:20:21
@_discord_336511904329629697:t2bot.ioash; I'm 18 too 22:22:24
@_discord_336511904329629697:t2bot.ioash; not that active though 22:22:34
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.ioDiscoDoug Pretty funny that APL is over 50 years old and the assumption is that people are under 25. 22:22:52
@_discord_671689100331319316:t2bot.ioBrian E#0926 hm i did not get that refrence 22:52:35
@_discord_870115701279584326:t2bot.ioDiscoDoug The TikTok one? Mostly nonsense. The 25 number is from Patrock’s post. 23:00:54
@_discord_624974820840308737:t2bot.iocoltim like the tick, tick, tock of the stately clock... 23:06:44
@_discord_671689100331319316:t2bot.ioBrian E#0926 now that reference i do get 23:36:24
@_discord_768182477449592832:t2bot.ioSouth being young in the array lang community is not so bad 23:39:56
@_discord_768182477449592832:t2bot.ioSouth i like reading the stories you old bastards have to give 23:40:46
@_discord_768182477449592832:t2bot.ioSouth for example, i found this email in the J forums from Ed Gottsman particularly enlightening to read https://pastebin.com/fN5xtYT7. 23:43:14
3 Jun 2023
@_discord_125549206139174912:t2bot.iorak1507#1964 The APL stories and stuff are great, it's like a glimpse into an alternative reality, like "here's what could have been" 00:46:59
@chrispsn:matrix.orgchrispsnWhat is different between today's reality and the reality offered by anecdotes like that? Just the lack of adoption of APL-like syntax?00:55:08
@_discord_125549206139174912:t2bot.iorak1507#1964 Not just the lack of adoption of array langs but also a cultural shift 00:57:12
@_discord_125549206139174912:t2bot.iorak1507#1964 Programming becoming more, corporatised I guess 00:58:04

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