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8 Apr 2021
@_discord_97747424486887424:t2bot.ioEnder changed their display name from Ender to Ender#1327.21:32:04
@_discord_97747424486887424:t2bot.ioEnder changed their display name from Ender#1327 to Ender.21:32:05
9 Apr 2021
@primalmotion:matrix.orgprimalmotionIs there any software (or plan for one) to handle drawing in notebooks? Basically to completely replace xochitl?02:08:46
@primalmotion:matrix.orgprimalmotionSo I can exclusively run open source software on the tablet (minus some drivers, unfortunately)02:09:53
@primalmotion:matrix.orgprimalmotion* So I can exclusively run open source software on the tablet (minus some drivers, unfortunately)02:10:02
@_discord_272391940560125952:t2bot.iookeh yes 02:23:29
@primalmotion:matrix.orgprimalmotionokxy#3173: which one?02:25:16
@_discord_344891059589087233:t2bot.iowill joined the room.03:40:21
In reply to primalmotion
okxy#3173: which one?
look at harmony from rmkit
@pong:matrix.org@pong:matrix.org* look at harmony from rmkit05:53:09
@primalmotion:matrix.orgprimalmotion Yeah I saw it, but it does not really have a concept of notebook, does it? 05:53:39

yes, currently it's especially awesome for doodling and only manages single page files. but it's a good starting point as it already contains a lot of the functions needed for notebooks.

what would you need to call it a notebook app?

@_discord_706787087164112927:t2bot.iowitosso#3683 joined the room.07:09:48
@_discord_706787087164112927:t2bot.iowitosso#3683 patrick any news about the toolchain for 2.6? 07:09:48
@_discord_696718053978800129:t2bot.ioflowerbed666 joined the room.10:59:47
@willhb:matrix.orgWill joined the room.13:38:36
@_discord_766103910498566164:t2bot.iodavidrusu joined the room.14:13:21
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) Is there any way to change the default tool for all PDFs? 9 times out of 10 the first thing I want to do with a PDF is to highlight things. 18:30:39
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him)I keep ending up crossing them out with the mechanical pencil instead πŸ˜‚18:31:03
@_discord_334044877572538368:t2bot.ioBokluk upload them with rmapi, patch rmapi 19:16:21
@tomasekeli:matrix.orgTomasEkelii just underline instead of highlighting. it's what i've always done anyways20:14:26
10 Apr 2021
@oren:matrix.orgorenwait, https://github.com/juruen/rmapi allow me to create folders and notebooks from the CLI of my laptop??01:00:20
@oren:matrix.orgoreni am running it and it asks me for a one-time code. i see a link that asks me to login. does rmapi requires an account with reMarkable?01:07:21
@Evidlo:matrix.orgevidlo yes, that's what the "cloud" mean in the readme 01:18:23
@oren:matrix.orgoren(: thanks04:35:31
@christian-h:matrix.orgchris 🐸️ changed their profile picture.22:13:50
11 Apr 2021
@_discord_293956449867005952:t2bot.ioajvpot joined the room.02:08:46
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@_discord_386595717923209216:t2bot.ioMr. P#6559 Please take a look in the Discord channel #general-development 21:17:41

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