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5 Apr 2018
17:54:49@lu_eng99:matrix.org@lu_eng99:matrix.org changed their display name from Englu to Lu_Eng99.
6 Apr 2018
01:03:55@fr1tz:fr1tz.frfr1tzdamn you wernt kidding when you said this stuff was ancient, how are you going to find a guy to tune this? or are you doing it yourself without a dyno?
01:04:01@fr1tz:fr1tz.frfr1tz @jermaine7:matrix.org
03:17:21@jermaine7:matrix.org@jermaine7:matrix.org Ima street tune it at first, just gotta go slow and watch the afr's very carefully
7 Apr 2018
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8 Apr 2018
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13 Apr 2018
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2 May 2018
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18 May 2018
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22 May 2018
03:15:20@pootz:matrix.orgpootz Hey what's a must have book for a car noob. Already got the service manual to my car
03:15:37@pootz:matrix.orgpootzLike a general overview
04:51:54@darkmeson:matrix.org@darkmeson:matrix.orgThe Haynes manual, or the factory one?
04:53:21@darkmeson:matrix.org@darkmeson:matrix.orgAll of my more auto-savvy associates swear by the former
04:53:30@darkmeson:matrix.org@darkmeson:matrix.orgThe later is usually pretty useless
04:55:05@antee84:matrix.org@antee84:matrix.org left the room.
04:58:18* @darkmeson:matrix.org@darkmeson:matrix.org mostly just looks up specifics online since he's cheap and technical
19:23:54@pootz:matrix.orgpootz Haynes. It's been nifty but I also supplement that with YouTube lol
19:26:57@jermaine7:matrix.org@jermaine7:matrix.orgIf you have the hdd space and work on several different cars. Pirate alldata
19:31:54@pootz:matrix.orgpootzIs that a program or what?
23 May 2018
22:13:22@jermaine7:matrix.org@jermaine7:matrix.orgyh its something mechanics use. its basically a factory service manual with pictures for almost all cars going back a more than 3 decades. its like $1000 for a license tho, and is over 500 gb
22:29:07@pootz:matrix.orgpootz Holy shit, yeah I'd need a bigger hard drive lol
22:29:20@pootz:matrix.orgpootzSounds nifty though thanks for the tip
1 Jun 2018
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3 Jun 2018
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24 Jun 2018
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25 Dec 2018
01:23:23@sfunk1x:sfunk1x.comsfunk1x joined the room.
04:43:29@sfunk1x:sfunk1x.comsfunk1xany champcar or lemons enthusiasts here?
18:12:07@sfunk1x:sfunk1x.comsfunk1x set a profile picture.
12 Feb 2019
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