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23 Jun 2021
@gjedde:matrix.orgGjeddeThat's awesome I will look forward for that 02:34:54
@mr.chip53:matrix.orgChris Simoni20210622_213449_5791138121029767556.jpg
Download 20210622_213449_5791138121029767556.jpg
@mr.chip53:matrix.orgChris SimoniThat's the new size!02:35:14
@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbill Master hasn’t been stable enough for a release since we have been rewriting some pretty major parts of the app. 02:35:15
@_discord_305777326728413194:t2bot.iosteelersfan#2145 i just build it from master lol 02:35:20
@_discord_305777326728413194:t2bot.iosteelersfan#2145 understood 02:35:30
In reply to @mr.chip53:matrix.org
sent an image.
What you mean that the new size
@mr.chip53:matrix.orgChris SimoniThat's the new size, isn't it?02:38:24
@_discord_305777326728413194:t2bot.iosteelersfan#2145 i build from master and it has a black background 02:38:47
@_discord_305777326728413194:t2bot.iosteelersfan#2145 did you change it back to transparent? 02:39:31
Download IMG_20210623_043852__01.jpg
@mr.chip53:matrix.orgChris SimoniAh you might be right. That could of been 0.1102:39:59
@gjedde:matrix.orgGjeddeThis is the current build 02:40:04
@_discord_305777326728413194:t2bot.iosteelersfan#2145 you can sideload the current master to see for yourself 02:43:00
@_discord_305777326728413194:t2bot.iosteelersfan#2145 i think debug is now included, so you can have both versions installed 02:43:34
@_discord_305777326728413194:t2bot.iosteelersfan#2145 https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-androidtv/actions/runs/959299995 02:44:07
@gjedde:matrix.orgGjeddeThornbill said the current master isn't stable so I guess I'm just gonna wait for the beta 02:44:13
@mr.chip53:matrix.orgChris SimoniNot stable enough for a release but it is stable enough to use. I run it on my main tv and use 0.11 in the bedroom.02:47:58
@codeh:matrix.orgCody RobiberoI also use a master build on my shield02:52:00
@_discord_305777326728413194:t2bot.iosteelersfan#2145 i use master, cant go back to store version, despite an occasional crash, its worth it 02:52:37
@gjedde:matrix.orgGjeddeSounds like we are missing out on something nice 02:57:57
@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbillit is getting fairly stable now, but there were many months when logging in was broken on master03:04:57
@gjedde:matrix.orgGjedde thornbill: you got any decent ETA on when it's ready for a beta? You seem like you really involved with this 03:16:04
@codeh:matrix.orgCody Robibero Before Christmas 03:18:46
@gjedde:matrix.orgGjeddeBefore Christmas that's a safe bet. 03:36:33
@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbill(of an unspecified year)03:36:53
@gjedde:matrix.orgGjeddeOhh since you saying that I assume 202503:37:46
@_discord_228015370018095106:t2bot.ioBitwolf 2025? lets not rush the devs here 04:37:37
@_discord_134311051356405760:t2bot.iokapitanluffy joined the room.04:45:21
@gjedde:matrix.orgGjeddeWell 2027 then but no longer 06:11:01

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