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26 Jan 2022
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 yes, everyone does. probably the same for rM1 and rM2 too 23:43:15
@_discord_397796775752368129:t2bot.iokevindougans How good would it be if there was some sort of function where a pdf would zoom in to the actual printed area. I’m reading a pdf book right now and there’s so much white space around each page and it’s irritating to zoom on every page 23:43:20
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 some books do have really wide margins 23:43:40
@_discord_312933115473559555:t2bot.ioMattéo Delabre I haven’t seen wbf files on rM1. I think the wbf data is not stored on the main partition 23:44:32
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 oh actually the waveforms might be in firmware for the rM1 23:45:09
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 epdc stuff 23:46:34
Download IMG_7577.png
@_discord_397796775752368129:t2bot.iokevindougans This looks good actually for anyone else annoyed by pdf white space 23:46:38
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 man, online converters are so annoying 23:48:25
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 they're always on websites full of everything with tons of ads and jankiness 23:48:39
@_discord_397796775752368129:t2bot.iokevindougans True. Hopefully one of the options are good though. I’m trying now with a 700 page book 23:52:20
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 LOL. tell me how it goes 23:52:41
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 it's probably written in php and will timeout / throw a huge error 23:52:54
@_discord_397796775752368129:t2bot.iokevindougans See what happens. I can’t pinch zoom 700 pages. Only 80 pages in and it’s distracting me 23:53:02
@_discord_397796775752368129:t2bot.iokevindougans It’s converted and now downloading 🤞🏼 23:53:42
Download 122896B7-7412-4DDA-8CC3-3CE75252887D.jpg
@_discord_397796775752368129:t2bot.iokevindougans Looks promising. Going to transfer it to remarkable 23:59:28
27 Jan 2022
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 oh wow that looks like a technical tutorial of some kind 00:00:53
@_discord_397796775752368129:t2bot.iokevindougans It’s for developing games with Unity 00:12:55
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 interesting 00:13:55
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 I wonder if you could just... change your device's serial number by writing to mmcblk2boot1 00:23:02
@_discord_310579938631745536:t2bot.ioNotRedDread joined the room.01:46:26
@_discord_310579938631745536:t2bot.ioNotRedDread anybody got any tips for getting unlimited connect? I've been trying to buy a used remarkable that was bought before october 12th 😦 01:46:27
@_discord_312933115473559555:t2bot.ioMattéo Delabre You may want to scroll up this room's history, we discussed some aspects of this a few hours ago :) 01:50:24
@_discord_310579938631745536:t2bot.ioNotRedDread so what features does the "fake connect" offer if I wanted to put it onto a rm2? 01:57:53
@_discord_310579938631745536:t2bot.ioNotRedDread and how hard would it be to do that 😂 01:58:11
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 actually tried this myself. You can't get unlimited connect. Period. If you provide the order ID of an early remarkable device - they won't apply it to YOUR account - they'll try to apply it to the ORDER ID'S EMAIL ADDRESS. 03:11:55
@_discord_310579938631745536:t2bot.ioNotRedDread I see I see 03:12:26
@_discord_310579938631745536:t2bot.ioNotRedDread That sucks big time 03:12:28
@_discord_250345382226296833:t2bot.ioLoganDark#4357 yes, yes it does 03:12:46

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