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19 Feb 2021
@miasama:nerdsin.spacem asmo* I'm still advanced I guess.. the stuff at the school I go to now is still stuff I know04:45:23
@miasama:nerdsin.spacem asmoI forget things so often now04:52:01
@miasama:nerdsin.spacem asmoeven immediately after they happen04:52:14
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777that sounds like me now that i have brain damage..04:52:36
@miasama:nerdsin.spacem asmoI've always had brain damage04:53:01
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777that's pretty gay then..04:53:13
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19 Mar 2021
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeIt took what? At least 30 years for the nigger monopoly of hate crimes being reported in the media to be broken?01:33:29
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeAnd we're supposed to feel bad that this monopoly has been broken?01:33:49
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeMost of the time even the media can't fully suppress the fact that they deserved it because they were actually resisting arrest or were part of a fucking gang01:34:39
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeI'm supposedly "anti-black" for being mad that niggers have to target the Asian elderly?01:35:12
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeThat we pushed away the stereotype that we're under the protection of triads only to have people call for their return thanks to these fucking niggers?01:35:41
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeIt's not like the media ever cared01:35:52
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeWhy am I supposed to be thankful that the media is "on our side" now when they've been condemning us for actually thriving under the system? Condemning us for proving that there's no such fucking thing as systemic racism01:36:40
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeWhy would I support BLM when they don't return any support for any other minorities? They're not even run by niggers, just race betraying crackers and kikes01:38:01
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeWhat's worse are these Asian liberals that we call "boba liberals" who say "we gotta spread more awareness" but push this idea of feminism and still glorify nigger culture01:41:39
@anel_lena2.0:nerdsin.spaceLena the mentality that i have is like... once all the white people die/"flight"/stop existing, who are they going to go after next 02:00:16
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeI hope it's themselves, then we won't have to lift a finger03:09:34
7 Apr 2021
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeMfw I was only a radical when it came to Asian affairs, now because Asians are in the media spotlight I’ve been radicalized here too. We can’t win no matter what side we’re on, hell we’re even being revoked of our minority status. What is there that’s left to do other than to take over the country and install true law and order once and for all? All of the west will pay for their misdeeds against Asians, I now fully welcome the race wars.23:22:22
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeAnyone who doesn't want them to happen is privileged woke scum, and you'd best believe they'll be the first to get kidnapped and put on the front lines for our amusement23:23:21
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeI'm gonna scare all the lefties in that political discord server with James. Have them be complete hypocrites saying "you can't be a radical"23:26:38
@ff777:nerdsin.spaceFF777east-asians will rule the future23:33:25
@sepulchure:nerdsin.spaceTango YankeeAmitabha 23:33:41
26 Apr 2021
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28 Apr 2021
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2 May 2021
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