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20 Sep 2020
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@nielsvanvelzen:matrix.orgNielsApparently we have a websocket event called "UserDataChanged" that will notify if items change (like favorite state or playback state). We could theoretically use it to make screens show live information20:51:33
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadait's been planned for literal ages20:51:58
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadatechnically we already support it for certain home sections on web20:52:11
@nielsvanvelzen:matrix.orgNielsI thought web just reloads all data every few seconds?20:52:28
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadahmmm it might ping the endpoints yeah20:54:17
21 Sep 2020
@okankaya:matrix.orgokankayaso guys what do you think about this feature18:00:59
@okankaya:matrix.orgokankayaBasically I think I would like to add, play with button next to play button18:02:12
@okankaya:matrix.orgokankayaon the screen where we see episode18:02:20
@okankaya:matrix.orgokankayaof a show18:02:25
@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbillI don't think trying to integrate more tightly with external players is a good long-term plan for us... too easy for external apps to change things and break the experience18:08:16
@okankaya:matrix.orgokankayayeah but currently, Some files I can only play with vlc, and some only with mxplayer and after adding codecs for mx player, I usually use that one18:09:36
@okankaya:matrix.orgokankayaI believe it would take a lot, a lot time to come to state of vlc or mx player with codecs especially18:10:28
@okankaya:matrix.orgokankaya* I believe it would take a lot, a lot time to come to state of vlc or mx player with codecs especially18:10:51
@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbillWhat if the button was only displayed if external player had already been chosen as the media player type?19:21:50
@okankaya:matrix.orgokankayayeah that sounds good. I already prepared the button and players for it, I thought it would just work now as I thought changing user preference for player would be enough but it is not 19:37:41
@okankaya:matrix.orgokankayaI got some strange bug, of course it needs more work19:38:29
22 Sep 2020
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@dkanada:plsno.comdkanada Niels after three days of fighting with custom targets for glide, I can confirm placeholders work with crossfades :] 10:57:33
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadaI knew it should have worked almost immediately after because I tried with a normal bitmap target and got a smooth transition10:58:11
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadathe rest was just torture, but all is well now10:58:29
@nielsvanvelzen:matrix.orgNielsAwesome! what was the issue?11:11:01
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanada a combination of several, one of which was only exposed after I bumped the version from 3.8 -> 4.11 11:29:11
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanada3.8 was released in May of 2017 lol11:29:29
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadayeah, that's why I was putting it off for so long X)11:30:33
@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadastill have to replace some deprecated constructors11:30:56
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampi Should've forked it, put it in your sources and patch it yourself, like the real developers Luke do 11:32:18

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