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10 Dec 2019
03:47:28@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC If I didn't have to deal with living out of a hotel right now, I probably would figure out how to repair some of this stuff myself.
03:48:22@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC Some of it needs a shop because I obviously don't have a wheel balancing machine, a lift, or an alignment rack.
03:48:50@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCI would be doing good to find a screwdriver right now after the seventh circle of hell opened up on me.
03:50:05@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCThe banks are escalating their threats. I suspect they want to scare me into dealing with them before charging it all off and selling it as bad debt cheaply.
03:51:00@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC There's no incentive to actually me because they can all see that I owe money to everyone in the world and if one of them collects something and I file bankruptcy, the trustee will claw it back and split it up.
03:51:19@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC But I have no assets to garnish and I don't even own the car I'm driving.
03:51:40@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC So they're going to eat it and then thr minute anyone sues me I file bankruptcy.
03:52:15@danielp3344:matrix.orgDaniel Petersonlive in a van
03:52:33@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC I'm not sitting on 3 luxury cars and a $250,000 house like the in laws are.
03:53:16@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC There's nothing to satisfy any judgment with, so they'd be spending as much as I owe each one of them to collect nothing and then get a discharge letter.
03:53:27@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCSuing me instantly doubles their loss.
05:56:03@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC That's why big banks don't always sue even for several thousand dollars.
05:56:26@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC They're going to spend thousands suing and then you may file bankruptcy.
05:57:48@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCThey usually lie in wait until you have confirmed assets that can be garnished.
05:58:07@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCAuto loans can be a bit different.
05:58:23@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCAt the very least they repossess the car and trash your credit.
05:58:47@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCDaniel Peterson My grandmother always had to have a Cadillac.
05:59:31@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCThey fell way behind and got 2 of them repossessed out of the 4 they owned.
06:00:02@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCThe first one that got repossessed was in the 80s and they told people the engine blew up.
06:01:31@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCThen in 1994 they had financed another one, fell behind. Only this time, my grandmother asked my aunt for $1000, so my aunt thinks handing them $1,000 will get them to keep the car.
06:02:32@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCGrandma gave the finance company $1,000, they took it. And then repossessed the Cadillac bexause she owed them almost $3,000 in back payments.
23:58:18@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC Didn't get around to filling the car up yesterday and noticed that after the cheap gas that we tend to have on Sunday and Monday, all the stations tend to raise it by about 30 cents per gallon for the rest of the week by Tuesday except Murphy and Clark.
23:58:33@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCSo I ended up filling up at the Clark station.
23:59:05@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC There's a consistent pattern here in Waukegan where if you don't fill up on Sunday or Monday you'll be sorry.
11 Dec 2019
00:22:18@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCI might just dump all these bottles of ISO HEET I found into the car one tank at a time.
00:22:51@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC They're sealed and isopropyl alcohol, a little bit of it, will mix with the gas and burn as fuel.
00:23:25@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCI have a couple gallons worth in sealed bottles.
00:23:47@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFCOught to get me 30 miles or so.
15:21:43@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC That is so weird. Gas spiked from $2.49 to $2.79 all over Waukegan yesterday and now it's at $2.59.
15:22:25@daemonfc:matrix.orgDaemonFC I suppose it'll go back up tomorrow so they can scalp everyone who gets paid on Thursday and all the weekend drivers and then go back down on Sunday and Monday.

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