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16 Sep 2019
16:50:47@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald if no hard refresh, the line will be "erased" by the colored line
16:50:55@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald if hard refresh, the line stays
16:51:13@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald so i guess the hard refresh is broken
16:54:03@_discord_109622384201322496:t2bot.ioAmeb im checking with an epub now. Does it happen with PDFs?
16:54:34@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald i'll try but i guess yes, i seen some (less huge) tracks of it with notes
16:54:57@_discord_109622384201322496:t2bot.ioAmeb can't reproduce
16:55:05@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald it's since the update
17:00:47@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald by the way it did not happen when the hard refresh takes place when quitting the epub
17:01:08@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald my guess is that when a hard refresh happens, the new content is misplaced on the centerline
17:01:45@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald that's why soft-refreshing it works, and after the next hard refresh it reappears if there's some content on the centerline
17:02:20@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald so when hard refresh happens when quitting the epub, no content is in the center so no content gets misplaced and there's no centerline marks
19:43:22@_discord_611606098524241921:t2bot.iodemo.local joined the room.
20:00:42@freenode_Eeems:matrix.orgEeems pciavald: Have you tried restarting a couple times? I can't remember where I read it, but I do remember seeing someone with a similar issue saying that resovled it.
21:04:15@freenode_fledermaus:matrix.org@freenode_fledermaus:matrix.org left the room.
22:02:02@_discord_412691177406595082:t2bot.iopciavald i'll try it, thanks
17 Sep 2019
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05:22:56@freenode_Eeems:matrix.orgEeems evidlo: Where I'm at if you are interested https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/q6J6toMD/image.png
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22:05:42@_discord_133552791661707264:t2bot.ioRuu changed their display name from Ruu to Ruu#9999.
22:05:49@_discord_133552791661707264:t2bot.ioRuu changed their display name from Ruu#9999 to Ruu.
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