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17 Aug 2021
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 the c preprocessor is essentially a simpler m4\ 16:16:19
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 its used in autotools and sendmail. which definitely havent caused and pain over the years 16:16:44
In reply to @_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.io
theres tradeoffs between whitney style and more traditional indentation strategies. for big case blocks like the code linked i dont mind it. i was more thinking about dzaima's preprocessor "use"
what sort? the temporary definitions in certain functions? the few global ones? #include hacks?
@mondra:privacytools.iomondraI wouldn't call dzaima style whitney style, whitney style is less heavy on the macros and endless indirection.16:19:53
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 youve basically created a DSL using the CPP, which, is exactly how youd do it in C. and i can read it and understand it better the more i stare at it, but its very easy for somebody who didnt write it to not fully have it in their head 16:20:08
@dzaima:matrix.orgdzaimaCPP? there's no CPP16:20:56
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 #define ? 16:21:06
@mondra:privacytools.iomondraC preprocessor.16:21:06
@mondra:privacytools.iomondraC++ != CPP16:21:12
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 ah ya sry 16:21:17
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 i will say this, your code is very uniform both vertically and horizontally 16:21:39
@dzaima:matrix.orgdzaimawell, yeah. C sucks. The preprocessor is one of few ways to make it usable.16:21:54
@mondra:privacytools.iomondra people often complain about my .c++ files, the only thing i can say to them is that the language should've had another name 🤷 16:22:01
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 i use cxx which is also dump 16:23:26
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 *dumb 16:23:28
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 cuz its like a plus on its side 16:23:42
@mondra:privacytools.iomondra oh, I've come to use .c .c++ .h.c & .h.c++, i've yet to find a better system. 16:24:02
@dzaima:matrix.orgdzaimaideally, I'd already have made my own very-low-level language and not have to force something existing to work, but I haven't. (but reading a custom language i make probably isn't going to be much easier than reading C with macros)16:24:04
@_discord_613847106993782835:t2bot.ioGarklein#9297 FOOORRRRTTTHHHH 16:24:32
In reply to @_discord_613847106993782835:t2bot.io
forth is fun, just not very fast 😅
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 forth is optimized for program size and memory use, correct? 16:24:55
@_discord_613847106993782835:t2bot.ioGarklein#9297 forth is probably the easiest "low-level" language to make 16:25:15
@mondra:privacytools.iomondra also, forth has a severe lack of single character functions :\ 16:25:27
@_discord_613847106993782835:t2bot.ioGarklein#9297 just add them yourself 16:25:40
@_discord_613847106993782835:t2bot.ioGarklein#9297 that's how forth works lol 16:25:43
@dzaima:matrix.orgdzaimaa quick search tells me that forth is "typeless". Can't imagine that being low level.16:25:56
In reply to @_discord_613847106993782835:t2bot.io
that's how forth works lol
unicode support in forth, where?
@_discord_613847106993782835:t2bot.ioGarklein#9297 oh idk if that exists 16:26:11
@_discord_355917200466640898:t2bot.iosmileybone#8813 this is true. on plus side you could probably stick this in an OS kernel if you rly wanted to 🙂 16:26:13

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