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12 Dec 2019
09:41:08@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i saw the smash brothers logo in the sky tonight.....it was like.....whoa..
13:14:14@anel_lena:matrix.orgLenaour holy one, masahiro sakurai
13 Dec 2019
02:44:39@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep)i played smash bros today, the original one on n64
02:44:46@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep)it's a lot harder than any of the others..
02:44:57@miasuma:matrix.orgmiasma#5344 (sleep)maybe also because the controller is awkward
16:28:24@ff777:matrix.orgFF777oh wow
16:29:21@ff777:matrix.orgFF777couple of nights ago i was walking out to get the mail... The moon was out, but it was doing some thing i had never seen before.. It was like a giant halo ring around it.......huge
16:30:03@ff777:matrix.orgFF777it wasn't even closely around the moon....it was like far away, huge diameter circle that was lit up
16:30:51@ff777:matrix.orgFF777some how it was lighting up some jet streams from jets flying very high up in the sky.. They were so far up that you couldn't hear them.....you could only see the trail they were making......
16:31:10@ff777:matrix.orgFF777...it makes you realize that there are actually quite a few things flying around even at night time, but you can't hear them or see them
16:31:43@ff777:matrix.orgFF777then, some jet went one way through the big ring and the trail it was leaving was being lit up by the moon....
16:32:16@ff777:matrix.orgFF777....and like right after that i saw an other jet go like perpendicular to that jet
16:32:38@ff777:matrix.orgFF777their streams didn't cross right in the middle of the circle, but kind of off-center
16:33:03@ff777:matrix.orgFF777so both their streams and the huge circle were lit up, and i was thinking holy shit it is big smash bros logo lit up in the sky right now
16:34:05@ff777:matrix.orgFF777i got my camera and took some pictures and a video of it, but the camera needs a lot of light, so not really sure how well it will show up.. On the camera screen you could see the moon but not the circle or jet streams.. So i'll have to check later how well stuff showed up
16:58:29@anel_lena:matrix.orgLenawow so cool.
16:58:47@anel_lena:matrix.orgLenawhen will the moon look like. breton
16:59:10@ff777:matrix.orgFF777probably never
15 Dec 2019

Today, when I talked about that article with an online English teacher, I asked him these two questions:

  1. Are alligator biting incidents common in the USA?
  2. Who can Americans get meth from?
12:36:40@ff777:matrix.orgFF777oh wow
12:37:02@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2019He told me that Americans can buy meth from criminals or make it in a factory or laboratory and that I should watch Breaking Bad. I think Japanese people can buy meth from yakuzas (gangsters). I don't think they have meth factories.
12:39:00@ff777:matrix.orgFF777breaking bad was just kind of......meh
12:39:16@ff777:matrix.orgFF777wasn't as exciting of a show as i had hoped, but it was okay i guess
12:39:37@ff777:matrix.orgFF777yeah, you can get meth from drug dealers i guess, if you can find one
12:40:10@ff777:matrix.orgFF777alligators are maybe common in some coastal areas like florida or louisiana? or some thing? i don't know.. but they aren't common in most places in the USA
21:29:32@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2019I may try to watch Breaking Bad anyway in months (I still have a ton of Suits episodes left to watch). The teacher just said "criminals." He didn't say "drug dealers." I wonder why but that's not a big deal. He said the same thing about alligators in the USA. I know that my diaries can not be used for (good) dreams but I will probably use this room for my English writing practice.
21:33:20@ff777:matrix.orgFF777well i mean, i guess drug drealers can be considered criminals too since they are doing illegal stuff such as selling drugs..
21:34:04@ff777:matrix.orgFF777but most of the time i think if you asked some one "where do you buy illegal drugs from?" they would say "a drug-dealer"
21:34:22@otter2019:matrix.orgotter2019Oh, okay!

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